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7x10, more

Another thought I had: Once Daryl and Richard have had their Mexican stand-off and parted ways, Daryl will be in full Hunter Mode. Target #1: Carol Peletier. I just picture him shouldering his crossbow and going loose on the forest until he spies the cemetery house. I see him standing by the mailbox, marked by Morgan, and looking towards the house, knowing he’ll find Carol inside.

I was also thinking that another reason TPTB are making Carol leave the house to hunt in 7x09 could be to provide fresh tracks for Daryl to find her.


Longing for the open beta. Tip for you new players: single shot is generally the most effective fire mode. Most targets drop incredibly fast (exceptions for Unidad, bosses and heavy enemies) and a double tap or single headshot in enough. Conserve ammo and recon a lot. Market enemies will be dots on the map. Enemy coloration on the map means there is a presence there but the enemy isn’t marked. Stay frosty.


In Stock…

Hey everyone! I’m so happy. For those keeping up with the Target updates. We have:

  1. Stationary in progress. (Cards, Gift Bags, Wrapping Paper isle.)
  2. We have BREAD! (Too exhausted to make rice, & beans sacks so I used the ingredients back under the shelves for now.)
  3. We have CHIPS!
  4. We have the fresh meat department. (Yay, I love seafood.)
  5. Added counters to the checkouts. (Make sense right? Where would we put our bags? XD)
  6. Health & Beauty Section.
  7. Baby Sections in progress. (Love the gift basket with aroundthesims crate.)
  8. Added computers to the Electronic Isle.


  1. Home goods Department.
  2. Household Items Department.

Goodnight… |Good Morning…


Target Pt. (I Don’t Even Know…)

My apologizes for all the picture spamming. I certainly need you all for coasting me through this. I must say, I have learned a lot about building. Still have a long ways to go.

This afternoon is definitely going better than 5a this morning as far as progress. Here we have:

  1. Books, Magazines & Electronics
  2. The Computers, Ink & Small Electronics Section
  3. Trinket Jewelry Station
  4. (Added some melons to the produce section for the season.) XD
  5. Frozen Section & Non-Perishable Section
  6. Somewhat of a woman’s Department Section (In Progress)
  7. Craft Section
  8. Seasonal Section

I really have to take time out to thank budgie2budgie for her clutter, if it wasn’t for her VARIETY of items. Target would NOT exist.


  1. During the process of building, I’ve come across some problems. After stocking shelves in one department and moving on to the next; I tried to add another half wall. Any time I paint or add another wall for a department, my MOO items disappear. =*( It didn’t do this only ONE time when I changed the produce wall from white paint to black paneling. And I have NO IDEA how I sneaked around it.
  2. Is there a way to changing the lighting without being in live mode? (Why isn’t natural white not default anyway?)

Then There is WCIF:

  1. Does anyone happen to know where I can find sugar (same size and style as lina-cherie‘s flour)? [FOUND] Thank you budgie2budgie
  2. Packaged bread loafs?  [CREATED]
  3. I realize I need some bags of chips? [FOUND] Thank you budgie2budgie & simdoughnut.
Yona: A Character Who Foils Herself

Hello lovely AkaYona family.  Today when running (because I always come up with the best AkaYona material while out for a jog) my mind drifted into analysis mode, target: Yona.  As I was pondering her character growth and sorting her characteristics into categories, I reached a conclusion.  Yona is a character who foils herself.

Now, for those of you who only remember English class as a distant, foggy memory of the past, a foil is a character who displays qualities that contrast with another character, usually the protagonist, in order to highlight certain traits of said protagonist.  In most cases foils apply when you have two separate characters, but is there no greater foil than the person you were and the person you have become?  Such is the angle I took while applying this concept to our dear Yona.

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Target Update

I can’t began to tell you how many hours I’ve worked on this thing. My first build ever and I decide to do a department store?! Geesh, Talk about going big.

So far I’ve:

  1. Completed the coffee shop.
  2. Finished the Produce & Bakery Section.
  3. Added the Shopping Carts & ATM’s
  4. Yay! I even completed the checkout section.

I want to thank theveronarelapse for making me those beautiful signs below. Another thing, I have to give a huge thank you to aroundthesims for all the beautiful produce. I had NO IDEA the produce snaps into the crates so perfectly. Without MOO! Brilliant and thank you for making them. It’s a time saver for sure!


We tackle the:

Book, Magazine, & Electronic Section. Baby Depo, & Household.


The next JP School Idol Festival event is a Score Match event starring Nozomi!

What’s different about this score match though is that a new mode is being added to it: Technical mode!

What is Technical Mode?

-A mode targeted towards advanced players. The songs that appear in it are high in difficulty even among other Expert songs.

-The amount of LP consumed and rewards received are the same as Expert. I am not sure if event points received are affected in anyway, but for now I am assuming you get the same amount of event points as if you’re playing Expert. 

-When choosing Technical mode, the window will display “Would you like to participate in an Expert Score Match?” Be aware that the song selection for this mode are Expert songs designed for Technical mode.

- The number of songs that will be selected during each rotation for Technical mode is 6. One song will be a daily song on Expert mode and is 11 stars in difficulty. The other 5 songs will be on Random Expert. In other words, every time you play one of the expert songs on Technical mode, the note chart will be different each time you play it. Only the Daily Expert song chart is not randomized.

-There will be songs within the selection that will have a Random Expert chart for the first time.

So in other words, it seems like it’s a challenge mode for players who like living on the edge or really wanna test themselves! Either way, I’m looking forward to it!