target marks

Easy Japanese Grammar: Particle に (ni) to mark target/object of an action

Note that there are a lot of different usage for particle に (ni), so don’t get confused when confronted with another に (ni) that have different meaning :D

Happy learning 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。



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What if...

…Mark collaborated with a random bunch of fans. They were not picked for any reason, they were asked if they wanted to join in with his latest project, and they  accepted.

They showcased their own ‘Dark’ selves and were shown as Darks latest recruits. To prove he can take over whomever he wants, and he knows that targeting Marks fans will hurt him most.

Its all for fun. But it was a great way for fans to have an opportunity to work with Mark, and showcase their creativity.

“It’s okay if I threaten violence against someone because they upset me!!” Maybe he mocks you because for years you’ve been reducing everything he’s written to something he’s said multiple times it’s not about and you keep saying that as a gay man he should be writing same sex relationships which is homophobic. You bullied him first. If I were in his place I’d have said a lot crueler a lot sooner.


Musee des Blindés Part 17

1 & 2) Cruiser Mark III AA. Crusader tank modified to serve an anti-aircraft function. None saw much action against aircraft but a few - especially with the Polish Armoured Division - were used against ground targets. This is a Mark II AA tank consisting of a Crusader Mark III with the turret removed and replaced by a new enclosed turret with twin 20mm Oerlikon AA cannon. It is believed to be the only one still in existence.

Cruiser Mark III AA. Tanque Crusader modificado para servir una función anti-aérea. Ninguno vio mucha acción contra aeronaves, pero algunos - especialmente con la División Acorazada Polaca - fueron usados contra objetivos en tierra. Este es un tanque AA Mark II, que consiste en un tanque Crusader Mark III con la torreta removida y reemplazada con una nueva torreta cerrada con cañones gemelos AA Oerlikon de 20mm. Se cree que es el único aún en existencia. 

3) Pvkv m/43. Swedish tank destroyer of WWII era, based off the success of German casemate type TDs. The design was to be based on the Strv m/42 medium tank, but would feature an open-topped superstructure instead of a turret. It housed a high power 75mm gun. Perhaps the vehicle’s most impressive feature was the gun traverse, which reached 15 dg to each side, as well as the depression of 15dg and elevation of 25dg. This example is not on display and is in reserve storage.

Pvkv m/43 . Destructor de tanques sueco de la SGM, basado en los éxitos de los DT tipo casamata alemanes. El diseño estaba basado en el tanque mediano Strv m/42, pero que mostraría una superestructura sin techo en vez de una torreta. Albergaba un cañón de 75mm de alto poder. Quizás la característica mas impresionante del vehículo era el trasverso del cañón, que alcanzaba los 15 grados a cada lado, junto con una depresión de 15 grados y una elevación de 25 grados. Este ejemplar no está en exhibición y se encuentra en almacenaje reservado. 

4 & 5) Pbv 301. Swedish APC of the postwar era. A typical “battle taxi”, armed with a 20 mm gun from the scrapped J21 fighters and with room for transporting 8 fully armed soldiers. An interim solution introduced in 1961 and removed from service in the late 1960s and early 1970s when the replacement Pbv 302 came into use.

Pbv 301. Transporte blindado de personal (TBP) sueco de la era de la posguerra. Un típico “taxi de batalla”, armado con un cañón de 20mm proveniente de los cazas cancelados J21 y con capacidad de transportar 8 soldados completamente equipados. Una solución provisional en 1961 y retirado del servicio a finales de los 60 y principios de los 70 cuando su reemplazo, el Pbv 302, entro en servicio. 

6 to 8) A12 Matilda II. British infantry tank of WWII. The design began in 1936, as a gun-armed counterpart to the first British infantry tank, the MG armed, two-man A11 Mark I. With its heavy armor, the Matilda II was an excellent infantry support tank but with somewhat limited speed and armament. It was the only British tank to serve from the start of the war to its end, although it is particularly associated with the North African Campaign.

A12 Matilda II . Tanque de infantería británico de la SGM. El diseño empezó en 1936, como contraparte armada con cañón del primer tanque de infantería británico, el tanque de dos tripulantes armado con ametralladora A11 Mark I. Con su blindaje pesado, el Matilda II fue un excelente tanque de apoyo a la infantería pero con una velocidad y armamento algo limitados. Fue el único tanque británico en servir desde el inicio hasta el fin de la guerra, aunque es asociado particularmente a la campaña del Norte de Africa. 

9) Leopard 1. German postwar MBT. Developed in an era when HEAT warheads were thought to make conventional armor of limited value, the Leopard focused on firepower in the form of the German-built version of the British L7 105-mm gun, and improved cross-country performance. This Leopard appears to have a Series III turret, without a searchlight, on a Series II chassis. It was a gift from the German Army.

Leopard 1. Tanque de combate principal alemán de la posguerra. Desarrollado en una época donde se creía que las cabezas de guerra HEAT harian que el blindaje convencional tuviera poco valor, el Leopard se enfocaba en el poder de fuego en la forma de la versión alemana del cañón británico L7 de 105mm, y una mejorada capacidad todo-terreno. Este Leopard aparenta tener una torreta Serie III, sin un reflector, en un chasis Serie II. Fue un regalo del Ejercito Alemán. 

10) Kanonenjagdpanzer. German Cold War TD equipped with a 90mm gun from obsolete M47 Patton tanks. Its design was very similar to that of the Jagdpanzer IV. When the Soviets began deploying the T-64 and T-72, the 90 mm gun was not capable of engaging them in long-range combat and the Kanonenjagdpanzer became obsolete.

Kanonenjagdpanzer . Destructor de tanques alemán de la guerra fría equipado con un cañón de 90mm sacado de tanques M47 Patton obsoletos. Su diseño era muy similar al del Jagdpanzer IV. Cuando los sovieticos empezaron a desplegar tanques T-64 y T-72, el cañón de 90mm no era capáz de enfrentarlos en combate de larga distancia, haciendo al Kanonenjagdpanzer obsoleto. 

Submitted by panzerfluch. Traducción por mi.

Agradezco cualquier corrección con la traducción, especialmente con la terminología usada. 


I’ve been chatting with @squireofgeekdom​ about a Leverage AU and it’s getting MONSTERIOUSLY out of hand and I love it. So here’s 3 teams (Iron, Cap, and Super Spies) all running into each other when they accidentally target the same mark on the same day

Team Iron: Tony (Mastermind), Rhodey (Hacker), Pepper (Grifter), Peter (Thief)
Team Cap: Steve (Mastermind/Forger), Sam (Thief), Bucky (Hitter/Grifter??)
Super Spies: Natasha (Grifter/Hacker/can murder a man in a pinch, honestly), Clint (thief)

的(てき) - like, typical

的確 (てきかく)precise, accurate

的外れ (まとはずれ)missing the mark, out of focus

的を射る (まとをいる)to be on point, to be pertinent

的を絞る (まとをしぼる)to hone in on, to focus in on, to narrow down

的屋 (てきや)vendor, street vendor, stall-keeper

的場 (まとば)target, target area, range (like a gun range)

的を逸れる (まとをそれる)to miss the target

的を当てる (まとをあてる)to hit the target, to hit the mark

Sapphire (II)

Author: defholiq, Admin Shanna

Pairing: You / Jaebum

Rating: PG

Word Count: 2,525

Summary:  You’re the owner of a jewelry store. Prone to working late, staying overnight and not worrying about your safety. Until one night you’re robbed.

Originally posted by jaesbum

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Homemade Coconut Coffee Body Scrub

Scrubs are great when your skin is need of a little boost. Coffee is literally a reviver as it gets people up and moving. There’s tons of coffee scrubs out there since coffee beans are also known to also make your skin glow. Coffee grounds target cellulite , stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema, acne and scarring.

Coffee body scrubs are actually super easy to make. Although it may get a little messy, it’s definitely worth it as it smooths out lumps and bumps, as well as moisturizes and tones your skin.

Here’s how you can make your own coconut coffee body scrub!

What you’ll need:

½ cup ground coffee
½ cup coconut oil
¼ cup coconut palm sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon

How to make it:

1. Mix all of the ingredients together until well-combined. If your coconut oil is solid, gently heat it until it melts, but wait for it to go back to room temperature before adding the other ingredients. This is to ensure that your exfoliants don’t dissolve in the oil!
2. Once mixed, store your scrub in an air-tight container.
3. Enjoy!

SOURCE: Free People


Gravekeeper Quinn Skin Concept

Basically, the idea was that she honors the graves of the people that passed away and have no one else to remember them, fixes up graves that have crumbled into nothingness, and protects the newly fresh ones from grave-robbers and pilferers wanting to makes some quick coin. Valor watches over the graves from above, while Quinn keeps an eye out from below. It seemed like such a skin fitting her personality, considering how noble and cut-throat she is.

3 items pop up: a lantern, a tombstone, and a shovel. Valor lands onto the shovel’s handle and hands Quinn 2 flowers. Quinn puts them onto the grave. She stands solemnly over the tombstone. A fog sweeps over them, 1 second before the recall ends.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with Valor, because in almost every skin, Valor has worn some sort of armor. I have a few ideas though.
1. Valor is a huge crow. (When Quinn channels her ult, or when she uses her Q, crow noises can be played).
2. Valor is a black vulture with yellow tipped wings. (but a cool-looking vulture though, because vultures are kinda ugly).
3. Valor is a black hawk wearing leather armor.

Quinn’s passive marks targets with a gravestone indicator!