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These people are just looking to get offended. Eat the fucking turkey and shut the fuck up. Stop looking for ways to get offended for one fucking day. It's like they're always targeting holidays on purpose.

I would respect them a hell of a lot more if they quietly boycotted the holiday or donated to Native American causes instead of running their mouths.

As a friendly reminder from your resident superstore retail employee. As the holidays approach, I would like to make a small list of dos and don’ts within your run-of-the-mill superstore:


  • Run in the store. Seriously.
  • Sit in the shopping carts if you’re over the age of four.
  • Bring pets in the store*. Dogs will bark or growl at other customers, pee on the floor, and even take a dump right there on the tile. I know they’re on a leash, but keep them at home.
    • *This does not apply to service animals. We love those angels.
  • DO NOT, for the love of God, race the carts.
  • Play with the toys if you’re not going to buy them. Even if you are, don’t run around playing with toys because A. you can break something, B. you can hit another guest, C. we will have to clean up after you and/or D. you’re being disrespectful in a work environment; this is a store, not a playground.
  • Leave a mess of clothes that you so randomly wanted to try on in the middle of the isle; we have fitting rooms. Even if it’s just one shirt, the holidays mean a bigger effort in security, so we have to keep track of a lot of things you’re unaware of! Please just take a few more minutes and try on the clothes within the fitting room.
  • Rearrange items on the floor. I shouldn’t have to say this… but seriously… come on guys. Be better than that.
    • I’ll give an explanation because you may be thinking, “But Charlie! It’s for the memes! What’s the big deal?!” The big deal is that we arrange items on the floor based on a DPCI or a store sorting number. This is so we can keep track of what’s on the shelf, where it is on the shelf, where it is in the store, and how many we have in the back, on hand, or coming in on shipment. Rearranging them because you want to spell out “boobies” or something can mean that item gets easily misplaced and screws the entire system up.
  • EAT FOOD IN THE GROCERY SECTION! Or leave openend/eaten food in other sections of the store. If I had a nickel for every water bottle, coke can, half eaten fruit, yogurt container or Starbucks cup I’ve found during my shift, I would be paying off student loans right now.
  • Leave children unattended! This is a bigger problem than you think! It’s a no brainer to leave your kid, and sometimes it can get rough if you have multiple with you and you’re trying to shop, but please keep stock of your rugrats. We don’t want four year olds roaming the shoe section alone.


  • Remember to download apps like the Target App or the Walmart Savings Catcher App. These can give you HUGE savings throughout the holiday season! (Also have these apps/coupons ready at checkout).
  • Search for seasonal coupons and deals online, in the paper and on your phone (or via email)! Many seasonal cart stoppers are coming around soon!!
  • Bring your bags; in some states (like California) we charge 10¢ per bag, so you gotta remember to bring your reusable bags! Especially if you’ll be doing a lot of bulk shopping, the bag charge can really add up.
  • Know the store hours as the season approaches; retail employees have families they want to get home to as well! If you’re walking in at 10:55 when we close at 11, there’s a slim chance you’re going to find what you need (you’ll also upset some very tired employees in the making).
  • Keep your party to a minimum. It’s difficult keeping all the kids at home (especially the younger ones), but we all know that the bigger the party, the more you have to keep everyone together. Plus it’s less stress on you, the shopper, when you only want to pick up a few things and have to wrangle your party together.
  • Thank employees who help you! It’s not a lot to ask, and we would really really appreciate it! We do a lot in the store and we deal with many customers throughout the day, so a small, sincere, thank you goes a very long way!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I hope you all have amazing shopping adventures, keep these in mind, and that you buy only the things you put down on your list and nothing more.


Charlie. AKA; Resident Superstore Retail Employee.

Please be nice to retail employees on Black Thur-Friday

I work at the Mart of Walls, and my first Black Thur-Friday experience left me in tears. I cried after my shift was over because people (not everyone) were so rude. I had no idea what to expect on these two days, but I didn’t know it would end up the way it did. I didn’t know people (again, not everyone) could be cruel and unkind on Thanksgiving and before the holidays.

This is not me bashing people who shop on Black Thur-Friday. This is not me saying that retail employees are better and deserve more than others. This is me saying that I wish people could be kinder to everyone.

Please be nice to retail employees during Black Thur-Friday and the holidays. We want to be as helpful to you as possible. I know most people I work with would rather be at home, but I try to take these days in stride and remain positive.

Choose to be kind. I know the lines are long. I know the store is crowded and hot. I know you’re trying to buy gifts for your loved ones. But retailer employees are just trying to help and work our shift so we can go home to our families too.

Please be nice to retail employees during the holidays.

Also, please be nice to everyone. We’re all human. You never know what kind of day someone is having. Choose to be kind.

Thank you!

The Long Halloween / Season 4 My Thoughts

After hearing that Gotham Season 4 will feature elements from The Long Halloween I decided to go back and have a re-read.

(I spent a lot longer writing this up then I originally intended and decided to add images from the comic to make it more then just a wall of text!)

This is one of my favorite Batman stories and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for good read. As a slight change of pace to my usual gif sets, I thought I would share my thoughts on The Long Halloween and the plot elements that may make it into season 4 of Gotham. This is just my own personal opinion and speculation so don’t take anything here seriously or get annoyed if you disagree. I will most likely be way off the mark with a lot of things but maybe some of it will line up with what we can expect from season 4. I’m happy to discuss anything people may think will be different or similar so don’t be afraid to start a conversation with me about anything raised here (so long as its constructive conversation!).

For those who are here for Nygmobblepot content specifically see the end of the write up for my thoughts on their relationship this season.

Spoilers for The Long Halloween ahead! (although I do not spoil who Holiday is)

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I caved in and went to go see Coco and honestly it was different than what I was expecting. The story was beautiful and all the scenes with the grandma made me cry because it reminded me of mine. I’m still very critical of Disney’s attempt of appropriating this holiday and target marketing pero if there is anything taken away from here is our stories need to be told not taken from us. There is so much more I want to say about the film but for now imma just let the movie settle in my mind for now


how you blow your next paycheck…

Aries: bath bombs
Taurus: buying an expensive telescope because if that doesn’t get you laid, what will 
Gemini: fluffing up your vinyl collection 
Cancer: the target holiday section
Leo: dozens of those fucking gourmet cupcakes
Virgo: student loans
Libra: overpriced martinis with fancy names
Scorpio: the “Secret Sister” facebook gift scam
Sagittarius: up your nose
Capricorn:  In-App purchases
Aquarius: Star Wars collectibles on eBay
Pisces: what paycheck

Dear retailers-

Let’s be real: by this point, most of us have figured out that Black Friday “deals” are mostly just caused by artificial inflation in preceding months or the sale of otherwise unsaleable merchandise. I’m not going to drag my ass out of bed at some ungodly hour of the morning just to potentially save $1.99 on some socks.

You really want my money? OFFER ME FREE SHIPPING so that I do not have to step foot once into the seething mass of hatred and humanity that is the mall every day from now until December 26th. And seriously, I would rather dig my own grave than have to fight through the yuppie soccer mom hunger games that is Target during the holiday season. And don’t even get me started on anywhere that sells toys. You ever see that movie Gremlins? Those little fuckers have nothing on the cretinous little heathens I see running amok.

So tie the carrot of free shipping (even better if you offer free returns) to that stick and wave it in front of my world-weary, cranky face. That, my friends, is how you will achieve the result illustrated below.



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Does anybody know if the Kylo and Rey forces of Destiny dolls will be coming to target etc for the holiday season?

I want to buy them for my daughter and the only place I can find them to preorder is Entertainment Earth.

Toy Buying Hacks for Target

So it’s that time of year to start buying presents, but this applies to people who are also just collecting toys of any kind. And as a Monster High collector I know how this goes. 

So Target has a WISHLIST app if you use this you get 10% off the items on the list. You just need to start an account and add things to the list, as long as it’s on the list it will give you the 10%.

There are going to be lots of COUPONS until the holidays today the 25% for toys ENDS and there will be a new coupon starting tomorrow. Check the website, the toy magazine at the front of the store, and in the toy isles there will be signs saying “TEXT ______ to TARGET” the current 25% off is TOYS1. Again this coupon expires today NOVEMBER 7TH

REDcards get you an extra 5% off your total purchase. This is totally up to you and I get why people are hesitant but listen to your cashier as they talk about it and they can give you more info. PLUS the cashier will get a small bonus for each one they get people to sign up for. A free coffee is always a nice treat for the shit they have to put up with. 

Have PHARMACY REWARDS. Every 5 prescriptions gives you a 5% off coupon that you can use for one day as many times as you want to. This comes with the REDcard, but I believe you can also set it up with the pharmacy, but I am not 100% sure on that.

CARTWHEEL is a phone app that has % off items. Everyday until Christmas there will be on toy that goes on sale for 50%. It’s 100% free and saves you a shit ton of money. SERIOUSLY for everyday if you shop at target GET IT. You just need a smartphone.  It updates throughout the week, there are a set amount set for Sunday to Saturday and then some that are good for Wednesday to the following Thursday or so. As well as others that last for a few weeks. (Like for instance this week was 25% off women’s clothing, 10% off socks and tights, and last week there was a one day 40% off boots.) 

Bonus: you work for target and get your discount on top of it all. (Hellyeah) 

The best part? You can use these all together. Yesterday I helped someone who was buying a toy for her daughter, it was $99.99 (crazy right?)

It was on Cartwheel for 10% off, she used the 25% off coupon and the 10% from wishlist she got it for $58. But if she had the REDcard and pharmacy rewards she would have saved more money. 

So yes go forth and buy toys!

If you have any questions feel free to message me~