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Mericcup Week 2015 Day 2 >> “Duty means doing the thing your heart may well regret.” (Princess and the Pauper)

An alternate gifset of this, in which Hiccup interrupts Merida’s wedding with that so called ‘dramatic flair’ of his, steals her away and flies off into the sunset.


(This was from that ‘draw yourself series btw- from forever ago)
It is so hard to make me angry. I couldn’t even think of anything to do for this. XD 

But I decided the one thing that makes me incredibly angry is Anonymous hatred. The akuma possesses a friendship bracelet, probably given to me by one of my friends who later was bullied anonymously.

I had the idea that I would be set on making all anonymous people open to the world, so everyone could see it was them who was behind their actions.

And I’m sure I’d do something more villiany with that bow and arrow, but I’m not sure what.

So yeah have this akuma that the superheroes may even be reluctant to take down because hey- at least all the anonymous hate is ending. XD

Here’s my Miracusona if you’re curious!

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haha this feels so totally random I'M SORRY but i just wanted to say i love ur zer0/rhys stuff and... yes... your art is so great holy (also if you ever wanna talk about the Ship I love bouncing headcanons... but its ok if not too...!!!) have a nice day aaaa

THANK YOU!!!! :’D!!! so many nice people in my inbox lately, hoo dang

I check the rhys and zer0 tag a lot so if you have any headcanons, POST THEM!!!

i just love talking about headcanons… ahaha mine are incredibly silly… here’s one.. uh, thought train I had

  • Rhys is probably one of those people who would stalk his crush on echonet facebook (this one!!) haha god…
  • Zer0 only posts haikus… emojis… funny copy pasted jokes/old memes from other websites… but hardly updates
  • Atlas!Rhys now owns all of atlas and all its side businesses which include its contribution to the canned skag meat industry
  • Through status update locations, Rhys can find out where Zer0 is in that moment, there’s… not much he can do with that information…. but he tries to initiate contact by sending Zer0 cans of skag meat
  • (he wonders if Zer0 even eats, but this is the only way he can think of to contact them ~~casually~~)
  • (Rhys thinks he’s being suave and mysterious)
  • (every can has a gushy fan letter taped to it)
  • since Zer0′s always on the move it never gets to them in time
  • alongside managing his company, Rhys makes it a miniproject to try again and again to send care packages to Zer0 (it slowly gets in the way of productivity and his employees, especially those in packaging/mailing, start noticing)
  • after three months of trying they just… won’t reach Zer0
  • One desperate, lonely night, Rhys sends out a bounty on a longtime enemy of Atlas and messes the echonet’s bounty coding so it only appears on the board nearest to Zer0
  • Zer0 ACCEPTS!! and Rhys waits in anticipation for them to finish the job because THIS IS HIS CHANCE!!
  • ZER0 WILL VISIT HIS OFFICE TO CLAIM THE BOUNTY!! MAYBE THEY CAN CHAT!! talk about guns!! he can peacock his atlas ceo perks! show off his infinite coding knowledge!! or… talk about guns!! (because… Zer0.. uses guns.. and maybe likes them? really what else could he talk about)
  • but hahaha.. the target happens to be INCREDIBLY WEAK and it ends up being the most boring kill Zer0 has ever experienced that they don’t even pick up the reward money
  • Zer0 stops contacting him
  • Rhys spends the night staring up at his ceiling

not even a headcanon, see this is what i’m saying, i could TOTALLY PUT THIS IN FIC FORM, I REALLY WANT TO BUT MAybe just… maybe when i’m not suffering through university essay hell one weekend i can… get something down…

Here’s a random atlas!rhys headcanon…

  • Rhys is a good sweet talker but is totally shit with the money-side of marketing… and has to ask vaughn to help him manage his accounts and whatnot and it’s hard because the echonet wifi is really crappy at the children of helios basecamp

what would he do without his moneyman…

nebrascaa  asked:

Hey there, i love all your blog. And i like the thing of ''every-character-that-martin-has-played-and-every-character-that-benedict-has-played'' So, i was wondering if there's a ''oficial list'' of this all this ships,

hehehe. thank you love! (〃・7・〃)

now if you asked if there’s “official list” for this freebatch ships I am afraid there is none,

but the popular ships is on!

● Sherlock Holmes / John Watson (BBC Sherlock)   

(no seriously do you even need an explanation)

● Smaug / Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit)

 (still though do we even need an explanation for this)

● Khan Noonien Singh / Arthur Dent (Star Trek: Into Darkness / Hitchiker Guide to Galaxy)

now this happens because of the same outer-space setting though? and the fact that Hitchiker’s Guide is kinda related with Star Trek universe?? idk?? but sometimes it’s Khan/John Watson because the ‘kriogenic-freeze-pod-where-Khan-kept-his-family-safe-and-we-joked-about-John-is-also-on-the-freeze-pod’ thing but of course you can change John into Arthur, no big deal. and also Khan/Arthur is completely the opposite so it is cute

● Julian Assange / Oliver Chamberlain ( The Fifth Estate / The World’s End)

… I honestly doesn’t know how and why this happened but I /like/ it. personal favorite. maybe because T5E has IT/Tech backgrounds and TWE also got one. Julian the hacker and Oliver the machine/Blanks/robots? like Julian probably could access Oliver as he pleased and messing with Oliver’s body—- I mean data

Peter Guillam / Hector Dixon ( Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy / Wild Target )

hahaha my personal favorite number one this… oh my god this. this one is actually popular though! and Khan/Arthur is the second. (don’t talk about Johnlock, they’re madly popular above all of this) uhm. this ship has a very obvious hints, like how Peter and Hector wears golden rings on their little/pinky fingers and their job is almost on the same area (aka life and death). AND ALSO THIS HURTS SO MUCH I TELL YOU

Well I guess that consists the ‘popular freebatch ships’. and here’s the ‘mini’ one:

● Stephen Hawking / Tim Canterburry ( Hawking / The Office )

● Vincent Van Gogh / Rembrandt van Djin ( Painted with words/Nightwatching )

● Paul Maddens / Martin Crieff ( Nativity / Cabin Pressure)

and honestly you can paired them up with any character you like. this version is only for fun ( /)u(\ ) (like me shipping Hector Dixon/John Watson or Khan/Hector)



This bitch is a goddamn state representative and she be out here like,

“I don’t care if white supremacists commit vehicular homicide in this country because it’s the protestors’ fault for being such easy targets!!! Hahaha!! Besides, they’re probably not the color of people I care about anyway! And even if the were, why should I value their lives if they don’t support my beliefs? Good riddance lololol no one cares about you!!! :) :) :)”

This shit has gone too damn far.

So here begins my descent into madness my mission to lower the School Atmosphere

First, I’m going after the easy target, Midori Gurin (which HAHAHA, bad pun. Her name is literally “Green Green.” Fucking Legolas Greenleaf over here…).

This character is literally just here to be your practice kill. I never see her enter the school, I never see her exit, and during class time all she does is stand out here on the roof!

You’re not alone, Yusuke. You are not alone.

Also, I have a master plan - NAKEY! You don’t have to dispose of bloody clothes if there are no clothes (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

sUp BiTcH?!?!?!

[Warning: Graphic images beyond this point]

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So my friend and me are on our way to the American dream tour in sand Diego. We convinced my grandma to take us earlier and as we pulled up to the venue Michael bohn and his girlfriend are walking just normally. So my friend and me start yelling and asked my grandma to stop driving. She stopped the car quickly and we jumped out and met Michael (: and my grandma almost drove him and his girlfriend to target hahaha

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How bad are Clints jokes?

Oh god they’re horrid.

Whatever he may say, he tells the most idiotic and awful jokes!

Aw come on guys. They’re not that bad. In fact, I’ve been told they make people QUIVER with delight. Ahaha. My jokes are never OFF TARGET… Hahaha! But don’t worry, they don’t prevent me from keeping to the straight and ARROW. Ahh, I’m fantastic!