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HOW TO SHIP R76: A Guide For All Ages

8th grade (Overwatch target audience): Reaper and 76 are totally in love and it’s gothic af and Reaper is a hard, brutal dominant who wrecks 76’s ass on a nightly basis and there’s bloodplay and everything is awful and they both have really hurt feelings but 76 is a pure good boy and so is Reaper DEEP DOWN but he’s also bad. Also, 76 was promoted because of racism against Reaper.

12th grade: Reaper and 76 aren’t in love they just can’t stop fucking each other. Preferably on the battlefield. They do this often enough that they discover they are in love, but they hate it. 76 has at least one substance abuse problem and Reaper’s backstory involves two or more out of the following list: homelessness, abused by parents, abused by stepparents, abused by subsitute parents found on the Hard Streets Of LA, raped, experienced racist abuse in military, experienced physical abuse in military, experienced sexual abuse in military. Reaper is a hard, brutal dominant who wrecks 76’s ass on a nightly basis but it’s because he was abused and he feels So Much Guilt for it. 76 lets him because 76 just wants to feel something, anything.

College junior (3rd year): Reaper did nothing wrong. He has been abused all his life and Jack’s love just wasn’t enough to pull him out of the pit of darkness where his soul dwells. 76 is a perfect golden boy who does everything right but it just isn’t enough. Their love is agony. Reaper is either a hard, brutal dominant who wrecks 76’s ass on a nightly basis, or a pillow-clutching bottom who cries every time he is fingered and requires a limitless quantity of c to make up for all his h. Everybody continually misunderstands everyone else.

Grad school: Reaper and 76 have explicitly intersectionally conscious sex which pays careful homage to their differing backgrounds. Their relationship is a series of political discussions carried out in heavyhanded metaphors involving who tops and when. Reaper is a bad guy but his badness is irrelevant, as it is a product of his environment. 76 is a good guy whose goodness is equally irrelevant, also he is kind of boringly politically aware. Bondage scenes involve clear consent at every stage. Reaper and 76 switch as a conscious decision very seldom motivated by pure lust and more often as a way to level out power structures built in other frameworks (conversation, therapy, battle, bureaucracy.)

Early adulthood (27-30): Cautious normalcy, a Batman vs. Superman dynamic with movie-ready dialogue, combined with a dynamic and meticulously researched plot whose focus is neither manpain nor sex.

Maturity (30+):
Reaper and 76 are totally in love and it’s gothic af and Reaper is a hard, brutal dominant who wrecks 76’s ass on a nightly basis and there’s bloodplay and everything is awful and they both have really hurt feelings but 76 is a pure good boy and so is Reaper DEEP DOWN but he’s also bad. Also, 76 was promoted because of racism against Reaper.

Why do you study so much anyway?

- Because there are kids who study under car park lamp - posts because they don’t have electricity at home. I have a desk and lamp all of my own and I’m going to prove that I deserve it.
- Because good grades = freedom. If I work hard I can access any university or job or future I want. No one can tell me I don’t have the qualifications to do something.
- Because I have to go to school and I may as well make the most if it
- Because I love the feeling of opening exam results and seeing my target grades
- Because it’s interesting to learn new things

- motivation for myself because sometimes I run out of steam

♫Unsteady- X Ambassadors//Marauders Era: Sirius Black x Reader

Request:  hey idk if you’re still doing requests but can you do “unsteady” by X ambassadors for a sirius x reader (angsty but happy ending) please and also i love you a fuckton

A/N: Hello my loves! Firstly, lovely, I’m sorry this has taken so long, hopefully you’ll enjoy it! Just to point out, this is kind of an AU where Sirius doesn’t end up in Azkaban. Secondly, I am currently working on all requests as well as taking all requests! However, it will take me a while to do them, as school has started back up and I have quite high target grades to achieve. I’ll be doing my best to upload at least two requests a day, some of them may not be very long, but if that bothers you please don’t hesitate to let me know! Much love, hope you enjoy this xoxo

Boys don’t cry, he hears in his mind again and again, as tears fall, their heat burning trails onto his cool, pale skin, because boys don’t cry even when everything around them is falling to pieces and there’s nowhere to go, even when there is no light at the end of the tunnel and the weight of the world settles on their heart.

The wind shakes a few blossoms from the trees, and fully bloomed lilacs move to and fro in the languid air. The summer’s day feels more like early Spring, the air crisp, the wind chilling, leaving goosebumps on Sirius Black’s skin as he sits under a willow tree, a torn envelope on the ground beside him, graced with a vermilion seal, and an unfolded letter in his hand.

A sigh escapes his lips, a temptation to rip the frail parchment into pieces instead of unfolding it and wasting time reading another lecture from his pompous parents, in whose eyes he could never do anything right.

Rough fingertips unfold the creases, and their owner finds the paper is almost completely empty. Relief floods him until he reads the curved black letters at the top of the letter.

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today i walked past a family at Target and this 4th grade age child gasped and went “EWWWWWWW” at the top of their voice so their mom looked up, saw what they were ewwwing at, then backhanded the little cretin. the devil is real and he’s got my back.

Gaelic fiction

this is an index of every currently in print work of Gaelic fiction that I am aware of, organized by genre and age/target audience (either middle grade/young adult or general/adult). if you’ve read any of these and think they should be in a different category (esp. realistic/contemporary stuff), please let me know!

this list comes from me going through Acair and Comhairle nan Leabhraichean’s websites and then subsequently going through the entire Gaelic fiction collection in the Sabhal Mòr Ostaig library, but I know it’s still incomplete.

middle grade/young adult
includes books in the Sgrìob, Crosgagan, Na Solais, Lasag, and Meanmnach series (all of which fall under the umbrella of “ficsean do dh’òigridh” but which vary wildly in actual target age and reading level). Broadly, Sgrìob, Meanmnach, and Na Solais assume the highest levels of Gaelic competence, whereas Lasag is specifically targeted towards learners and Na Crosgagan is aimed at a younger audience.


  • MacLeòid, Murchadh: Làithean Geala (Oilthigh Ghlaschu, 1972, 144 pages) — this is part graded reader, part continuing story

including magical realism.

  • Caimbeul, Alasdair: Murchadh agus am Bradan (Acair, 1989, 92 pages)
  • Caimbeul, Aonghas Pàdraig: An Siopsaidh & an t-Aingeal (Acair – Crosgagan, 2002, 115 pages)
  • Caimbeul, Aonghas Pàdraig: Motair-baidhsagal agus Sgàthan (Acair – Crosgagan, 2000, 96)
  • Caimbeul, Maoilios M.: Caisteal nan Sgràgan (Acair – Crosgagan, 2002, 97 pages)
  • Dòmhnallach, Dòmhnall: Caisteal an Reubadair (Acair, 1989, 60 pages)
  • Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain: Am Bruadaraiche (Acair, 1980, 46 pages)
  • Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain: An dannsa mu dheireadh (Acair – Na Solais, 1992, 54 pages)
  • MacLeòid, Coinneach I.: Inntinn Iain (Acair – Na Solais, 1993, 80 pages)
  • Nic a’ Phiocar, Màiri: An Turas-Inntinn aig Seoc (Acair – Crosgagan, 2003, 59 pages)

I honestly can’t tell

  • Newton, Michael: Sgeulachdan an Dà Shaoghail ann an Ceithir Litrichean (Sandstone Press – Meanmnach, 2007, 68 pages)
  • NicDhòmhnaill, Màiri: Grima (Acair, 1990, 53 pages)


  • Caimbeul, Maoilios M.: À Ulbha gu Geelong (Acair, 1992, 66 pages)
  • Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain: A’ Bheinn Òir (Acair, 1989, 68 pages)
  • Mac a’ Phì, Aonghas: Na Sgeirean Dubha (Acair, 1994, 159 pages)
  • MacLean, Iain: Cogadh Ruairidh (Sandstone Press – Lasag, 2009, 90 pages)
  • MacMhaoilein, Calum: Am Fear Farchluais (Acair – Na Solais, 2000, 53 pages)
  • MacMhaoilein, Calum: Na Fìobhaich (Acair, 1993, 65 pages)
  • MacMhaoilein, Calum: Na Fogarraich (Acair, 1990, 180 pages)
  • MacMhaoilein, Calum: Saoghal Ùr (Acair, 1992, 131 pages)
  • NicDhòmhnaill, Flòraidh: Litir à Ameireagaidh (Sandstone Press – Meanmnach, 2005, 93 pages)
  • NicDhòmhnaill, Màiri Anna: Sràid na h-Eala (Acair, 1994, 80 pages)


  • Caimbeul, Maoilios M.: Iain agus na Drogaichean (Acair – Na Solais, 1993, 58 pages)
  • Caimbeul, Maoilios M.: Mèirlich nam Bradan (Acair, 1991, 65 pages)
  • Crichton, Torcuil: Fo Bhruid (Stòrlann, 2010, 123 pages)
  • Dick, Criosaidh: Na Loidsearan Neònach (Acair – Crosgagan, 1993, 63 pages)
  • MacFhionghain, Iain: Dùbhlan an t-Srainnseir (Acair – Sgrìob, 2013, 78 pages)
  • MacIlleathain, Ruairidh: Oidhche air Tom na h-Iùbhraich (Acair – Na Solais, 2001, 103 pages)
  • MacLeòid, Iain F.: Chopper (Acair – Na Solais, 2004, 63 pages)
  • Mhoireasdan, Anna and Dòmhnall Iain Moireasdan: Uamh nan Cnàmhan (Stòrlann, 2009, 147 pages)
  • NicDhòmhnaill, Flòraidh: Dìomhaireachd Caisteal Bhuirgh (Acair, 1993, 79 pages)
  • NicNèill, Seònaid: Fèill an Dàmhair (Acair – Crosgagan, 1992, 58 pages)
  • NicNèill, Seònaid: Ionmhas an Taigh-Sholais (Acair – Na Solais, 1994, 71 pages)
  • Stiùbhart, Mòrag: Coigrich air Chèilidh (Acair – Na Solais, 1995, 72 pages)


  • Armstrong, Tim: Feur Buidhe an t-Samhraidh (Sandstone Press – Lasag, 2014, 73 pages)
  • Caimbeul, Alasdair: Bliadhna Thearlaich (Acair – Na Solais, 1995, 46 pages)
  • Caimbeul, Alasdair: Gealach an Abachaidh (Acair – Na Solais, 1999, 77 pages)
  • Caimbeul, Alasdair: Lagan a’ Bhàigh (Acair – Na Solais, 2002, 110 pages)
  • Chaimbeul, Catrìona Lexy: Balach Beag a Mhàthar (Acair – Na Solais, 2004, 86 pages)
  • Chaimbeul, Catrìona Lexy: Cleasan a’ Bhaile Mhòir (Sandstone Press – Meanmnach, 2009, 93 pages)
  • Chaimbeul, Catrìona Lexy: Nigheanan Mòra (Sandstone Press – Lasag, 2014, 76 pages)
  • Dick, Cairistìona: Raonaid (Clò Chailleann, 1981, 57 pages)
  • Eyre, Daibhidh: Glainne (Sandstone Press – Lasag, 2014, 74 pages)
  • Lang, Alison: San Dùthaich Ùir (Sandstone Press – Meanmnach, 2011, 96 pages)
  • Mac a’ Bhreatunnaich, Pòl: Turas Thar Chuain (Acair, 1989, 103 pages)
  • Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain: A Pheigi a Ghràidh (Acair – Na Solais, 1994, 103 pages)
  • Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain: An Rathad gu Somalia (Acair – Na Solais, 1994, 77 pages)
  • Mac an t-Saoir, Màrtainn: ‘A’ Challaig Seo, Chall O’ (Acair – Sgrìob, 2014, 146 pages)
  • Mac an t-Saoir, Màrtainn: Tuath air a’ Bhealach (Sandstone Press – Lasag, 88 pages)
  • MacLeòid, Fionnlagh: Ailig Aurora (Stòrlann, 2010, 87 pages)
  • McKenzie, Sophie: An Leigeil Seachad (Stòrlann, 2014, 85 pages)
  • Moireach, Iain: Buatham Iamodo (Acair – Na Solais, 1998, 94 pages)
  • Moireach, Iain: An Rathad Dhachaigh (Acair – Na Solais, 1994, 83 pages)
  • Monk, Seonag: Al (Acair – Crosgagan, 2004, 109 pages)
  • Monk, Seonag: Ribeanan Rìomhach Còta Sìoda (Acair – Sgrìob, 2014, 132 pages)
  • Nic an Aba, Fiona: Saighdearan nan Sràidean (Acair – Sgrìob, 2014, 129 pages)
  • NicDhòmhnaill, Màiri Anna: Leig Leam (Acair – Na Solais, 2004, 99 pages)
  • NicDhòmhnaill, Màiri Anna: Luasganach? Mise? (CLÀR, 2007, 123 pages)
  • NicFhearghais, Elaine: A’ Chlach-Ghealaich (Acair – Sgrìob, 2014, 93 pages)
  • NicGillÌosa, Anna Latharna: Nighean Chiallach mar thu fhèin (Acair – Na Solais, 1993, 90 pages)
  • NicGumaraid, Màiri: Am Baile Beag Annasach (Acair, 1990, 117 pages)
  • NicIlleathain, Ishi: Am Bann (Acair – Sgrìob, 2014, 103 pages)
  • NicLeòid, Sheila: Mealladh am Malta (Acair – Na Solais, 1993, 60 pages)
  • Rhind, Màiri: An Tobht’ aig Anndra (Acair – Na Solais, 2005, 137 pages)
  • Ross, Chrisella: Cuach a’ Charthannais (Acair – Sgrìob, 2013, 68 pages)
  • Stiùbhart, Mòrag: An Cùilean-Ròin (Acair – Crosgagan, 1992, 46 pages)
  • Stiùbhart, Mòrag: An Leabhar-latha air Chuairt (Acair – Crosgagan, 2004, 59 pages)
  • Stiùbhart, Mòrag: Leabhar-latha no Dhà (Acair – Crosgagan, 2005, 63 pages)
  • Stiùbhart, Mòrag: An Leabhar-latha Ùr (Acair – Crosgagan, 2003, 57 pages)

science fiction 

  • Caimbeul, Aonghas Pàdraig: Cairteal gu Meadhan-Latha (Acair – Na Solais, 1992, 81 pages)
  • Chaimbeul, Catrìona Lexy: Am Fuachd Gorm (An t-Ionnsachadh Bòidheach #1) (Acair – Sgrìob, 2014, 144 pages)
  • Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain: Iain am Measg nan Reultan (Gairm, 1970, 74 pages)
  • Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain: Turas tro Shaoghal Falamh (Acair, 1991, 92 pages)

short fiction 

  • Dick, Criosaidh: Thugam agus Bhuam (Acair – Na Solais, 2003, 63 pages)
  • Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain: Seallaidhean Sùla (Acair – Na Solais, 1996, 53 pages)
  • various authors: Crìochan Ùra (Gairm, 1958, 148 pages)
  • various authors: Eadar dà sgeul: Sgeulachdan goirid aig ìre àrd-sgoile (Stòrlann, 2010, 181 pages)
  • various authors: Eagal san Dorchadas, agus Stòiridhean Eile (FASA, 2005, 121 pages)
  • various authors: Geugan Uaine: leabhar 1 (Acair, 1982, 103 pages)
  • various authors: Geugan Uaine: leabhar 2 (Acair, 1982, 143 pages)
  • various authors: Rosg nan Eilean (Roinn nan Cànan Ceilteach Oilthigh Ghlaschu, 1966, 250 pages)

I prefer “general” to “adult”.


  • Grannd, Dòmhnall: Tìr an Àigh (Gairm, 1971, 243 pages)
  • MacCormaic, Iain: Dùn Àluinn: An t-Oighre ’na Dhìobharach (Llanerch Press and Clò Charraig, 2003 [1912], 267 pages)
  • MacDhonnchaidh, Aonghas: An t-Ogha Mór (Clò Volturna & Marsland, 1980 [1919], 229 pages)
  • MacLeòid, Seumas: Cailin Sgiathanach (Clò Volturna & Marsland, 1978 [1923], 364 pages)

including magical realism.

  • Caimbeul, Aonghas Pàdraig: Tilleadh Dhachaigh (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2009, 119 pages)
  • MacLeòid, Fionnlagh: Gormshuil an Rìgh (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2010, 153 pages)
  • MacLeòid, Iain F.: An Sgoil Dhubh (Acair – Aiteal, 2014, 190 pages)


  • Caimbeul, Maoilios M.: Teas (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2010, 124 pages)
  • Dòmhnallach, Tormod: Creach Mhór nam Fiadh (Gasaet Steòrnabhaigh, 1973, 80 pages)
  • Dunn, Anndra A.: Còisir nan Gunna (Acair – Aiteal, 2013, 224 pages)
  • MacLeòid, Iain F.: Am Bounty (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2008, 204 pages)
  • MacLeòid, Iain F.: Na Klondykers (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2005, 285 pages)
  • MacMhaoilein, Calum: A’ Sireadh an Sgadain (Gairm, 1990, 90 pages)
  • MacMhaoilein, Calum: Seonaidh Mòr (Gairm, 1993, 57 pages)
  • Shaw, Jeffrey. Ann an Dùthaich Ùr (CLÀR, 2002, 169 pages)

I honestly can’t tell 
which is to say, their authors generally write/wrote realistic/contemporary fiction, but their description from Comhairle nan Leabhraichean suggests a possible other genre element.

  • Caimbeul, Alasdair: Cuid a’ Chorra-Ghrithich (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2011, 114 pages)
  • Caimbeul, Aonghas Pàdraig: Là a’ Dèanamh Sgèil do Là (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2004, 238 pages)
  • Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain: Na Speuclairean Dubha (Gairm, 1989, 59 pages)
  • NicGill-Eathain, Màiri M.: Gainmheach an Fhàsaich (Club Leabhar, 1971, 104 pages)


  • MacÌomhair, Dòmhnall Iain: Cò rinn e? (Gairm, 1993, 92 pages)
  • MacLeòid, Iain: An Sgàile Dhorcha (Gairm, 1992, 86 pages)
  • MacLeòid, Iain: Spuirean na h-Iolaire (Gairm, 1989, 76 pages)


  • Caimbeul, Alasdair: Am Fear Madhanach (Druim Fraoich, 1992, 109 pages)
  • Caimbeul, Aonghas Pàdraig: Fuaran Ceann an t-Saoghail (CLÀR, 2012, 108 pages)
  • Caimbeul, Aonghas Pàdraig: An Nighean air an Aiseag (Luath Press, 2013, 203 pages)
  • Caimbeul, Aonghas Pàdraig: An Oidhche Mus Do Sheòl Sinn (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2003, 384 pages)
  • Caimbeul, Aonghas Pàdraig: An Taigh-Samhraidh (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2007, 238 pages)
  • Chaimbeul, Catrìona Lexy: Cluicheadairean (Acair – Aiteal, 2013, 218 pages)
  • Chaimbeul, Catrìona Lexy: Samhraidhean Dìomhair (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2009, 172 pages)
  • Caimbeul, Tormod: Deireadh an Fhoghair (U&R Chambers, 1979, 116 pages)
  • Caimbeul, Tormod: An Druim Bho Thuath (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2011, 184 pages)
  • Caimbeul, Tormod: Shrapnel (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2006, 175 pages)
  • Dòmhnallach, Tormod Caimbeul: An Sgàineadh (Acair, 1993, 115 pages)
  • Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain: An t-Adhar Ameireaganach (Club Leabhar, 1973, 68 pages)
  • Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain: An t-Aonaran (Roinn nan Cànan Ceilteach Oilthigh Ghlaschu, 80 pages)
  • Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain: Am Miseanaraidh (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2006, 68 pages)
  • Mac an t-Saoir, Màrtainn: Air a Thòir (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2011, 360 pages)
  • Mac an t-Saoir, Màrtainn: Gymnippers Diciadain (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2006, 350 pages)
  • Mac an t-Saoir, Màrtainn: An Latha as Fhaide (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2008, 316 pages)
  • MacGill-Eain, Tormod: Cùmhnantan (Clò Loch Abair, 1996, 127 pages)
  • MacGill-Eain, Tormod: Dacha Mo Ghaoil (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2005, 124 pages)
  • MacGill-Eain, Tormod: Keino (Clò Loch Abair, 1998, 126 pages)
  • MacGill-Eain, Tormod: Slaightearan (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2008, 125 pages)
  • MacLeòid, Iain F.: Ìmpireachd (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2010, 172 pages)
  • NicDhòmhnaill, Màiri Anna: Cleas Sgàthain (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2008, 174 pages)
  • NicGumaraid, Màiri: Clann Iseabail (Acair, 1993, 94 pages)
  • NicLeòid, Norma: Dìleas Donn (CLÀR – Ùr-sguel, 2006, 157 pages)
  • NicLeòid, Norma: Suthainn Sìor (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2011, 174 pages)
  • NicLeòid, Norma: Taingeil Toilichte (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2008, 182 pages)

science fiction 

  • Armstrong, Tim: Air Cuan Dubh Drilseach (CLÀR, 2013, 223 pages)

short stories 

  • Brownlie, Niall M.: Càth anns a’ Ghaoith (CLÀR, 2013, 164 pages)
  • Caimbeul, Tormod: Hostail, agus sgeulachdan eile (Roinn Foghlaim Comhairle nan Eilean, 1992, 91 pages)
  • Caimbeul, Tormod: An Naidheachd Bhon Taigh (Cànan, 1994, 138 pages)
  • Dòmhnallach, Dòmhnall Alasdair: Sgeulachdan Dhòmhnaill Alasdair (Acair, 2007, 126 pages)
  • Lamont, Donald (ed. Thomas M. Murchison): The Prose Writings of Donald Lamont, 1874-1958 (Scottish Gaelic Texts Society, 1960, 212 pages)
  • Lang, Alison: Cainnt na Caileige Caillte (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2009, 203 pages)
  • Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain: Bùrn is Aran (Gairm, 1974, 60 pages)
  • Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain: An Dubh is an Gorm (Oilthigh Obar Dheathain, 1963, 106 pages)
  • Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain: Na Guthan (Gairm, 1991, 88 pages)
  • Mac a’ Ghobhainn, Iain: Maighstirean is Ministearan (Club Leabhar, 1970, 92 pages)
  • Mac an t-Saoir, Màrtainn: Ath-Aithne (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2003, 234 pages)
  • Mac an t-Saoir, Màrtainn: Cala Bentia ’s a Bheannachdan (Acair – Aiteal, 2014, 206 pages)
  • MacAonghais, Alasdair: Tron Bhogha-Froise: Sgeulachdan is Bàrdachd (Cànan, 1999, 99 pages)
  • MacCoinnich, Cailein T.: A’ Leth Eile (Roinn nan Cànan Ceilteach Oilthigh Ghlaschu, 1971, 115 pages)
  • MacCoinnich, Cailein T.: Mar Sgeul a dh’Innseas Neach (Roinn nan Cànan Ceilteach Oilthigh Ghlaschu, 1971, 100 pages)
  • MacCoinnich, Cailein T.: Oirthir Tìm (Gairm, 1969, 176 pages)
  • MacGilliosa, Donnchadh: Màiri Dhall agus Sgeulachdan Eile (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2013, 246 pages)
  • MacGilliosa, Donnchadh: Tocasaid ’Ain Tuirc (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2004, 138 pages)
  • MacÌomhair, Dòmhnall Iain: Camhanaich (Buidheann-foillseachaidh nan Eilean an Iar, 1982, 72 pages)
  • MacÌomhair, Dòmhnall Iain: Caogad san Fhàsach (Acair – Aiteal, 2014, 348 pages)
  • MacÌomhair, Dòmhnall Iain: Grian is Uisge (Gairm, 1991, 66 pages)
  • MacLeòid, Calum Iain M.: Sgial is Eachdraidh (Gairm, 1977, 141 pages)
  • MacLeòid, Fionnlagh: Dìomhanas (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2008, 200 pages)
  • MacLeòid, Iain: Sràidean is Sléibhtean (Gairm, 1971, 70 pages)
  • MacLeòid, Tearlach: ’S fheàirrde duine gàire (Roinn nan Cànan Ceilteach Oilthigh Ghlaschu, 1978, 61 pages
  • MacRath, Torcuil: An Cearcall (Acair, 2002, 64 pages)
  • Moireach, Iain: An Aghaidh Choimheach (Gairm, 1993, 122 pages)
  • NicGill-Eathain, Màiri M.: Lus-Chrun à Griomasaigh (Club Leabhar, 1970, 134 pages)
  • NicLeòid, Màiri E.: A’ Ghlainne, agus Sgeulachdan Eile (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2010, 71 pages)
  • Watt, Eilidh: A’ Bhratach Dhealrach (Club Leabhar, 1972, 127 pages)
  • Watt, Eilidh: Gun Fhois (Macdonald Publishers, 1987, 112 pages)
  • Watt, Eilidh: Latha a’ Choin Duibh, agus Ipilidh (Club Leabhar, 1972, 47 pages)
  • various authors: Amannan: Sgialachdan Goirid (U&R Chambers, 1979, 105 pages)
  • various authors: Briseadh na Cloiche, agus sgeulachdan eile (Roinn nan Cànan Ceilteach Oilthigh Ghlaschu, 1970, 81 pages)
  • various authors: Cha sgeul rùin e (Acair, 1995, 109 pages)
  • various authors: An Claigeann aig Damien Hirst, agus Sgeulachdan Eile (CLÀR – Ùr-sgeul, 2009, 254 pages)
  • various authors: Dorcha Tro Ghlainne (Gairm, 1970, 150 pages)
  • various authors: Eadar Peann is Pàipear (Gairm, 1985, 228 pages)
  • various authors: Lasair Litreachais – Mòd 2013 (An Comunn Gàidhealach / Comhairle nan Leabhraichean, 2013, 48 pages)
  • various authors: Mealladh: Sgeulachdan Goirid Ùra (Stòrlann, 2013, 145 pages)
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On Friday, in an unobtrusive office park northeast of downtown here, about 100 temporary employees of the testing giant Pearson worked in diligent silence scoring thousands of short essays written by third- and fifth-grade students from across the country.
     There was a onetime wedding planner, a retired medical technologist and a former Pearson saleswoman with a master’s degree in marital counseling. To get the job, like other scorers nationwide, they needed a four-year college degree with relevant coursework, but no teaching experience. They earned $12 to $14 an hour, with the possibility of small bonuses if they hit daily quality and volume targets.

I got some of my predicted grades for AS today and instead of make me feel better it’s just put so much pressure on me to achieve them now.

I mean writing an essay for English is ridiculously hard, all my knowledge on how to do so has just vanished over the past year. I can see these teachers judging me because they look at my GCSE grade and think how on earth did she get that? 

alright so in an attempt to navigate all the supplementary material for the force awakens, here’s a list i’m making. i think i have them all in chronological order.

before the force awakens/rotj onward

  • aftermath. post rotj novel which seems to focus on wedge antilles and a resistance fighter named norra
  • aftermath: life debt. follow-up novel, available for pre-order
  • the weapon of a jedi: the luke skywalker adventure. middle-grade novel about luke and r2d2 being stranded on a mysterious planet 
  • smuggler’s run: a middle-grade novel about han and chewie smuggling for the resistance
  • moving target: a middle-grade novel about leia being a badass and running an op for the resistance/rebels
  • lost stars. a young adult novel about two childhood friends who become an imperial and a rebel pilot
  • shattered empire. comic series centering around poe’s awesome mom, an officer in the resistance
  • a dangerous weapon. remember that lady in maz’s cantina who called them in to the first order? this is her backstory.
  • bloodlines. a prequel novel set 6 years before the events of the film. available for pre-order
  • before the awakening. a digital picture book following rey, finn, and poe’s lives before the movie

during/after the force awakens

tales series

i didn’t include books that were set during or before the original trilogy, but let me know if i missed anything/something’s incorrect!

Day 7 [24.04.16]
60 days until my last A Level
- Today has been the most productive day this week by far, I’m so happy because it’s been such an awful week in regards to sixth form.
- I made creative notes of half the spec for my first bio exam, and after that, completed a past paper. In which I achieved my personal target grade. Now onto some psychology cue cards.
- Have a great day everyone🌸