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So @enthuxxiasm and I decided this year we were going to dress up as Eleven and Joyce from Stranger Things for Halloween! We did the test run on our Disney Cruise on Halloween/Pirate night, and it went so well!

I made the Eleven dress from fabric, velcro and hot glue. We borrowed the jacket from a friend!
The LED lights for mine were $3 at Target, and both of my tops were from Target as well!

(Also, you can’t see it in this picture, but on the door, the red sparkly Christmas lights spell out R-U-N)

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So, with writing a Jewish character, as a white Jewish convert, would I be better off avoiding the intersection of having racism, by making the character black or another kind of poc, and antisemitism, or researching it to be able to handle it better? Or would it be better to say, in this universe, there isn't antisemitism? Sorry if this was worded poorly

Should I write a character who shares my marginalization but has another one on top of it? Should I write a universe with no bigotry, or with one type of bigotry but not another?

Since you’re white, it would be less work for you, and less chance of you making mistakes (both of which say “better off” to me), if you wrote someone whose marginalizations are closer to your own. But if you’re willing to do the research you can still write a Black Jewish character. Just be aware that she’s gonna come with all the research that goes along with any white person writing any Black person, and that sharing Jewishness with her doesn’t replace doing all of that work. (Same goes for if she’s a Jewish Asian person or any other PoC.)

>> would it be better to say, in this universe, there isn’t antisemitism?

Writing stories where there’s no antisemitism is a valid approach – it’s a major feature of my book series. But it’s secondary world fantasy. If you’re writing in our real world, even the most sheltered-in-New-York-City’s-glorious-Jewish-garden folks are at least aware of the weighty cultural load of what’s happened to us over the ages.

I want to point out, though, that just because you’re writing a character of color, or a Jewish character (or both!) that doesn’t mean your story has to delve into racism and antisemitism. A Black character, a Latina, a Middle Eastern person – they can exist in stories without having to confront prejudice on the page every time, and so can we.

Sometimes all acknowledging racism and antisemitism means is having the character be ever so slightly more determined to succeed against the odds. Or that it feels good not having discriminatory crap happening to you right now. (You know, like that moment when you’re in Target during the Christmas season and you finally find the Chanukah section? Not a universal experience obviously, especially since Chanukah is a minor holiday that got blown up to “match” Christmas and it’s frustrating that the High Holidays get ignored, but I always feel a little bit “oh, hey, someone remembered me.”)

By the way, since I did have a little trouble parsing your question – were you asking if you could avoid having to research the intersection of racism and antisemitism by making racism a thing in your universe, but not antisemitism? Because I don’t feel great about that; it feeds into the myths that white/white-passing Jews never face discrimination from white gentiles, and that this discrimination has never been racialized (spoiler: it very much has, and today is the wrong day for me to find source links since I’m writing this on Pulse day.)


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care to rec Your fav fics? hs or not

Okay just so you guys know I don’t branch out a lot in terms of the ships I read about so what you’re about to get is a lot of Robstar and a lot of Spaqua with some others


Clueless (long fic set between Go! and Divide and conquer. Not so much romance as friendship)
Communal (sequel to clueless, post-Tokyo. ROMANCE!!! oneshot, don’t need to read clueless beforehand but some references to it are made)
Robin’s Guide to Tamaranian Affection (oneshot)
Starfire’s Guide to Getting Into Robin’s Pants (companion piece to one above, oneshot)
Robin’s Favorite Holiday (oneshot)
A Moment of Shocking Clarity (super adorable oneshot)
Touch (This one is my current favorite I love it a lot and its perf and fluffy, Also there is a series that follows it but those stories are kinda dark but this one is light and beautiful. The others are really good too if you wanna put yourself through the pain and then there’s an alternative sequel that I actually prefer to the real sequel)
The Only One (alternative first kiss fic)
Settling Matters (Post-Tokyo oneshot)
Intoxicated (Dick goes to a nightclub with Wally for Wally’s birthday and surprise the girls are there and they’re drunk and Dick thinks they won’t recognize him lmao)
Mist & Shadows (Robin doesn’t approve of Starfire kissing other boys even though they’re not together smh)
Soap (short and fluffy goodness)
Persuading Robin (not the happiest of endings but it’s fine I’m fine you can slip it into canon)


Skin tight jeans (Speedy’s a dope)
Swimming Lessons (Oneshot)
Seeing Double (!!!! Young Justice/ Teen Titans crossover with dopplegangers)
Always Drifting (This one was never completed but I love it just the same)
Heat Wave (They get locked in a room together by accident)
Volte Face (Also not complete but great)
Wants (Cuteness)
Least Likely (In which one of them has a secret crush)
Ink’d (This is part of series but can stand alone)
Flying High (Aqualad is high. whooops)
Of Age (Incomplete, Prince!Garth)
School and Skirts (Incomplete, Aqualad is impersonating a girl at an all girl boarding school to see if it is controlled by HIVE)
A Man Owned (Incomplete, more Prince!Garth)
What is Owed (Cheshire makes an appearance!!)
Mistletoe and Wine (Gracie wrote this for me and I’ll love it forever- Christmas fic)
Target Practice (Another fic written for me that’s pretty beautiful and !!! HIGH SCHOOL AU!!) 


Jar of Hearts (Aquaterra. One of my fave fics of all time, incomplete)
One Man’s Junk (lol)
Another Man’s Treasure (Sequel to the above)

Can we all admit that Cody (BB19) and Monte (BBOTT) are literally the same person.

goes after the only Veteran week 1 and fails (Paul).
Monte goes after the only Veteran week 1 and fails (Jason).

Cody fights with Josh and almost comes to blows.
Monte fights with Justin and almost comes to blows.

Cody accuses Josh of being a sexual predator.
Monte accuses Justin of being a sexual predator.

Cody’s target is safe (Christmas) and someone on his side leaves (Jillian)
Monte’s target is safe (Danielle) and someone on his side leaves (Cornbread)

Cody had a female hook on to him when he became 1st HoH (Jessica)
Monte had a female hook on to him when he became 1st HoH (Morgan)

Cody is leaving week 2.
Monte left week 2.

These houseguests aren’t targeting the returnee even after discovering he hid having three weeks immunity from them, they want to keep the showmances and get rid of all the singles, and now some of them want to STILL target Christmas who has practically her entire leg in a cast when Jillian is completely able bodied. I have never in my life seen people so idiotic. They are playing for $500,000 but acting like this is some reality TV dating show. 

It deeply saddens me that the game of Big Brother is being played like this. Houseguest are attacking someones family, religion, and personal thing.Things that don’t need to be involved with the game. I feel bad for Dom, Jessica, Cody, Mark, Elena, and Kevin. The houseguest are crossing a line that should never be crossed and that is sad. I can’t wait for them to get out of the house and learn of what they did and learn from it. 

I believe that the game of Big Brother can be played with out getting personal, but with strategy. Look at the older season of Big Brother. Look at Survivor. If I ever get to go into that house I am going to try and change how the game is played. Convince my other houseguest not to get personal. I understand there are going to be some conflicts between others but you don’t have to bring up someone families (like Alex did, like Josh did), you don’t have to question someone military service (christmas, alex, and paul all did), or bring up someones religious background (alex and paul did). I believe that every thing from the outside world is left at the door when you walk in. And the only thing that, matters is what thy do inside that house. 

Paul is the one who has contributed most to the toxicity of the house. He is the one gas lighting the houseguest into attacking each other. He uses Josh to call out his targets. Praises Christmas and Raven when they yell at someone. Had he not been on this season things would be different. 

If you have any question about what I am trying to say. My inbox is always open.

Day Sixty-Two

-I saw an enormous Saint Bernard sitting at the end of an aisle next to my register. Then it stood up and revealed that it was only an old woman squatting in a fur coat, shattering my enthusiasm for life as a whole.

-A toddler turned around to find himself encountering a reflection of him in the register’s mirror. Without hesitation he began barking at the mirror, swinging his arms, and jumping up and down. These instincts will benefit him well when the government-issued clone replacements arrive.

-As I was ringing up the guest at the front of a line of ten, I noticed a new family enter the line as a different register opened up. I let them know that the new register had opened, sending them across the front end, leaving me feeling like a helpful and kind team member. Then, the guest I was ringing up left, taking with them their entire family of ten and leaving my line empty and my heart full of regret.

-Last night, I read the notice that team members can wear jeans until Christmas. I considered it to be a silly small thing and felt that the letter was hyping up the ability to not wear khakis far too much. Tonight, I went through my shift wearing jeans, and my entire work experience has been changed for the better, my soul has been lifted, my depression has been cured, my legs have never been more comfortable behind the register.

-A woman informed me that, as guests enter the store, Target Headquarters scans their brain, determines their maximum budget for the trip, and actively sets out items they would be interested in directly in their eyesight to guarantee they spend as much as they can. I cannot believe I have been working here for months now and this is the first I am hearing of this. My store truly is a magical place.

-I found that we sell a toy that is essentially a game of hot potato wherein the potato is a pig and the fear of being burned by a hot object is replaced by the fear of being farted on by a barnyard animal. It is called Stinky Pig and it is the only thing I will be giving for Christmas.

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What if they targeted Christmas during a double and the veto was something she couldn't do hsjsksksksjd

stop omg she would SNAP sdfjsdlkfjs i think she’s the perfect person to drag to then end at this point but like imagine her wheeling her little scooter thing out to Julie all pissed off 

christmas gift idea: percy jackson’s greek gods

great for those friends who annoyingly aren’t into anything and aren’t big readers and who stubbornly refuse to learn about mythology

it’s cheap and now they have it in book form instead of the massive original heavy af textbook version we got when it came out

it’s actually the easiest thing to read because it isn’t a big story, no devotion necessary, its just small myths in a humorous 21st century mindset

if they can’t enjoy a book that simple and fun then what are they even good for


SPEED - Don’t Tease Me dance practice needs less than 8000 views to reach 1 million! This is going to be their first dance practice that reach million! (Please watch this video, you won’t regret, I promise) Hopefully we can reach the target before Christmas and make it as a present for them. This might be nothing for a big groups, but for underrated group like speed (that is poorly treated by their own entertainment company) this is the prove that many people like them. Plus this awesome song didn’t get any proper mv other than a footage from their showcase. Please watch their latest comeback too, what U mv, as well as their dance practice :)

Day Fifteen

-My first guest today was an elderly woman who had never used a card reader before. Teaching her how to swipe her debit card was the single most pure moment of my life.

-A woman bought a heavily-glittered gift bag. The glitter sprinkled all over the register. The glitter remained there, immovable, for the remainder of the day. This was not necessarily a negative thing.

-A mother bought her infant child a fedora. I worry for his future.

-A woman’s total was $100.00, not a penny more, not a penny less. I could not have cared more. She could not have cared less.

-A man was caught shoplifting a large pacage of Trojan lube. I cannot condone his actions, but I respect his choice in merchandise.

-A woman refused discounts in all forms: Target card, Cartwheel coupon app, paper coupons. She insisted that any form of discount was akin to selling the store her soul. 

-Overheard at the Starbucks: “I don’t want to get AIDS, so I have to be careful how I chew my gum.”

-A woman spent five minutes explaining to me that it is of the utmost importance that I get out and vote, so that I can ensure that card readers are the same at all stores. I had no idea that the stakes of the upcoming election were so grave, but now I will surely be getting to the polls.

-The HR head entered the store as I was working at the counter. She pointed to me and loudly whispered, “I have something for you.” This was ominous and concerning. She later brought me an entire roll of Christmas-themed Target stickers, telling me that she knows how important stickers are to me and my people. This made my day and I am now thrilled to begin handing out Christmas stickers during Halloween. 

-A boy entered the store with is mother. He instantly began screaming, pointing at a display, screaming “THERE IS A MONSTER, THERE IS A MONSTER.” I understand his fear. The cardboard cartoon of a spider in the midst of trick-or-treating is very distressing for me as well. It has two half-legs and seems to only be treating this with bandages. If only our country had universal healthcare, he might have had some hope and not caused this child to be so concerned for his well-being.