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I took Scout (my ESA dog) to target today because I needed some things. So here I am just rolling my dog around in the cart and talking to him the WHOLE time, as if we were having a conversation, “Oh Scout, wouldn’t this dress look great on me? Wait, did I say we needed chocolate chips? Did mom say we needed shampoo?” literally like a crazy woman. SO was I am getting ready to check out, I passed this HUGE banana stand and all the bananas are on sale. Great, right? I imagined some banana nice cream with the chocolate chips I just got. SO, I said, “Oh boy, Scout! Let’s get some bananas!” and I made the “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” sound as I backed my cart up, as if everyone wasn’t already staring at the woman who was still in her pjs in target at 10 am and who wouldn’t stop talking to her dog. So what happened you asked? WELL I BACKED UP TOO FAR AND KNOCKED THE WOLE BANANA STAND OVER. THE WHOLE DAMN THING. It was horrifying. It teetered back and forth and then it just went over. It was like a banana massacre. RIP my banana friends. I am so sorry you went to waste. Please know your life was not a waste, you brought smiles to many small children’s faces. <3

So… if you think you did something embarrassing today, just read this and you will feel better. 

Teavil - Bug/Water

The Kettle Pokemon

(Tea + Weevil)

Ability: Steeping - Any Water-type attack this Pokemon uses has a 90% chance to burn the target, and a 10% chance to heal them (from the berry leaves).

Teavil store boiling hot water inside their body to help them digest the massive quantities of berry leaves they eat each day. Because of this, a well-fed Teavil will always be filled with delicious aromatic tea. Many Pokemon get scalded in an attempt to drink this concoction. Teavil’s mouth seals around its head, causing it to scald its face each time it attacks, and so its eyes have developed a protective casing similar to Vibrava, and its antennae have moved to its body for safety. Teavil cannot maintain its heat while it sleeps, so Pokemon often grab it by its back legs and force Teavil to spill the now-cooled berry juices. When fighting, Teavil opens its fused-wingcases to vent steam from its body to avoid overheating.

Just a note, the cooled/heated formes don’t Do Anything, it’d just be a cute visual that once Teavil uses a water type attack its color palette would liven up a bit, and maybe go back to the cooled forme after 3 turns of not using a water type attack. Honestly I just couldn’t decide on a palette.

★ translate the following questions into your target language
★ record yourself answering the questions either as an audio file or a video
★ upload your recording and tag 5 other language learners
★ tag your post with #langblr accent tag

1. what’s your name?
2. how old are you?
3. where are you from?
4. what is/are your native language(s)?
5. when and why did you start learning start learning your target language?
6. have you ever been to a country where your target language is spoken?
7. have you ever been mistaken for a native speaker of your target language?
8. whats your favourite word in your target language?
9. what is in your opinion the most difficult word to pronounce in your target language?
10. do a tongue twister in your target language.

10 Polyglot Things to Do This September:
  1. Write 5 sentences per day in your target language(s)
  2. Pick two films to watch in a target language and view each twice, first without subtitles then with them
  3. Make 300 vocabulary flashcards or entries in your vocab journal (that only averages out to 10 words per day!!)
  4. Use two weeks to write one short story, two weeks to write a personal essay. Aim for 1,000 words each, but don’t get frustrated if you end up writing a different amount (:
  5. Take a page from a book or an article in your target language and make syntax trees to brush up on your grammar game
  6. Read the full Wikipedia page on a language or language family that you know absolutely nothing about!
  7. Memorize the words to 10 Disney songs in your target language
  8. Get connected! Send 10 language-related asks to langblrs you follow that are proficient in your target language
  9. Google “How I Learn Languages” and get prepared to channel the muse of other language learners
  10. Transcribe one video in your target language

Good luck!!

how to safely shave your hoo hoo

go to target. or another store like that. I just know that target has a 10 pack of BIC razors for like $3.
buy some baby oil. preferably with aloe.
also. buy some unscented deodorant.

get in the bath. soak up. pamper yourself with a sugar scrub and such.

use the baby oil instead of shaving cream. lather up. use the disposable razor (because it’s always fresh and sharp). shave with the grain. so, downwards, and away from yourself.

you will get all oily, so you’ll want to wash off.

when you’re all done, use the deodorant all over the area you shaved. and bam. you’re smooth and shaved and not cut or bumpy.

Answer of this meme:

Swap Papyrus - 8/10, how much I secretly want to punch Sans? That is how much I want to punch him, and I hold back those other 2 marks just because he looks like Papyrus. But it can be challenging, as he is supposed to be the toughest boss in his universe. Yet I may would pay people to punch him, just punch him down, and steal all his honey money, while watch him properly broken inside for a second.

Toriel - 0/10, I will never want to punch the Goat Mom just as I will never want to punch my own mom. Seriously? She baked you pie, give you place to live, she is probably the one nice mom that most people have dreamt to have?? So no, I can’t allow myself to even lay a finger on her.

Fell Papyrus - 4/10, interesting target yet also challenging since he is willing to fight back, but sometimes you just can’t resist that urge to “piss off that pissy cat” just for the sake of humanity. But I doubt I will be blasted by his brother and not even remain a single dust before my fist can even touch him.

Tale Papyrus - √-1/10, that’s right, square root minus one, the number that  doesn’t exist, just like how this question should be, since you just ask the question which should be eternally forbidden from asking. You ask for me, a nice ordinary, to punch the spark of sunshine, the angel of video games, one of the willings of my ok life. Are you implying that you assume me to hurt a skeleton, a skeleton who hold so much naivety, power and warmness, who tries very hard to make puzzles and spaghettis, and all he wants is just make friends and ease away his concealed loneliness. And there is you, convincing people to injure him, who just really, I mean really, does nothing wrong. Get out, just get out from my sight, before I overwhelm myself by all these sudden fondness and empathy on him and punch you in the fac

anonymous asked:

Hi,Im sorry Im gonna talk about raitings now...I just dont get it how come season2 had 10.4 million views in total when the last episode had only like 550 k views according to the freeform?

From what I get, Anon, (I don’t have the link open right now) is that the 550k viewers were only the audience of the 18-34 year old ones. That’s why it freaked us all out so much. But when you put together all the viewers between 0-99 years old (so to say) you get the 10 millions viewers in total. Which means that basically 2 million people are watching the eps every week—not including the numbers from Netflix!

Correct me if I am wrong.

Anyway, all is good, there is no point to freak out now. Not after it is way better to lose our chill after the newest Malec sneak peek.

Tips for Language Learning

You can study more than one language at a time and yes they can be similar.
All you have to do is associate a different accent with each language and use it while you practice speaking. Try to think using that accent as well, it may sound silly to you but it works! If you’re still struggling with this, watch a video and listen it in your chosen language for 5 minutes or so before you begin. This will help you ‘get in the zone’.

Notebook layout
Have a separate notebook for each language.
Use the front of the notebook for vocabulary and the back of the book for grammar. This makes your notes easily accessible so you know where to look for a specific topic.
Try to add titles each time you begin a new topic! If you add regular titles, you can add in a contents page to be even more organised.
If you don’t like using notebooks and prefer folders, this method also works really well.

Read in your target language for 5-10 minutes a day
You could read an online newspaper or book of your choosing – perhaps get a copy of your favourite book in your target language?
Read an article/passage a few times. The first time you read it, don’t try to understand the material, just read it aloud. The second time, ask yourself what it’s about. The third time find any words you don’t know and see if you can guess what they mean just by the surrounding text – don’t go reaching for a dictionary straight away. If you’re really stuck then fine but at least take a guess.
Write those words down on a post-it note afterwards and test yourself a few days later.

Regularly test yourself on material
Get a friend or family member to help you with this! Get them to create a quiz on 5-10 random words of your chosen topic. Get them to give you the English word and you have to give the word for your chosen language. Don’t be a wuss and go the other way round… you will not learn much by just translating into English. Trust me on this!
If you prefer studying alone, use post it notes or flashcards. Try not to use English words on your flashcards however! So if you’re artistic this is something you’ll love. If you’re not as artistic you could print images off and stick them on the flashcards instead.

Get a language parent
This may seem daunting but it’s one of the best ways to learn a language. Find a native/fluent speaker who won’t judge you but will help you correct your mistakes and answer any questions you may have. Make it a regular thing (a couple of times a week perhaps) to meet up or video call.
Also, give yourself a challenge to see how long you can go without speaking English. The more practice you get, the easier it’ll become for you to speak the language without hesitation.

Have fun!
Get involved in the culture and just have fun! There’s no point in learning a language if you think of it as a chore. Unless you’re very well disciplined, you just won’t learn the material if you’re unmotivated.
So explore new ways to make it fun. Be creative!

Nielsen ratings are SUCH a fucking outdated system. And its killed many a show because execs will take that data over digital sales and be like “Oh we aren’t meeting our demographic”.

Like if you’re a 20 year old woman and your show is targeted to 10 year old boys. They will more likely still cancel the show because they didn’t “meet their target”

And the Nielsen box is like….one house represents 14000 SUPPOSED houses. So if that one Nielsen box user is registered watching Grey’s Anatomy over House MD then they assume that 14k houses are watching greys. 


“Silver and Gold” Haul
Potted Plant ~ $10
Tanning Lotion~ $24
Golden Egg Face Mask x3 ~$12
Pottery Barn:
Geode Bookends x3~ $240
West Elm:
Crown Dish~ $15
Neiman Marcus:
Silver Pendant~ $250
Christian Louboutin Sneakers~ $1400
Total: $1941