“Dragons old and young, true and false, bright and dark. And you. A small man with a big shadow, snarling in the midst of all.”

A Dance with Dragons, Tyrion VIII

(The Dance of the Dragons was a succession war during the rule of House Targaryen between King Aegon II and his supporters called The Greens, and his half-sister Queen Rhaenyra I and her supporters called The Blacks.)

Gemsona weapon ideas (part 3)

Here  is a link to the previous one. I keep making these because i like to help people come up with neat ideas. so as long as i keep finding cool weapons, i shall keep making these.

The Targe is a Scottish shield with a big spike in the middle for extra offensive ability.

The Derringer pistol is a very small gun that holds only one or two bullets.

the Duckfoot pistol is what people used before they realized shotguns were much better.

I’m not going to lie, this thing is from Star Wars. Ryyk blades are used by wookies. if they have any real world equivalent, i do not know what it is called.

Black Eggs are painted eggshells filled with things like crushed glass and chili powder, they are crushed in your hand and thrown at the eyes of enemies.

the Aara (or urumi, i dont know which one is correct) is Indian in origin and is basically both a whip and a sword

the Kopesh is a sword used by ancient Egyptians.

Katars come in two main varieties, a single blade, or a blade that splits into three blades.

the Maquital is a weapon used by ancient central american civilizations, it is a wooden sword-looking thing with obsidian blades embedded on the sides.

please note: i am not a history or weapon expert, everything i post about them is stuff i saw on wikipedia, i just like cool looking weapons.

Fics I am currently reading

Jon x Sansa (Jonsa)

1. Between Love and Duty by vivilove 

A wonderful historical fic in which Jon is an officer in the Royal Navy, and Sansa is the lady he falls in love with. It is rich with description and historical information, plus adventure, smut, and romance. 

ETA: Also check out her Valentine’s Day collection because in one of them it is mentioned that Robb Stark is getting prepared to propose to ME. :-)

2. Owner & Owned by Stelia 

Stelia is new to writing in the fandom, but she has voraciously read other fanfics before jumping into the fray. Her story is intriguing in that it plays with the idea of what would have happened if Jon had gone south before Sansa made it to Castle Black. He shows up as a Targ in Winterfell, ready to defeat whomever is there and finds Sansa. Sparks fucking fly and it is FANTASTIC. 

3. The Northmen’s Wife by @kittykatknits

Oh, I do love this fic! Robb survived the Red Wedding and is reunited with Jon first, and then…dun dun dun…Sansa. The one is Jon/Robb/Sansa, and it has Sansa being a badass strategist. The camaraderie between Jon and Robb is so much fun, and how they love Sansa makes me swoon. 

4. You Have All Of Me & End of Days by @angelwings1980 

I love her fics! They are sexy, fun, and smart. Strap in for the ride because just when I think I know what to expect, she surprises me. But in the best possible way!

You Have All of Me is Jonsa in high school and then college navigating their way through a marriage and adulthood. Watching them fall in love was amazing. And End of Days is post-apocalyptic with Jonsa as the only survivors…or are they?

(all her fics are amazing and I love them all)

5.  They Lost their Wolves by @bluecichlid

Very atmospheric and rich in description. Blue creates a creeping sense of foreboding. I am constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop and I feel like I am hanging on for dear life when a new chapter is posted. 

Jon comes back dark and Sansa is no longer playing by the rules and it. is. delicious. 

6. Also, collected oneshots by @lathwell55 (AmyMel86), @myrish-lace-love @geekprincess26 @jeeno2 , and also the Daddy series by taylocrow. 

If I am forgetting anyone I apologize!! And if anyone has recs they’d like to add, please do! The more the merrier! 

@menethil21 replied to your post “Hi Butterfly! im wondering about this phrase regarding Summerhall…”

thanks for the reply, these missing family tree bugger me a lot. Since we know that not only the Baratheons have ties with the Targs, but the Tarth as well. And since they survived the family tree didnt actually get trimmed to a lonely branch, except that most people who bear Targaryen name seems to perish. Is it more likely that either Daella/Rhae and Rhaelle died earlier (especially due to GRRM fave birth fever death theme), hence the reason they didnt attend egg’s ritual? sorry if i ask too much.

I think it is possible that Rhae and Daella could have died before the Tragedy at Summerhall, yes. Rhaelle too, which could explain why Steffon was an only child. But it’s also possible they might have attended… and we really can’t know which is true, because it wasn’t revealed in TWOIAF for a reason, because it’s a plot point to be explained in the books and/or D&E.

As for why Daella and Rhae’s descendants don’t get counted in Yandel’s list of Targaryen branches post-Summerhall, it may be that they were overlooked because they’re not Targaryens, they’re Tarths or whatever. (And also, spoilers to be revealed later, per their absence on TWOIAF’s Targaryen family tree.) Why the Baratheons count as a branch despite the name, well, it might be that:

  • Steffon was only one generation separated from the Targaryen name (as well as his closeness to that side of the family, serving as a page in the Red Keep), whereas any Tarths or whomever were two generations distant by that time, if not more.
  • It’s in line with the maesters’ justification for Robert’s taking the throne post-Rebellion, that he was a descendant of Aegon V. Mentioning other living Targaryen descendants would distract from that point.

Or, there’s a more complicated, spoilerific reason. *shrug* Hopefully there will be answers in upcoming stories, and yeah, being patient is hard, but it’s all we can do really.

And no worries, I like questions! Sorry I don’t have any more answers than this, though.

I’m researching fascist masculinity and its portrayal in popular media in order to write an essay exploring House Lannister and fascism, and I’M SO EXCITED :)))))))

  • Overview: ASOIAF as a rejection and subversion of Lannister Fascism
  • Tywin, Jaime, Tyrion, and the Soldier Male
  • Genna Lannister and the Women of the Third Reich
  • Tywin’s Canonical Blood Purity Obsession and Why That Secret Targ Theory Sucks Plays the Fascist Masculinity Trope Straight Instead of Subverting It
  • The Fascistic Aesthetic of Tywin’s Funeral (I was screaming when I was researching some of this stuff.) 
  • Where Do We Go From Here? Jaime, Tyrion, and Operation Valkyrie
  • Beyond GRRM’s Text: Joanna Lannister and Magda Goebbles

Everyone knows she died during the Sack, that the only Targaryen left is the stormborn queen. But there are whispers in the east… they call her Young Griff and whisper about her eerily dark eyes and skin, about the long hair she keeps tucked under a cap - the features are familiar. Those who have been to Westeros swear they have seen the same anger on the face of the princes of Dorne. But Jon Connington sees the girl’s father in her: in the smooth strokes of her sword, in her ear for music, in her preference for olden stories. The same stories that say the prince that was promised may very well be a princess. Shaped for rule before she could walk aboard the Shy Maid, she heads east to claim her birthright. And yet, who still remembers the name, Rhaenys?

Featuring: Kratika Sengar

I have a new ending.

what if jon dies(or daenerys) and get resurrected by bran, beyond the wall, with dragonglass, but they never can come back to ‘south’? so, the other targ, the alive one, decide to stay there, leaving everything behind to be with the resurrected one. So bran (as three eyed-raven) jon and dany stay beyond the wall, with all the magic, to never come back

First Son

Anonymous asked: Hey can I have a Jon Snow imagine where to reader is dornish and she marries Jon Targ who needs to provide a heir for Dany. The reader starts to get upset she has to give her first son away to the throne and gets upset with Dany, idk the rest I’ve seen fanfic like this seems like a cool idea but Thank you!! I love the imagines! (-:

Here you are, anon! I do not own Jon or Daenerys. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: Um…threatening to take another’s baby?? implied sexy times

Pairings: Jon Snow x wife!reader, mentions of Daenerys

Originally posted by cerseilannister

You crossed your arms over your chest in anger as you glared at your new husband. Jon’s dark eyes were full of defeat. “Why doesn’t she have her own children?!” you practically shouted at him. You and the newly discovered Targaryen had an arranged marriage, but you’d come to love the man. Right now, however, you wanted nothing more than to throttle him. “Why should I give up my child for her? She is perfectly capable of taking a king and bearing children of her own!”

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