For the most part, I try not to look at stuff through shipper goggles but GOD DAMN that new season 7 trailer is giving me major Jon/Sansa vibes. Anyone else??

Sansa’s “the lone wolf dies but the pack survives” playing over clips of Jon — I CAN’T. Also JON IN HIS NEW DOUBLE WOLF BREASTPLATE 

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"Bear" with it

DM-ing for two of my friends a small one shoot last night, their characters are trapped in a room with many pillars and a big mutant bear.
The bear managed to close up to one of the character and:…
DM(me): So I roll for his attack …

Player 1 : Prepare to get paw-ned man !

Player 2  frightened as hell : I’m shivering ! That’s my last HP if it touch me it’s the end of the story

DM managed to roll critical failure

DM: So the bear jump towards you and hit the pillar instead with his left paw.

—Futher turns ahead—

DM try another attack on P2 and did another crit fail .

Player 2 : This is unfaire why are you always targ-

Result of the dice appears in the chat log, everyone burst in laugher

DM: As the bear destroy another pillar, the master of the room call it back, and they fleed.

—Later in the campaign—

The group is up against the same master and bear and defeat them.
The bear is eventualy killed.
Player 2: I take the left paw of the bear .
DM : Ok why not ? 

–In the town–

Player 2 : I craft a bone sword with the bone in the bow and I ask the rune maker to grave on it


The sword broke on the first hit but dealt massive damage against the end boss stone golem.

I’ve seen a lot of wonderful projects started in our fandom these days, so I decided to join in with Targaryen appreciation week, that will last from tomorrow, 9th May, to the next Thursday, 16th May. I intend to do this for each of the great houses, and invite all of you to tag your Targ edits with #gotsource so that I can see and reblog them! :) 

day i - one queen 

day ii - house pride / fire & blood 

day iii - one king 

day iv - one event / period

day v - house fashion 

day vi - one relationship 

day vii - dragon & dragonrider 

 I will follow this schedule but also reblog other posts related to Targaryens made during this week. Dracarys :)

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Since there is so much evidence about what a scumbag Renly was why on earth would the show writers make him the best of the three Baratheon brothers? It makes no sense to me.

Because GRRM, in his tricksy wisdom, also made Renly intelligent, funny, and genuinely charming and then made his main opponents people who aren’t. 

When we first encounter Renly in Sansa I and Eddard III, not only is he a young Robert without the alcoholism and Targ-murder-boner, but he’s also making fun of the Lannisters who we’re being primed to hate even more because they’re trying to execute dogs. (Although if you think about it, isn’t it interesting that Renly comes off so well despite not lifting a finger to actually help?)

Then when we encounter him again in ACOK, he’s being contrasted against Stannis, who we’re also primed to dislike (so that the face turn works in ASOS). Remember, Stannis is introduced allowing walking empathy magnet Maester Cressen to be humiliated, and the next image we have of him before he meets with Renly is him joining a scary cult (another example of how priming wrong-foots people: Melisandre). And again, look at their meeting:

Again, on the surface, Renly’s the one with the better japes, the peach, and he’s the one who’s going to get horribly murdered so there’s the sympathy factor as well. 

The case for Renly falls apart when you step back, ignore all of the surface qualities, and ask yourself what has he actually done and what has he actually said. And that’s when you start to see all of the subtle thematic and character work GRRM has been doing in the background

My guess? Benioff and Weiss aren’t very good at literary analysis and simply missed that second layer. 

dispense with the notion that elia was some quiet, passive doormat


“Elia even made the noise that young girls make at the sight of infants, I’m sure you’ve heard it. The same noise they make over cute kittens and playful puppies. I believe she wanted to nurse you herself, ugly as you were.”

She doesn’t give a shit that Tyrion’s a dwarf, she’s wants to coddle him and treasure him, never mind who saw or cared; indeed, it’s quite possible one of the reasons Cersei chose to harm Tyrion in that scene was precisely because of Elia’s joyful reaction and Oberyn’s lack of one.

For that matter, outside of Jaime I believe Elia’s the one person in this series that we know of who not only held no negative feelings about Tyrion from Day 1, but adored him so much she’d have taken him back to Sunspear if she could.

“As children Elia and I were inseparable, much like your own brother and sister.”

Oberyn is wild and tempestuous, the Dornish Brandon. So why, when we also know that he and Elia were thick as thieves, do people for some reason think she was nothing like him? Why make her quiet, reserved, and demure instead of someone who’s outgoing and mischievous, traits that enrich her character instead of fall right into line of what Westeros thinks of her? When we get expansions on characters in this series we learn that they have much more to them than initially met the eye, yet most people portray Elia as exactly what the realm thinks she is.

Oberyn’s anecdotes are meant to dispel that presumption, not reinforce it.

Beyond that, I’ve also seen people compare her to Doran as though he’s docile himself. He’s not. He’s plotted to destroy the Lannisters in the bloodiest way possible for almost 20 years. He may be more patient than Oberyn, but he’s just as vengeful.

“Elia found it all exciting. She was of that age, and her delicate health had never permitted her much travel. I preferred to amuse myself by mocking my sister’s suitors. There was Little Lord Lazyeye, Squire Squishlips, one I named the Whale That Walks, that sort of thing. The only one who was even halfway presentable was young Baelor Hightower. A pretty lad, and my sister was half in love with him until he had the misfortune to fart once in our presence. I promptly named him Baelor Breakwind, and after that Elia couldn’t look at him without laughing.”

She’s eager for adventure, quick to laugh, lighthearted, and greatly disliked being cooped up. Baelor Hightower is the heir to the Reach’s second-most powerful house–and she repeatedly laughs at his expense right in front of him.

Incidentally, Barristan is the only person who says she was “gentle,” which I’m sure she was in public, yet even he also says she was clever and witty. That says quite a bit about her, given that outspokenness in women is looked down upon in that patriarchal society.

So please quit painting her as this delicate, sedate flower. Every indication we have says she was the polar opposite.

(As an aside, because I also often see people suggesting Elia was in love with Rhaegar to one extent or another, their personalities really wouldn’t have been that compatible. Her, almost certainly extroverted and vivacious, versus him, who was bookish, reserved, and, according to Barristan, didn’t have it in him to be happy. It’s exceedingly plausible that, especially given Aerys’s bullshit, Elia may not have even liked Rhaegar that much, let alone loved him. Barristan, who romanticizes the crap out of Targs, can only muster up the word “fond” when describing how Rhaegar felt about her, and doesn’t remark at all about what Elia felt, which in and of itself insinuates that she had no particular affection for him. I would imagine they respected one another to a degree, but love? Hardly.)

(Also ALSO, let the theory that she was fine and dandy with what Rhaegar did die a fiery death. She would have hated him for that, not put up with it and she most certainly would not have supported it.)


German Tournament Targe

Shields of this shape were inspired by Hungarian light-cavalry shields and were adopted in Germany and Austria for the Hussarisch Turnier (tournament in Hungarian-style costume). The German motto around the owl reads in translation, “Although I am the hated bird, I rather enjoy that.” Below this are the quartered arms of the Tänzl and Rindscheit families, which were united by marriage in 1499.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art