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Jon is roughly 1/5th Dorinsh! Wow, I never actually thought about it before???

Yes lol people seem to forget how it was only a few generations back that a Targaryen king was more Dornish than Valyrian and it’s his kids that continued the Targ line. It’s an almost negligible percentage in the current gen but it’s there!

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GRRM has actually said more than once that DNA in got doesn’t work the same way as it does in the real world. Valyrians are like his elves, purely magical so if DNA and incest worked the same way as the real world The Targaryen’s would of died a long time ago due to infertility and if they did manage to reproduce the children would be deformed not the most beautiful people in the world.

Exactly, and it’s funny how many people blatantly misunderstand this and brandish Aerys II as evidence that Targ incest produces negative results in offspring. No. If that were the case there would likely be many more examples of mad Targaryens throughout their history. But there aren’t :)

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Will the smallfolk (or any other folk) of Westeros initially view Dany as anything other than a force of terror when she arrives with three dragons and a horde of foreign invaders? Obviously she'll have a role to play against the white walkers and whatever abominations emerge from the deep as a result of Euron's shenanigans, but at the outset, who welcomes Danyereas? If you were on her small council, how do you advise her to go about claiming the thrown? Do you even advise her to do so?

I think the “mummer’s dragon” prophecy suggests that Aegon, not Dany, will be welcomed as a savior by Westeros at large. If she kills him, as seems very likely, she may indeed be viewed negatively, especially if she fully unleashes the Dothraki on civilian populations. After she saves the world…? Who knows. I imagine her reputation will be mixed.

I’d advise her to recruit Targ loyalists, lords sick of the Lannisters, and groups like the Sparrows and the Brotherhood, and lead with those rather than the Dothraki and Unsullied. Of course, Aegon’s probably going to get to that coalition first, and Dany’s going to need her best warriors to contend with the Golden Company.

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i love conquest targs and stuff but. sending portrait is the only way to show your appearance without physical presence. also there is nothing so funny about it tbh, i don't think dragon queens laughed. it was conquest after all, serious stuff. i will fight literally everyone for sharra, so previous anon, go off anon and fight me, im small but mighty, say goodbye to your kneecaps (ง •̀_•́)ง

ya for real.

also that’s literally what renly does for margaery in agot when he shows her portrait to ned to see if maybe she looks like lyanna so that robert might get interested.  how else are people supposed to know what prospective partners look like?  snapchat?


Aegon flew above the ranks of his foes upon Balerion, through a storm of spears and stones and arrows, swooping down repeatedly to bathe his foes in flame. Rhaenys and Visenya set fires upwind of the enemy and behind them. The dry grasses and stands of wheat went up at once. The wind fanned the flames and blew the smoke into the faces of the advancing ranks of the two kings. The scent of fire sent their mounts into panic, and as the smoke thickened, horse and rider alike were  blinded. Their ranks began to break as walls of fire rose  on every side of them. Lord Mooton’s men, safely upwind of the conflagration, waited with their bows and spears and made short work of the burned and burning men who came staggering from the inferno.

The Field of Fire, the battle was named afterward.

Jon Snow, basically:

I can kill you and I will if you touch Sansa”  to LF.

I refuse to talk (or to hear) about your marriage with Sansa” to Tyrion

I could kill you right now but I’ won’t, only because of Sansa”  to Theon

B*tch, that isn’t a protective brother, that’s an alpha Stark showing his dominance over every other male who could possibly want his lady.

If Grrm had wanted all of this to end with a targ-restoration he wouldn’t have…

  • ended their reign with the most justified war in westerosi history
  • rested their power on having the fantasy equivalent of nuclear weapons
  • made half of them literally mad because of inbreeding

That was all, have a nice day.