targaryens and dragons


Jonerys Modern AU: The Dragon Club…

Jon Snow is an online blogger who gets an interview with the sort after Daenerys Targaryen, the Editor of Valyrian, a multi-million dollar fashion magazine. He’d heard so much about the silver-haired and silver-tongued woman and the running of her business; he would have to be smart to get anything more than five minutes. Will he be safe walking into the Dragon’s lair or will he get thrown to the Lions?

  • Brienne: you're alive.
  • The Hound: yes. Fuck you.
  • Brienne: I had to protect the child.
  • The Hound: Me too.
  • Brienne: She's fine. She's murderous.
  • The Hound: ...Yeah. She is. :)
  • Brienne: :)