The Signs as Badass Girls
  • Aries: Sailor Mars, Xena, Arya Stark, Olivier Mira Armstrong, Tarene
  • Taurus: Katniss Everdeen, Mikasa Ackerman, Ellen Ripley, Michonne, Peggy Carter, Kate Beckett
  • Gemini: Buffy Summers, Sarah Connor, Jessica Jones, Sailor Mercury, Barbara Gordon
  • Cancer: Jean Grey, Sailor Moon, Carol Peletier, Astrid Hofferson, Brooke Davis
  • Leo: Daenerys Targaryen, Leeloo, Tris Prior, Wonder Woman, Princess Leia, Clarke Griffin
  • Virgo: Lisbeth Salander, Hermione Granger, Sun Bak, Toph Beigfong, Dana Scully
  • Libra: Sailor Venus, Éowyn, Black Widow, Nyota Uhura, Cristina Yang, Ally McBeal
  • Scorpio: Imperator Furiosa, Batwoman, Alex Vause, Beatrix Kiddo, Olivia Pope
  • Sagittarius: Princess Mononoke, Merida, Ororo Munroe, Sailor Jupiter, Korra
  • Capricorn: Brienne of Tarth, Samus Aran, Mulan, Hit-Girl, Stella Gibson, "Bones", Sailor Saturn
  • Aquarius: Lara Croft, Batgirl, Jill Valentine, Ramona Flowers, Leslie Shay, Liz Lemon
  • Pisces: Tifa Lockhart, Scavenger Rey, Faith Connors, Mindy Lahiri, Lorelai Gilmore, Bonnie Bennett
Maps and Magic [Tili and Tarene]

The road to Winterhold was long, cold, and rather desolate.

Most of the landscape beyond Windhelm was simply snow, ice, and rock, with nothing but the wind and the occasional distant howl of a wolf to break the silence. The road itself was easy enough to follow (when it wasn’t covered over with windblown snow) as it twisted and wound ever northward, but the view left a lot to be desired. This cold climate, however, was perfect for Tebi. She was born and raised to slog through the snow, after all.

Not quite trotting, but not quite walking, the warhorse had kept up a steady pace since they’d left the stables of Windhelm early that morning.They had been traveling for the better part of the day, and the sun was beginning to sink towards the horizon in the sky above. By the time they reached their destination, it would truly be setting, and that was why they could not falter. The ice fields of Winterhold became very, very dangerous places at night…

Tarene tugged Tebi to a stop as the trio crested one snowy hill. In the distance towered a large stone structure, castle-like in appearance, and set apart from the surrounding town by a winding stone bridge and a visible drop. The town that lay before it was…well, a bit disappointing, really. A trail of rotting rafters, scattered stones and broken foundations trailed out to and over the side of the sharp cliffs that dropped into the ocean below; evidence of a larger settlement that had been cut down by some great destruction. Hmph.

Winterhold hardly looked like any ‘great city'….

“Ah, home, sweet home…” The sellsword huffed a breath quietly at the sight. He wasn’t looking forward to facing some of the people there in town, but he’d already agreed to help Tili, and he couldn’t avoid these issues forever, besides. “Tili, this is Winterhold.” He turned to look up at her, where she sat in Tebi’s saddle.

“It may not be much to look at, now, but don’t let that fool you. This place was built way back in the First Era, and for centuries, it was a center for magic and politics. Nowadays, not so much politics, but certainly still magic.”


Amsterdam 2014, Learn & Love Your Hair (LLYH) Event by Taren Guy - Meechy Monroe, Taren Guy & Vaughn Monroe.

I didn’t get to talk to Taren that much, but I have to say that the Monroe sisters were really inspiring, down to earth and genuinely interested.