⚜W I N N E R S⚜

┃Best URL:

  • gallifreystars

┃Best Theme:

  • timelordys

┃Best Multifandom:

  • fallenfez

┃Best Doctor Who:

  • tardissauce

┃Best Sherlock:

  • moriartyllves

┃Nicest Blogger:

  • petercapaldj

┃Best Overall:

  • shergasm

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Also, because so many amazing blogs entered, here are some honorable mentions:

  • clarafaded
  • branfell
  • shvrlxck
  • sadpeterparker

Thank you all for entering! ✗

anonymous asked:

gillanfrey, rosesoswald, tardissauce

ugh 3 of my favorite people (and 3 urls what) again (i have a lot favorite tbf there are a lot of really amazing people on this website)

  • gillanfrey- srsly soha is just so nice and amazing and she always brightens my day with her blog she’s great
  • rosesoswald- chris has such a perfect blog and he is really really cool and super funny
  • tardissauce- MONNY IS SRSLY THE BEST she’s so awesome and great and i love her blog it’s koala to a tea (geddit)
let's play a game

tardissauce replied to your posti love when people i love love each other u kno

there is no love there wut u talkin bout


hisimpala replied to your posti love when people i love love each other u kno

wait you love Monny I don’t love Monny ew gross (jk she’s my sweet pea)


rosesoswald replied to your posti love when people i love love each other u kno

well its a good thing i dont love anybody, because iM BATMAN


Okay, I’ve been meaning to upload this for the past few days, but I only come on at like 3am and no one’s here. Cool. Cool cool cool. OK SO GUYS THESE ARE MY TWO BOTMS. And they are perfect. Let’s see why.

Pondalecki/Nicole:  Nicole is amazing. On top of having a gorgeous blog with gorgeous posts, she’s a really nice person. She’s funny and sweet and caring and I can’t get enough of how perfect she is, alright. She also won the poll because she is persistent and awesome ok. If you don’t follow her, you’re missing out on an amazing blog/friendship! 

Tardissauce/Monny: Don’t even get me started on her. She’s a perfect little shit and her blog is fantastic. If you want beautiful Sherlock/Doctor who posts, please go follow her! I love seeing her on my dash and she makes my day brighter, what a little ray of sunshine. And can we just take a moment to talk about her sidebar, ooof, I’m crying. 


Monny and I have happily chosen the people to join the BlueBox Network and we are very very happy with our selections! This is just to say that we are closing the application for the network and that the people that have been chosen will be notified soon!