itsmerosie asked: what happens in 4 days?? anon Asked: Why do you get to meet him in 4 days? Where? anon asked:“In 4 days i will ask him to marry me. <3” is there going to be something in 4 days time? a premiere? tardisintheskywithdaleks : First off, I’d like to say how much I love this blog. It’s amazing. Second, You met him 4 times!? Words cannot describe how jealous I am of you!  ________________________________________________________@itsmerosie: Well, i’m traveling NY to Los Angeles and I don’t really know his schedule. I travel because is going to be my birthday and I told myself to wait until my b-day to marry him! But I know he won’t I (will) just have 15 years old :’( Once at Los angeles i’ll ask a paparazi name Mélissa Paradis his schedule, BUT IT WON’T WOOOOOORK. And if i can’t meet him. I gotta wait until the premiere of AVENGERRSSS @anon : Why? I will ask to marry me! In U.S.A @anon : Not a premiere. tardisintheskywithdaleks : Yeah, I meet him 4 times, HOW AMAZING! the first time i was just 7 or 8 years old -____- he played in fantastic four and the last time that i meet him was at NY in the comic con, He know me as a annoying fangirl. I am and still annoying to him. You don’t have to be jealous! and thank you.   I know that all strange and weird to you but, i don’t think that he want :’(IT WON’T WORK!