Seriously tfp is so bad I'm actually HOPING we get a Doctor Who crossover at this point. Just land the fucking Tardis in the living room of 221b and erase all this bullshit, go back to Reichenbach and ACTUALLY fix it

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Call it a sheer coincidence that I’m extremely worried about upsetting someone on here, explained it all in a long and boring post, and then I see this memorable moment pop up at one of my Instagram haunts:

The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) are hugging each other in their most favorite place on Earth: the TARDIS console room.

True friendships are very hard to come by. They can either last a lifetime, or they can blow away like smoke.


The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 4]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

David Tennant is getting his first peek inside the TARDIS wardrobe. It’s actually the TARDIS control room - here, as always, in a warehouse in Newport - redressed with racks of clothes, a whole load of accessories and some tailor’s mannequins. Oh, and a Doctor Who scarf that Phil Collinson’s gran knitted when he was six! It all looks fab.

“Lots of frocks, aren’t there?” says David, gazing around in delight.

Maybe the Doctor was once a transvestite?

“Yes, somewhere in between his Sixth and Seventh incarnations,” he deadpans, pointing at a mannequin in a bright pink shell suit. “Ooh, I like that. That’s what the Eleventh Doctor will wear!”

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Tomorrow, David will record his ‘rifling through clothes and choosing his new costume’ scene, which is, for those in the know, a bit of a regeneration story tradition.

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‘  Doctor: Hey Y/N!

He stopped to see you swinging in a hammock in one of the many rooms of TARDIS, a book in your hand, from the cover it seems to be about space. He watched you flip a page and sigh contently to yourself. You didn’t seemed to notice him at all. A soft smile ghosted his lips as he murmured.

Doctor: I love you.

He turned around to leave, his head hanging low when he heard you.

Y/N: I love you too.

He spun around to see you running up to him. He seemed surprised but once you were in his arms, something clicked inside his mind as he kissed you while saying how much he loved you.   ‘

autistic doctor headcanon: tenth doctor

I wrote a lot of autistic!doctor posts before (this post has links) and even posted a fanfic about it (x). As I said before, the Doctor’s experience changes with every regeneration. Here is my headcanon for his tenth incarnation.

Sensory processing disorder:

The most overstimulated sense for him is vision. Although it is mostly an asset (he can tell apart a lot of colors and notice the smallest details), sometimes it can cause some problems. Certain wavelengths of light hurt his eyes and turn the picture fuzzy and blurry. He has his ‘brainy specs’ that can filter out the light and make the picture more stable and focused.

In his own TARDIS room he always keeps the lights dim, he prefers warm colors like orange and red to blue and violet. He likes to watch certain things like glittering night sky or lights of the TARDIS console. He also stims by flickering his fingers in front of his eyes (when no-one can see him).

Sound is in the middle for him. The sense of touch is the most understimulated. He can’t distinguish temperatures and textures of things in his hands unless he focuses on them. He likes touching everything around him for the stimulation, including holding hands with people and hugging them (which also adds pressure that he likes). He stims by ruffling his hair and touching the fabric of his clothes.

His proprioceptive sense is understimulated which affects mostly gross motor functions. When he isn’t paying attention to his surrounding visually, he trips, falls, runs into things and misses steps. He loves vestibular and proprioceptive input, so he lets the TARDIS shake when he drives it. He moves all the time: jumping up and down as a happy stim, pacing, running around and spinning.

The taste and smell are a bit out of sync. He doesn’t have many problems with food texture, but he pays a lot of attention to scents. Some tastes make him spit food out immediately (like pears for example). He also doesn’t like his food mixed, and sorts it out on the plate when possible.

 Social interaction issues:

He hides his problems with social protocol with telepathy – when he can’t understand facial expressions and body language, he relies on telepathic abilities to make sense of the situation. He is not very good at conversations and turns most dialogues into monologues. He talks rapidly, without pauses and hates being interrupter. He likes using smart words and complicated science terms and is surprised when people don’t understand him. He loves echolalia and repeats a lot of words and phrases that sound nice (’allonsy’, ‘molto bene’, ‘well’, ‘brilliant’, etc) .

He knows that people see him as quirky and weird, but doesn’t mind. He relies on other people to tell him when he is rude or inappropriate, an he hates offending other people by accident. Sometimes he apologizes too much without a reason.

Everything connected to romantic relationships confuses him. He can’t properly tell his emotions apart which can be a problem. It’s also difficult for him to tell apart signs of affection and ‘just being friendly’. I headcanon him as biromantic demisexual.

 Special interests:

He had his main special interests since he was a kid: the universe, space and alien species. He is still just as excited about it and infodumps about space all the time, even when he is repeating himself. His second special interest is physics. Some of his past special interests are the Beatles, Charles Dickens books, the mandarin language and Beethoven.


He is more flexible with routines than his previous incarnations, but he still finds comfort in predictability and plans. He has small habits like always touching the door handles three times, making a certain number of circles around the TARDIS when he pilots it, waking up and starting the day with certain steps and doing the same things when he comes back to the TARDIS after an adventure.

 Meltdowns and shutdowns:

He experiences both depending on causes. Sensory overloads usually cause a shutdown: he stops talking, becomes very still and quiet. When left alone in a safe place, he quickly recovers from it. He gets meltdowns when something goes not as he planned it, or something upsets him a lot. With meltdowns he shouts and moves and expresses his anger in very obvious ways. Sometimes he pulls his hair out or clutches his fists too much which damages the skin.

Passing as NT:

In this incarnation he is more or less capable of controlling and suppressing his traits and behaviors, so sometimes he has to do it. He can prevent a shutdown from sensory overload, or at least postpone it till he’s alone. He can stop himself from infodumping or stimming or repeating echolalia, but he usually doesn’t do it cause it takes too much energy. He is pretty happy with being who he is, even if that means being seen as weird or ‘mad’.

The Librarians is basically American Doctor Who okay and you should watch it.

So. Much. Silliness.
Geniuses rambling on about nonsense for days.
Precious moments where the emotional weight suddenly hits you.
Very subtle character development.
Then you are right back to smiling again.
MagiScience instead of PseudoScience.
Mythical creatures instead of Aliens
Cravats and bowties abound. Literally, they are EVERYWHERE.
Lonely man burdened with saving the world every week learns to make friends.
An emphasis on the nature of storytelling
Promotes a love of history and science
Running. Always with the running.
Relative dimensions in space.
Library instead of TARDIS
Once the magical, room-shifting Library was actually transferred into a person.
The Librarian(s) instead of The Doctor
Both titles have the same effect on strangers
New plot every week, but the recurring bad guy will be back for the finale.

It’s actually amazing Moffat and BBC haven’t tried to sue or something.

As a follow on to my previous post , here is another clip I created for my Doctor Who trailer, this time from the Eighth Doctor Adventures part of the fandom. 

While this clearly isn’t the TARDIS’s Butterfly Room, I think we can imagine this as a situation where they somehow managed to get out.  I imagine that either the Doctor or Fitz forgot to close the door. Knowing the Doctor’s weakness for amnesia, it was probably him.

Doctor Who AU - Casanova

     The silence in The TARDIS that followed could have been described as deafening.
     “I could try-”, Giacomo began.
     “Leave”, Donna interrupted him.
     “Sorry?”, Giacomo sputtered.
     “I- I need a moment.. please”, Donna clarified, her eyes still closed.
     Giacomo opened his mouth to comfort her, then closed it, nodding. He stood and left, briefly hesitating as he passed her, but continuing on in the end.
     Donna opened her eyes when she heard The TARDIS door close behind Giacomo. To her own surprise, she didn’t burst into tears. She guessed that she’d already got her mourning over-with during her previous illness and following depressive episode. Instead, she strode purposefully through The TARDIS, passing by room after room until she reached the one she was looking for. Donna had marked  a chalk arrow on The Doctor’s room door on one of her trips into The TARDIS, should she ever need to find it again. She threw open the door and headed directly to the room that had once belonged to her. She only paused in the threshold for one last long look, before taking the bundle of her belongings and placing it gently, carefully, on her bureau.
After she’d shut the door, she sped back through The TARDIS- not wanting to give herself the chance to change her mind.
     Giacomo was sat nervously on the edge of his four poster, waiting for her return. He looked up when The TARDIS swung open.
     Donna froze half way between where he sat and The TARDIS. She was suddenly very aware of her reality and what it would mean. Thinking about it was one thing, but actually being in the moment had arrested her.
Giacomo rose slowly and crept cautiously towards her, very concerned with her state of mind.
     “M'lady? Are you alright?”
     “I-”, Donna stuttered, but anything she thought to say sounded hollow in her mind.
     Giacomo peered into her face, searching for signs that she would be okay.
     Donna stared back at him. He was so close to her that she could see every fleck and marking in his blue eyes. It reminded her of the moment when they’d first met. How long ago that seemed now. So much had happened. She almost felt like a different person. And there he was- still the same. Still trying to help her, and still, she was sure, very much in love with her.
     She only realized she had kissed him when he pulled away.
     “M'lady- What are you- ?”
     “I’m tired, Giac”, she explained, half to him, half to herself (if truth be told.)
     “I’m tired of scheming, and plotting, and researching. I’m tired of building up my hopes, only to have them dashed again and again. I’m tired of TARDIS’, and Doctors, and non-existent rescues. I. am. tired.
     “Yes, but-”, he tried.
     “And above all”, she interrupted him, pressing her palm flat to his chest and pushing him backward so that his calves bumped into his four poster and he nearly toppled over. “I’m so bloody tired of being nice and polite, and selfless. It’s flippin’ exhausting, and I’m done.”
     she saw a darkness flit through his eyes and the effect made her shiver.
     “Are you sure you know what you are asking, My Lady Saint?”, he asked lowly, his gaze now roving all down her body.
     This time when Donna pushed him, he did topple backward. She climbed on top of him as gracefully as her many layered skirts and corset would allow.
     “I wonder.. will that title stick after this?”
     Giacomo gulped.
     “I think.. not”, Donna purred, raking her nails down his waist coat.
     Giacomo swore to high heaven in his mind.

     Unbeknownst to the pair of them, the screen of Donna’s long-dead cellphone blinked to life on board The TARDIS, where Donna had abandoned it moments before. The words that slowly flashed on said screen read- ‘charging 1%’.

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1. I have a TARDIS in my living room (and one tattooed on my thigh)
2. I’m a legal assistant, and I also do community volunteer events cosplaying as Lady Loki
3.  I’ve actually met Robin Lord Taylor. He’s super sweet and wonderful to talk to.


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): Oh god, um… I used to rp on forums back when I was like 14-16? Then I got busy. I’ve only been rping on Tumblr since… October? 

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Imagine Amy comforting you during a panic attack

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You’d been on edge all day. It was like stretching a rubber band further and further, the tension buiding until it came down with a very painful snap. You were leaning against the railing in the TARDIS control room, trying desperately to keep calm. The doctor was beneath the console messing with the cables while Amy was looking at the various screens scattered around, sometimes passing the doctor a tool or two.

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masterfulxrhythm  asked:

"You remember when I hid your fledershrew IN HEAT beneath my bunk, so you wouldn't be blamed for possessing a wild animal? Same species that lived in my TARDIS console room later on. That, old boy, was love."

        “I DO actually, yeah. I also remember that she used to SLEEP with you anyways. Pretty sure she thought that you were her mother what with the ways she followed you around all the time.”