((This particular headcanon is adopted from a piece of fanart, but I unfortunately lost the art that had the headcanon on it. I’m adopting it either way but will update this post when I find the post again. Also bear with the picture, it’s impossible to find a bed that covers a whole room’s floor.))

Infinity Bed [TARDIS ROOM #Unknown]

The TARDIS has a room, much like the bouncy castle room, that is just one thing and one thing only. A bed. Not just /a/ bed, a bed that stretches for miles and miles and miles. A room that is literally, perpetually bed. 

Now it’s not just a bed that’s just there, it’s a bit different. The room has a soft glow to it in general, one that is an almost perfect reading light but it doesn’t come from any source of normal lights. Instead it comes from the bed itself.

Thousands of stars move around on the comforter of the overly large mattress. Planets whiz by as if you were looking out a space shuttles window, galaxies and nebulas float past as if you’re not inside the TARDIS at all. A constant moving and ever changing bed spread, but unlike the bouncy castle the TARDIS never takes requests here.

The Doctor doesn’t use this room for much. You wouldn’t either if your species didn’t require that much sleep. But every once and awhile, while he’s all alone in that blue box he’ll grab a musty old book from the library, spread out on that ever changing bed and read till his eyes burn.That or actually end up passing out for a few hours with a book right on top of his face.

Oh, there is one rule though for this room. No shoes. Can you imagine the dry cleaning bill for the bedding if it were to get dirty?

Another "My TARDIS," because why not?

I’d like to imagine that the Doctor has a room completely full of slides of all shapes and sizes and kinds. He’d have twisty slides and covered slides and colorful slides and metal slides, and each would lead to a different room in the TARDIS. The slide room would be a central hub. Because the Doctor really is a kid at heart.

TARDIS Rooms: Sickbay

This Room is canon.

The SickBay has been part of every TARDIS’s inventory since the Type 21. It contains the Advanced Diagnostic Terminal (ADT). This device consists of overhead medical scanners for studying the patient and extensive data files on advanced medical techniques. It is capable of providing excellent medical advice and instruction for almost any type or infirmity for Gallifreyans and Time Lords. The ADT can be programmed for by a qualified medical expert to provide service for other races.

It takes only a few minutes for most Gallifreyan skin wounds to be healed and minor damage can be fixed in seconds. Fingernails can be re-grown easily.  The Sick Bay’s Operating Theater contains a blue Surgical Containment Web with lasers that cut away damaged flesh and remove implants. Organic polymers are then used to replace missing flesh while nanites then enable the reconstruction of body tissue, including missing limbs. If the original limb is available it can be reattached.

If an emergency is expected a TARDIS can be flooded with healing nanites, which will begin providing aid instantly. In such a case the nanites would work with the Temporal Grace Circuits and can even neutralize many types of poison. A TARDIS can also supply Artron Energy to help an ailing Time Lord.

The Sick Bay is equipped with a Quarantine Bay and the Cell Regeneration Vault. The Cell Regeneration Vault is a coffin like cabinet thatabsorbs almost all types of radiation from its patient (including Icaron Radiation). The treatment causes the subject to feel a burning sensation. It can take days to heal a severally irradiated person. The Cell Regeneration Vault is found on Type 66 and later TARDISes. 

Doctor’s Note: Should really learn to use those nanites more often. Look into seeing if the TARDIS can acquire cell regeneration vault if I can find the schematics for it. Remember to stock sick bay with human medicine because companions do not listen. Check to see if Sick bay is functional in general and make sure the nanites work along with temporal grace circuits just in case. 

Yet another "My TARDIS" idea

They just keep coming to me! Ready?
The door of the room is oak-paneled and covered in moss. It swings toward you on well-oiled hinges. On the ceiling, thousands of trees grow downwards, their roots embedded and entwined among one another to form a ridged carpet. The floor below your feet is made of glass and looks down on an endless starry sky.

In other words…imagine yourself standing in a forest at nightfall with a glass roof over your head. Now flip the gravity of the image so that you are standing on the inside of the roof looking at the tops of the trees.

Day 18 - The TARDIS has a near infinite number of rooms including a swimming pool, a library, and a swimming pool inside the library. Which room would you like to spend time in? 

If i could go to any room in the TARDIS it would be an observatory room like it would be a normal room but it would be made out of an air tight see through material so you could see the stars as you fly through the galaxy or if i were to have my own room on the TARDIS i’d want a window on the roof so i would be able to see the starts as i laid in bed at night.

30 Days of Doctor Who



“I wanted to see the other rooms.They’re always running along corridors. I thought, show us the rest of the TARDIS, Doctor!” -Moffat

“Next up, on April 27, will be a never before taken journey through the TARDIS, the Doctor’s iconic ride, which looks like a police call box from the outside but has an infinite number of unexplored alcoves within.” -TV Guide