Planet Comicon: John Barrowman

Mr. Barrowman was quite fetching last weekend wearing an adorable tardis dress and legging ensemble from doctorwhostore.com…

This man is a gift.

An outrageously funny, priceless, almost completely nsfw gift to our fandom, and to all of humanity.

Someone asked him, “What is your creepiest fan encounter?”  Of course, it’s tricky for the celebs to answer that kind of question without alienating fans.  But his response was a treasure, because it sounded very sincere and was in keeping with John’s own uniqueness, I think!  He said:

“You say that like it’s awful.  I don’t think they’re creepy, okay?  I think they’re unique.  Because I love that in our family [here he gestured out at the crowd], in our world, we allow each other to do and say and be things that we will never really do or say or be outside.  And it’s building up the confidence that one day we will be able to, right?  So when someone comes up with a rather unique gift or a unique idea, I love it!”

I believe this may have been (though it could’ve been earlier - can’t remember) when he launched into the story of being given a gift (I think by someone he knew in some way) involving a re-inventing of the publicity photo of Jack riding a bomb (circa The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, which would be appropriate).  Apparently, instead of the bomb, he was riding, as he put it, a ….“marital aid.”


On a related nsfw-ish note (which really a lot of the panel involved, heh): There were sign language interpreters there, and he thought the sign for, ahem… “hung like a donkey” was so amusing he just threw it in randomly throughout.  It did involve a rather distinctive gesture. ;)

At some point, after he’d said something else a bit nsfw, he turned around and said “Good luck explaining that to your five year old on the way home!”  Really, they scheduled his panel at noon.  Did they know him??!?  Heh.

And yep, this was the panel where the stage had a large issue.  I have no clue why it happened.  The press said the stage collapsed, but that’s not true.  as you can see from the photo below.  The stage was fine, but it’s set came down.  It was like watching really large slow-motion dominos.  I was so glad John wasn’t sitting in the chair provided for him, or it would’ve hit him!!!  As it was, no one was seriously hurt, though one person did hurt their hand(s?) (I don’t know how badly, but I don’t think it was serious).

Immediately after the thing fell, he hopped off the stage and told the volunteers to get away from it because it was “above your pay grade.”  He was really awesome about the whole thing.

He continued the rest of his hour, then afterwards they rescheduled Summer Glau’s panel, and Catherine Tate’s was a half hour late.  It was all handled pretty well.

And again, John Barrowman = Gift To Us All.

Hey guys,

Here are the final fills for the OTP questions.

Thank you to everyone who sent through a request, these are always such fun to do and I hope you all enjoy reading them too.

Now it’s back to my WIPs and a new one shot I am working on.

22.  Who is the caring one who would do anything for you in an instant?

There is a loud groan from the couch and Jughead is in the living room in an instant, hovering over Betty as she changes position.

“You okay?” He asks not easily able to hide the concern from his voice.

“Just moving.” Betty replies as she attempts again to change her position the size of her stomach at 9 months pregnant makes every movement, no matter how small difficult.

“Let me help.” He offers his arm to hold onto as she grasps onto it and he hoists her into position as she struggles to move up the couch to lean against the arm rest her pillows shifting around her. “Do you need more pillows?” He examines the current pillow situation as she shakes her head and gives a final shuffle to get herself into the desired position.

“I wish she would just come already. She’s a week late.” Betty exclaimed, more than over being pregnant. “She must take after her dad.” She pointed an accusing finger at Jughead as if his trait for never being on time had somehow been passed down to his unborn daughter through genetics.

“I don’t think it works like that.” He chuckled. Betty gave him a pointed look and he snapped his mouth shut. “Or maybe it does.” He eagerly suggested. Betty let out another frustrated groan. She was trying desperately to keep calm and patient especially with Jughead who had been supportive through the pregnancy. Giving into her crazy food demands at 3.00am in the morning, rubbing her feet when she couldn’t quite reach anymore. Even allowing Mama Cooper to move in for a short time once the baby was born at Betty’s request.

“I’m sorry Jug, hormones.” He nodded in understanding and pressed a kiss against her damp forehead, sweaty from the moving around.

“I’ll go get you some more water, and then I’m going to give you the best foot rub that is going to make you completely forget about little Miss’s tardiness.” He pat her leg as he went to move to the kitchen.

“Juggie,” she said quietly. “I think my water just broke.” Apparently Emily had perfect timing.

27. Who bounces their leg up and down constantly?

She is trying to focus on her computer screen and the article that she is writing but her attention keeps drifting. It was their next issue following their expose on Chuck Clayton and the pressure is on to live up to the name that they have made for the Blue and Gold in the short time since it’s revival.

She has started to notice little things about him that she never has before, or maybe she has and just hasn’t given them the attention in her mind that they now demand. He is bouncing his leg up and down as he types furiously at the keyboard, he does that, she’s noticed when he has an idea in his head that needs to be committed to the page and it’s as if his body can’t contain the idea and it’s excitement. It flows through his body as nervous energy until he’s finished and he will lean back in his chair his hands behind his head, give a deep sigh of satisfaction before calling her over.

There is also the way how when he leans over to type into his laptop that that one stray curl that always seems to escape the confines of his beanie falls over his forehead, bouncing slightly as he bounces his own leg. She realises that she is staring at him now her own work long forgotten as she starts to imagine other things.

She wonders what his hair is like now underneath that beanie, it’s been so long since she has seen him without it. Which leads to thoughts about what it might feel like under her fingertips. To run her fingers what she could only assume was a head of thick wavy locks. Her eyes travelled to his fingers, watching as they travelled almost elegantly across his keyboard and she was soon imagining them interlaced with her own, travelling delicately across her wrist, tracing the scars across her palm that she hid from the world. And then inevitably she was at his lips. Pursed in their concentration. They weren’t necessarily full nor thin, perfect, and at that very thought a heat spread across her cheeks and down her neck. She wanted to know whether they were as soft as they looked.

“Betts.” She blinked herself out of her musings at the sound of him saying her name. His mouth forming the words in a way that made her stomach flip, but in a good way. “I’ve finished, you want to have a look.” She plastered on the smile that had become so good at hiding her true intentions, the smile of a friend. Not something else. Not what she really wanted.

25.  Who proposes?

(This is actually a continuation of sorts for another OTP prompt that I did which can be found here (number 30), not necessary reading but adds a bit more backstory.)

All of a sudden that black velvet box feels so heavy in his pocket. He continues to watch her as she looks out over the city of Paris and he wishes he could freeze time if only for this moment. He knows she hates the word perfect but to him she is and always will be. She’s perfect for him. He walks to join her at the balcony after snapping his last picture of her, the wind whipping through her hair, the sun glistening making it look like spun gold. He wraps his arms around her and pulls her close. She sighs at the contact and relaxes against his chest in his arms, her hands on his arms keeping him close. He leans his head on her shoulder, pressing a kiss against her cheek.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” She muses, and he nods in agreement. He manages to slip one arm away returning to his pocket to pull out the little black box.

“It sure is.” To be honest he couldn’t care less about the view or where they are. All that matters is that they are together. “Betts.” He starts and there is still that hesitation in his voice. No matter how many times he has practiced asking, choosing the right words the right moment he still is nervous. She turns her face to him concerned after all these years she can hear the slight change in his voice betraying his emotion.

“Jug?” She turns her body to face him, her hand reaching up to rest against his check, eyes searching his.

“Betts.” He starts again. Before he bends down to one knee, holding the box open in front of him like he has seen in a million movies when he worked at the drive in. “Will you marry me?” She is trying to find words but can’t, instead she nods her head enthusiastically, blinking back happy tears as he rises to encircle her in his arms. She pulls him into a kiss, pouring everything she has into it as he pulls her against him. The happy couple oblivious to the clapping of the crowd that has gathered around them.

Seeing Sense

Fandom: Doctor Who

Word count: 1433

Characters: Ten x reader, Donna

Warnings: being locked in a confined space, pushy friends

Summary: Donna comes up with a great idea to make you and the Doctor admit your feelings. 

You sat in the doorway of the TARDIS, swinging your legs and watching as the planet span below you.

When you were travelling with the Doctor and Donna, moments of peace like this were rare. Right now, the only reason you were here was because you had just escaped from some alien war-lords intent on killing the Doctor for saving their enemies. Another typical day, really.

But now you were just circling in orbit whilst the Doctor tried to find a way to get rid of what he called a “time-travel parking clamp” on the TARDIS. And until he did that, you were perfectly content just hanging here.

There were footsteps behind you, and then Donna plopped down next to you. She’d had to change her clothes- the old ones had been soaked when she plunged into a lake. It hadn’t put her in a very good mood.

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You always wanted to sit in front of the open Tardis doors, with your legs dangling out into outer space. You can see different stars and planets around you. Colorful planets and shining stars. You haven’t seen anything that beautiful in your life before. Not with your own eyes. It was wonderful. Then eleventh Doctor joins you. He sits next to you and starts to tell you about those stars and planets around you two.

“Can you see that planet over there?” -11th *pointing out*

“Yes! If you mean that red one.”

“When I was a little boy, my mother used to take me there often. There was so beautiful! That planet is called Decembus.”  -11th

“Weird name, but beautiful.”

“Every planet owns weird beautiful name. Saturnus, Mars and…you know.” -11th

“Yeah..you are right, Doctor.”

“Even in Gallifrey isn’t that beautiful. I would like to take you to Decembus with me.” -11th


“Well, why not!“ -11th *Smiling excited*

In the end of his storytelling your eyes meet each other and finally eleventh Doctor decides to kiss you. You can’t nothing else but kiss him back. Whole moment was so perfect.

“Come on sweetheart, let’s travel to Decembus!” -11th

For my dear friend, sheofferedherselftothebigbadwolf

Even the Sky

Pairing: Nine/Rose

Rating: All

Note: Inspired by 9/9 Nine day

He’ll forget her one day. 

Memories are stored as traces, connected patterns of neural firing, and stored away again as new memories after being retrieved. Each time they’re filed away again pieces of her will be lost, imbued with new emotional hues and the tiny details eroding away like the cliffs along the shoreline. Until one day, when he gazes off into the distance and fumbles for the scent of her hair under his nose, but he’s left with only a hopeless longing and the sensation of empty space.

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