tardis pool

Swimming Pool in the TARDIS?
  • Arthur Darvill:I'd like a big swimming pool...
  • Alex Kingston:We've got a swimming pool! I've dived into it.
  • Arthur Darvill:We've never been in the swimming pool!
  • Alex Kingston:Yea, I've dived into it. That's how I was saved. We have a swimming pool.
  • Arthur Darvill:Uh...
  • Alex Kingston:*in a sassy, River tone* Even though you never saw it or swam in it, it's REALLY nice. Best swimming pool, EVER.
  • Arthur Darvill:I only got to see lots of corridors...
  • - Alex Kingston and Arthur Darvil, DragonCon Pond Family Reunion - Sept 4, 2016

I wish I’d gotten pictures… Yesterday, we went to one of the public pools on post, and it was just how I pictured the TARDIS pool would be like. It had a sloped entrance, so you could just walk in, and it was THE perfect temperature. It had streams of water flowing into the air and a big rock face with waterfalls that you could climb up and jump into the deep end. And lights that changed colors. And a basketball hoop. It was gorgeous!