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This is a little… darker than my usual. There’s kinda graphic descriptions of bloody things, so this ain’t for the squeamish.

You had become accustomed to escaping doom by a hairsbreadth. That was alright by you. It didn’t happen often enough to cause you anxiety, and you and the Doctor were both usually fine despite the heart-pounding scare it gave you.

Not this time, though.

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Hypothetically - 11th Doctor x Reader


This was requested by @narwhalbeautious who wanted a 11th Doctor x Reader with the prompts: 62. “hypothetically speaking, what would you say if i asked you to marry me?” and 53. “keep it in your pants!” Do you want to request something with a prompt? Click HERE for the prompt list.

You were sitting in one of the chairs of the TARDIS’ console room, reading. The Doctor was somewhere fixing something and sometimes you could hear a loud clang and a muffled curse. You smiled every time. 

You flipped another page and the Doctor appeared in front of you, hair all in front of his eyes. You chuckled.

“Is she not cooperating?” you asked. He sat down next to you, breathing heavily.

“It’s like she doesn’t want to be fixed,” he complained. You pulled him closer to you, putting your book down, and kissed him. He smiled against your lips and wrapped his arms around, kissing you back lovingly.

Eventually the two of you had to separate to breathe and you leaned your forehead against his, breathing heavily. You grinned, just like you always did. Your foolish lovesick look.

Hypothetically speaking, what would you say if I asked you to marry me?” he asked you.

You blushed. “Well, hypothetically speaking, I think I would say yes. Depends on how Gallifreyan wedding ceremonies are.”

“Still hypothetically speaking, we would do the short version,” the Doctor said. You put your head on his shoulder, cheeks still red.

“Do Time Lords or Ladies need a priest to marry?” you asked. The Doctor rubbed your back, humming softly.

“Well, we don’t have people we call priests. You can have a big ceremony with everyone invited, or you can just have the two who are going to marry,” he answered, “on Gallifrey we don’t obsess so much about marrying and romance as humans. It isn’t necessary.”

“And what happens when… I don’t know..a Time Lord regenerates into a Time Lady? Are they still married?” you asked, interested.

“We don’t care about gender, Y/N, we’re far above that,” he said, kissing your forehead.

“Well, that’s nice.”

It was silent for a long time and you just enjoyed being held by him while the TARDIS hummed contently. It was nice to just sit, with no danger or worries. Just happiness.

‘If I would marry you….” the Doctor said, “would you want to invite people?”

You looked up into his bright eyes.  “Maybe. Some family members, friends. I don’t know.”

“How would you explain it all to them?” the Doctor chuckled.

“I don’t know,” you muttered, “I’ll find a way. But nobody’s invited to our wedding night even if that’s some weird kind of Gallifreyan tradition.”

The Doctor started laughing loudly and you laughed too.

“No Gallifreyan tradition…” he said, chuckling, “but I wouldn’t let anyone see you naked, love. Our wedding night is private, that’s when I’ll ravish you.”

‘Oi!” you protested, “keep it in your pants!

Laughing you kissed him again while you wrapped your arms around his neck. He then kissed your chin, your nose, your cheeks, your closed eyes.

“No longer hypothetically speaking, will you marry me, Y/N L/N?” he asked softly. You opened your eyes, gasping softly.



You grinned. “Yes. Off course.”

The TARDIS beeped loudly, flashing loudly, obviously happy. You grinned, patting the wall, murmuring some kind words to her. The Doctor grabbed your hand, squeezing it tightly. The Doctor. Your soon to be husband. Your madman in a box.

Your everything.

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Request: (13) Don’t worry, I’ve got you.  (40) I’ll keep you safe. Colour: Grey

Requester: Anon

Pairing: Eleventh Doctor x Platonic!Companion!Reader

Warning: None

Words: 1329


You speed around the corner and rested your back against the cool metal wall as you tried to catch your breath. Closing your eyes, a tear escaped down your cheek. You and he had planned on a relaxing day in modern Paris when a hoard of Cybermen decided to attack the city. With only a glimpse and scan of the surroundings, they had remembered who The Doctor was and chased both of you through the streets. The Doctor disappeared when you had run into the warehouse.

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A/N: This is my first imagine about the Doctor and my first imagine without the Joker so this is kind of new to me. I hope this one is okay, I wasn’t really sure on where to go with it. Feedback is very much welcomed, please tell me if you’d like to read more of this or if you’d rather not :)


Anonymous: Oooohhh could I please get a super fluffy Tenth Doctor? Like reader is insecure about everything and like “why did the doctor pick me?!” And he just reassures her and tells her she’s perfect and he wouldn’t want anyone else traveling all of time and space with him.

Warning(s): None.

Word count: 1,196


It was rough travelling with the Doctor, you could never deny that, but somehow the thrill and the rush of it all just drew you into a deep dark pit that you couldn’t get out of. That was the thing, it was all just so addictive.

An unexpected trip to the 1900’s had brought you here, sitting alone in the TARDIS’ console room as you listened to the deep and comforting hum that she provided, your thoughts clouding your mind as all you could think about how bad you felt about yourself. You’d never normally feel this way because the Doctor was just so good at making you feel special and taking your mind off things by showing you the stars, but it came a time where even the brightest of sun’s couldn’t wipe away the feeling that had stuck to you.

Aliens weren’t known to be the kindest of creatures, of course, and you were quite aware of that. You had your fair share of abductions, beatings and threats over the duration of your travelling with the Doctor but nothing really prepared you for this. It wasn’t even an alien that had caused you to feel so low. At least you didn’t think it was. You guessed it was just a human. A plain old human who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and happened to know just a little too much about you and the Doctor. Whatever it was and wherever it was from, the words it spat out hit you like a ton of bricks and you could just feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into disappear.

You almost never knew where he was, the Doctor, but you could guarantee he had an amazing story to tell when he came back and found you. You were shocked that he even let you out on your own in such an unfamiliar place, or maybe he was just clumsy and got too excited for his own good. Either way, you had returned to the TARDIS in a fit of tears after the encounter with the thing, whatever it was and slumped on the chair, grateful that the Doctor wasn’t here to see you in such a state. You were a strong woman and had never cried for your own misfortune in front of him before and you wanted to keep it that way.

It wasn’t long until he burst through the wooden doors holding numerous items in hands with a huge grin on his face, his mouth running a marathon like it always did. Oh how you loved this man. He was extraordinary.

He stopped halfway through his story about his own little adventure and the gifts he had brought you when he spotted your slightly smudged makeup and the fake smile that you had plastered across your face. There was nothing that could get past him.

“A- Are you okay, Y/N?” He asked softly, setting the items down on the floor before he slowly walked over to your slouching figure, the sudden concern in his tone making you feel more emotional than ever. It was very unusual for him to see you like this and it was difficult for him to know what to do in this sort of situation, especially since it was you. He cared a great deal for you and it broke his hearts whenever something happened.

You were quick to nod and blink back the freshly formed tears that threatened to spill as he crouched down in front of you, his warm hands resting on your knees in his attempt to comfort you. Those lovable dark brown eyes caught yours in a long and hard stare, his face softening when a slight whimper escaped your lips. “It’s just- I just feel like- Oh I don’t know.”

He furrowed his eyebrows and motioned for you to carry on, his large alien hand now taking your small human one, his thumb rubbing small circles on your skin as he concentrated on you.

“Why did you pick me, Doctor? Really? I’m nothing.” You blurted out, a single salty tear escaping from your eye and running down your cheek.  The Doctor frowned when the words came out your mouth, a sudden wave of hurt overtaking him. He couldn’t understand why you were sad like this and then for you to doubt yourself in such a horrible way just upset him deeply. You looked so helpless and depressed and he couldn’t bare to see you like that. “You’d be better off with someone else.”

“What’s made you say this?”

You shrugged, averting your eyes away from his gaze and looking at your black shoes which were nearly touching his, his crouching figure making the bottom half of the suit almost too tight for him. You didn’t like acting this way in front of the Doctor but once the book had been opened, it was extremely difficult to close. You decided not to tell the Doctor about the events that had caused you to be upset because you knew that he could get very protective and there was no way the Doctor would let it go. You just wanted to forget about it.

The Doctor suddenly sprung to his feet, making you jump at the unexpected movement. His hand was still attached to yours as he pulled you up and lead you to the controls. You were confused as to what he was doing. He was pulling leavers, flicking switches and pressing buttons here, there and everywhere while you used your sleeve to pat dry your tear stained cheeks, the TARDIS beginning to slowly move. Moments later, she came to a halt and the Doctor plodded down to the door, motioning for you to follow him.

The doors swung open and an amazing sight of the Earth in the solar system met your eyes, the natural processes taking place in the atmosphere and the all the wonderful things about a human life happening in front of you. It never failed to astonish you with all the places the Doctor took you to. Even simple things like planet Earth would get you all excited and giddy. That’s just the effect the Doctor had on you.

“See this?” He pointed to the Earth. “There’s no one else living on there who I would rather have with me. No one. And if you can’t believe me then I will keep telling you everyday. You’re the perfect companion, you’re my shining star, Y/N. I don’t know how you don’t see it.”

His simple words comforted you greatly and in an instant you felt your mood rise, your heart warming and a feeling of love filling you up. A small smile crept onto your lips as you continued to fix your eyes on your home planet as it rotated, bathing in the hot sun millions of miles away while the Doctor wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you into his side. The heat radiating from his body relaxed you, a sweet hum sounding from the Doctor as you both stood peacefully watching the world go by, feeling nothing more than love and happiness.

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billspiperr  asked:

I honestly can't get the idea of Rose and Thirteen in the TARDIS console room and all of a sudden Rose just looks over at her and asks Thirteen. "Are you wearing my knickers again?" And Thirteen just grins widely. She's clearly proud of herself and answers in a way her tenth self would. "Oh yes." And she winks and I just.. We need more Thirteen x Rose. Really really badly.



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Eyeliner - 13th Doctor x Reader

Originally posted by it-was-real-horrorshow


A/N: Because my other 13th Doctor imagine was very popular, here’s another one!

It was very quiet. You had woken up in your bedroom that resembled your old bedroom in the house where you had grown up. You suspected the TARDIS, but you didn’t mind, it was nice. You had gone to the kitchen in your pyjamas, hoping to see the Doctor there. But she was nowhere to be seen. You had checked the console room, no Doctor there hanging upside down, trying to fix something. You were a little bit irritated. Had she left the TARDIS to go on an adventure without you?

You went back to the kitchen and made some tea for her and your favourite beverage for yourself. She always liked tea in the morning. You would catch her very early in the console room, talking to the TARDIS and sipping from her steaming cup of tea.

‘Very British, alien girl,’ you had teased her and she had rolled her eyes at you.

You had finished making the drinks and then you heard the TARDIS door. You frowned. Was that her? Or an intruder?

‘Doctor!? Is that you? I am armed so watch out!’ you yelled, just in case it was an intruder.

‘With what, Y/N, your sharp wit?’ the Doctor yelled back. You sighed, relieved. You picked up the cups and walked over to the console room. The Doctor was standing there, her coat on and carrying a bag.

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To Face the Darkness or the Light, Part 1 of 2

Rating: Teen
Pairing: Eight x Rose // Ten x Rose (implied)
Find it: AO3 
Summary: While dimension hopping and trying to find her way back to the Doctor, Rose runs into a very unexpected stranger. Will he help her find her way home?
Tags: Dimension hopping Rose runs into Eight; pre-JE with eventual canon divergent fixit; canon divergent to some of the events of ‘The Stolen Earth’; ROSE POV (this chapter) 
Words: ~4,600
Author’s Notes: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey! I’m finally posting my contribution to Eight/Rose August with @doctorroseprompts (I think? Or was it just something @perfectlyrose and @chocolatequeennk put on?). I’ve been working on this fic for aaaaaages, and it’s such a relief to finally feel good enough about it to post. (Both chapters are on AO3). This fic was a bit of a challenge for a few different reasons. First of all, I wrote one chapter from Rose’s POV and a second chapter of the same thing from the Doctor’s POV. I tried really hard to balance it and really capture their individual interpretations of the scene, so while there will be some copying of dialogue, I tried to really focus on the internal monologues of both characters. Hopefully you like it.

Endless thanks to my beta, @countessselena, for letting me moan and groan about this fic for months. Her enthusiasm and encouragement are the only reason it got finished. And also, thanks to @megabadbunny for your encouragement as well!! It makes such a difference.

Rose sprints through the middle of the marketplace, holding tight to her enormous gun and cringing as she knocks over a table, sending baubles flying in every direction. At the outraged vendor’s cry, she shouts a hurried, “Sorry!” before hanging a hard left in an attempt to ditch her pursuers.

After the jump through the Void, she’d landed next to two shady looking aliens having a dispute about something. They’d not taken lightly to her sudden appearance and lethal weapon strapped to her back, however, and had quickly joined forces to chase her through the marketplace.

Well used to running from a wide variety of beings, Rose easily maintains a solid lead, but the market proves more a more challenging place than she’d expected to shake the aliens, especially with her cumbersome gun. She cuts right two more times, then ducks between a narrow gap between two rickety shacks, before coming out at the edge of a quiet street. Mourning the loss of the protection the busy marketplace offered, Rose turns left and runs down the street, looking for dark corner to hide.

As she passes by a nondescript alley, a flash of blue catches her eye, and she staggers to a halt, almost tripping over her feet. Chancing a quick glance over her shoulder, she curses when she spots the two aliens stumble out of the market and onto the street.

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