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Call it a sheer coincidence that I’m extremely worried about upsetting someone on here, explained it all in a long and boring post, and then I see this memorable moment pop up at one of my Instagram haunts:

The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) are hugging each other in their most favorite place on Earth: the TARDIS console room.

True friendships are very hard to come by. They can either last a lifetime, or they can blow away like smoke.

Doctor Who Unleashes New Trailer for Capaldi's Final Season
It's "A Time for Heroes" as Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas jump into action in the latest Doctor Who: Series 10 trailer.

The BBC has just released the latest trailer, and the title of the first episode, of “Doctor Who” Series 10.

The trailer, which premiered in a prime slot — on BBC One, during the halftime intermission of the F.A. Cup quarterfinal soccer match — includes some footage from the previous Series 10 trailer — in particular, a scene in which new companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) compares the Tardis’ console room, somewhat unceremoniously, to a “kitchen.”

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The scene is then followed by a succession of images from the series’ first few episodes featuring futuristic space stations, the surface of Mars, robots that speak emoji, human-Daleks, Dalek-Daleks and an adventure that takes place in 1814.

For hardened Whovians, there are also glimpses of some new-look Ice Warriors, some old-look Cybermen and what looks to be a classic sonic screwdriver of a design not seen on the show since its revival in 2005.

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The minute-long teaser ends with the banner “A Time for Heroes,” a phrase that was also included as a hashtag on the show’s Twitter feed and that seems to consciously evoke the over-the-top style and scale of 1980s Hollywood trailers.

Meanwhile, the Official Doctor Who website revealed that the show’s tenth series, the last to star Peter Capaldi as the Time Lord, kicks off with an episode entitled “The Pilot.”

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Featuring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts, and Matt Lucas as Nardole, “Doctor Who” returns to BBC One on Saturday, April 15.

[The Doctor enters the TARDIS console room and sees Clara watching an animated feature on the monitor]

The Doctor: Clara, I – oh, what’s this? A fishing documentary?

Clara: No, it’s The Little Mermaid. It’s based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. [grins sheepishly when she sees a grey eyebrow lift up] What? I love mermaids. I’ve always wanted to be one.

[The Doctor stares at the screen while cupping a hand under his chin]

The Doctor: You do know that mermaids are half human, half fish, right?

Clara: Right, so?

The Doctor [suddenly smirks]: So…if this mermaid creature is half of two different species, then that would mean…

Clara [rolls her eyes]: Don’t say it, please don’t say it–

[Clara groans and face palms]

The Warlock/Other Doctor/War Doctor

He has some nice stuff. His costume is very cool.

Little bit disappointed in his sonic though. Just a little. Was excited at first because it had a red light on the end, and you know how much I like red things. (Apparently someone didn’t though so maybe I can’t say that any more? I dunno.) It also had a red bit on the butt-end, and that was new. However, upon closer inspection, it is literally the Fourth Doctor’s Sonic with the head pulled off and a wee red LED stuck in instead. So, okay, still pretty cool, but I was hoping for a new prop and it wasn’t. Or at least a new head. 

His TARDIS console room though! Oh! Technically not new either, but it bridges the new and the old wonderfully. I imagine that the Eighth Doctor’s console room was - regrettably - destroyed completely at some point so the Doctor switched back to a room with roundels. But the damage to the TARDIS continued so out crept the organic scaffolds to hold everything together. 

But my favourite detail from that TARDIS console room was that the console itself - whilst being obviously the same console - was much, much younger. Nine’s console and sonic both had parts that were made to look like some sort of ceramic/porcelain type material, but old and cracked. Here however we have the same edge to the console, only it’s clean, pure white. It’s new and young. So between the Last Day of the Time War - in which the Doctor regenerates into Nine - and Rose a lot of time has passed. Not long enough for the scaffold (coral-structures) to become no longer necessary, but long enough for the coral to really fill out and settle and grow old, but also for the porcelain material to age and develop imperfections. (Not helped by the use of percussive maintenance.) So judging by the coral and the ceramic and the general state of the walls and floor, it looks like decades pass between The Day of the Doctor and Rose. If not a hundred years. Which is supported in the dialogue, I think.

(“How old are you now?”

“1200-ish. Unless I forgot, or I’m lying.”

400 hundred years older than me!”

The Warlock thinks he’s 800-ish. 100-ish years younger than Six.)

(Also, Night of the Doctor gives us a possible loophole for the regeneration-limit, and since the War Doctor doesn’t think it is odd that the Tenth Doctor seems to think he’s only 900 years old then I’d suggest that perhaps the Doctor has been counting his age from the night that Eight died for Cass and chose to become the War Doctor.)

Being that the House deleted 9th/10th’s Tardis Console Room, do you think that it might’ve deleted 7th/8th’s Console room as well?