tardis console room

Being that the House deleted 9th/10th’s Tardis Console Room, do you think that it might’ve deleted 7th/8th’s Console room as well?

Given how many varying wall papers the console room of the Doctor’s control room alone has had, makes me wonder what the inside of other people’s TARDIS’s could like. Like, yeah, you’ve got the basic skin, but you can still clearly change it to basically whatever based on personality, and I imagine that most people who bond on a permanent bases with a TARDIS would probably take that opportunity.

Like the corsair, known for making their TARDIS look like a full classical sailing ship, chameleon circuit and practicality be damned, probably makes the console room match as a massive and luxurious ship stateroom. Once Ashildr and Clara figure out how to, they change their TARDIS console into a library and would probably put in a waterfall just because they can. Don’t know if Braxiatel has a TARDIS, but he’d probably use it as ‘extra storage’ for his collection pieces.

Just, TARDIS console rooms, man. The possibilities are endless. 

PCap Sexy Saturday Club

Aug 19, 2016 : A bit of 12 and a dash of Donna and a huge helping of feels. 



The song will never end…


‘NO!’ The Doctor sat up with a jerk from his sleep. ‘No.’ He whispered hoarsely to himself. ‘Why now? Why do you have to haunt me now?’  Swinging his long legs over the edge of his bed, hands rubbing at his eyes before raking through his silver mop of wild hair. A tear ran down his cheek which he roughly brushed away.

The day when he took away Donna’s memory of him burned in his memory as if it had just happened that morning and not hundreds of years ago. He got up, grabbed his jacket off the bedpost and slipped it on over his layers of t-shirts as his feet took him through the corridors of the TARDIS to the console room.

He rapidly tapped the keys on the one panel and pulled the screen around until it was in front of him. A blast of white noise on the screen took a moment to settle before a scene crystallized on it.

The Doctor smiled as he watched Donna and her husband (had they married? Yes. They had, he remembered that now. Standing in the church yard out of sight.). They were in a shop arguing over how she looked in a new top. His smile became sadder as the couple seemed to get rather heated until Donna suddenly laughed, patted her husband’s cheek as if he were a little child and kissed him soundly.

‘Good for you, Donna. Happy finally. Still happy. Never stop being happy.’ His fingers ran over the screen before they dropped to the console and quickly flicked off the image. ‘If only it were that easy for me. To turn off all those memories of us raging through the Universe together as if the song would never end. But it did.’

As the Doctor turned away from the console to go up the steps to his chair, thinking to read the song began to echo in the TARDIS. He froze a moment and then turned slowly back to the console. The screen sparked up again.


He blinked at the sight of Ood Sigma standing there, surrounded by other Ood with their hindbrains in their open-palmed hands.

‘Sigma? What’s going on?’

‘We need your help, Doctor.’ Ood Sigma said. ‘Will you come?’

‘Of course I will.’ The Doctor said without hesitation. ‘Of course! Send me the coordinates!’

And with that, the Doctor was off on a new adventure.