“Bowties are just so cool. Look at this one! What do you think, Doctor?”  -11th

“I’d rather slip into something a bit more comfortable like a fucking coma!” -12th

“Oh, shut up!” -11th

“No, you shut your mouth!” -12th

“Please stop it.” -You

“Coma is better than bowtie I swear!” -12th

“Grand-dad…” -11th

“Shut up Doctor, shuttity up up up!!” -12th

“Listen, you custard monster! I swear-” -11th

“Doctors! Do you want to regenerate today, huh?” -You


Special thankies for sheofferedherselftothebigbadwolf !

The Doctor

I’m waiting….

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tardis-fan7 asked:

So is Alphyne week a monthly occurrence?

Indeed it is!

I wanted to put a spin on the ship week challenge, and instead of making it an annual event, I made it a monthly event, so that more people could participate and contribute however they wished!

@vampirateslagoon So this is a basic TARDIS pattern I made (I actually haven’t tried this one out yet, so let me know how it goes if you try it). 

I didn’t bother with thread colour, because it’s only black, white and two shades of blue. So depending on what you have available, at least for practice, use whatever you have.

Most people say start from the middle, but personally I’d start this from the bottom. It gets more complex at the top and this way, you can get the hang of it before you have to really pay attention.


I was tagged by @animefanatic1728 to post the last 6 pictures in my camera roll. The first two are of me with two of the girls who keep me sane…or more insane…they support me! haha. The third one is my baby cousin Brayton and he’s the cutest little thing. The fourth one is my brother, who is my rock, and my cat crawling on him. Because those two are the best. The fifth is when I hit 2302 followers and I was super excited! And the fifth is a bumper sticker I saw while driving and I thought it was awesome.

I tag @tardis-is-mine, @12-kay-kit-kat @wayward-weary-but-wonderfilled, and @supernaturalfangirl2011

anarialaurelin asked:

I honestly love your blog. A+ Tenth Doctor content!! You deserve 10,000 followers all the way!! ~ tardis-ten

Eeeeek thank you so much, my lovely! <3 

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jedi-in-the-tardis asked:

Do you know how long your charms are going to be available? I really want to get one but I don't know when I'll be able to

Well they will be available for as long as I have stock so I can’t really give an estimate. But I still have plenty of each to go around as for right now ! The only charm that’s kinda already becoming low in stock is Lapis ! So hurry Lapis lovers haha