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- @having-tea-in-tardis (Thanks for the screen shot dude!) Oh my gosh this is the best thing I’ve seen so far! His crew is only him and Deadpool. Like Jack Sparrow, the ship has many Laws (heh no breaking the law then) but only one Deadpool. Wonder if this many Laws can outnumber Deadpool’s boxes…. I can see Law practicing medicine and his surgery skills on Deadpool. They’re my Brotp now.

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I like Danny Pink. I know a large portion of the fandom has something against him. I totally absolutely respect everyone’s ship choices, and I can see how he gets in the way of Whouffaldi** - but I like him. I think he is adorable, and yeah he’s a bit too tetchy.. but everyone was on edge like that entire season. 

**Don’t get me wrong, Whouffaldi is my OTP of all doctor who related OTP’s, but I love both ships. I wish there were active Danny RP blogs. I crave the pinkwald.