test podcast that me, @queenweisss and @team-lads-in-the-tardis are starting. in this episode we talk about the latest rwby episode, burnie and ashley on the amazing race, lazer team, and other rt related topics. recorded on monday february 8th. if you have any suggestions for names let us know.

Glasgow's first zero waste micro cafe opens - in a Tardis
Glasgow's iconic Tardis police box is operating as the city's first zero waste micro cafe.

A friend of mine who didn’t watch Doctor Who before sent me this. This is so cool I wish I can go visit it! It’s a sort of diner in a TARDIS w police box surface like a hybrid of Twelve’s and Clara’s TARDIS wow I got the feels.

"I want you safe...My Doctor..."

I've always liked the thought that Bad Wolf was both Rose and the TARDIS, and of them having some sort of lingering affinity/friendship because of it.

And Neil Gaiman, geeze, I've been in love with you since I was 13, and now YOU GAVE ME A PERSONIFIED VERSION OF THE TARDIS TO PLAY WITH. you're like the gift that never stops giving...

Ever since The Doctor's Wife aired I've been doodling ridiculous little sketches of these two in the margins of everything - painting each others nails, going shopping, plotting against the Doctorgossiping about the doctor... you know, girl stuff.

For real.