Party in the TARDIS and we’re all invited!

Join bbcamerica and Hannah Hart for six whole weeks of Who programming leading up to the premiere. In The Doctor’s Finest, some of the most essential Doctor Who episodes will be presented with new material, hosted by My Drunk Kitchen host, devoted Who fan and all-around awesome human being, Hannah Hart, and produced right here at Nerdist!

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I was thrilled by the recent arrival of official Doctor Who fabrics at Jo-Ann’s, and as soon as I saw this TARDIS print I knew I had to make a skirt out of it. Here is the finished product - a full circle mini skirt in 6 panels, with a zipper and a bit of elastic at the back. Possibly my favorite thing I’ve made to date, AND it looks fabulous on me. XD The remainder of the outfit is from Old Navy, two tank tops and cropped cardigan all in their straight size XXL.


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