E ti direi di altri fiumi che abbiamo guardato insieme pensando che essi scorressero soli, senza accorgerci che noi scorrevamo con loro. E ti direi che ti aspetto, anche se non si aspetta chi non può tornare, e per tornare ad essere ciò che fu dovrebbe essere ciò che fu, e questo è impossibile.
—  Antonio Tabucchi, Si sta facendo sempre più tardi

a-tardis-at-downton asked:

I am incredibly tired (thanks midterms) and I would love some long fluffy stories. Already checked out the FAQ, as usual. :) thanks!

Try these (they’re not in the FAQ but this post will be added):

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Some time in the last 3 hours, we hit 10k followers!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! We couldnt be any happier :D

Also, 10k followers means…ITS TIME TO PICK WINNERS FOR THE BAGS!!!

On Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 10pm (PST) the entry period for the give away will close.

 I will copy all the notes from the give away post and add it to the list of users who followed us on instagram and twitter. Random.org will be used to randomly sort the list, and the first three will be the winners! We will contact you personally and also announce it here. 

Make sure to spread the word and get your last minutes entries in! Good luck everyone!


I made my own Doctor Who bento-style bag! The fabric is from the collection at Joann’s and has black and a regular TARDIS print on the outside and the exposing TARDIS as the inside liner and cover. This bag was made for carrying lunch/snacks to work, but it’s also good for hauling small projects or could even be a purse. It’s actually be a great knitting bag.

I followed this tutorial: http://ayumills.blogspot.com/2010/08/tutorial-lunch-bag.html


To emphasize: The above shirts are only available by pre-order online, and in limited quantities/sizes at ReGeneration Who! If you want one, get one now!

A TARDIS tee for those who want something to show their Whovian side while not compromising on design. And rather than printing with the same color ink for each shirt, a clear ink is used instead, so each tee has a unique print with a design that looks stained into the fabric.

In addition, your purchase supports not just an independent artist (that’d be me), but small business, as these are printed at the print shop where I work. Twofer!

For anyone attending ReGeneration Who, you can choose to pick up your shirt at the con during artist alley hours, since that’s where I’ll be! Check the Etsy listings for details.

Ladies Tee | Unisex Tee