tardis usb


In case you have forgotten already, the first pic is how the room looked when I started in on it a week ago.  I am FINALLY almost done with it, only waiting on the 2nd desk I ordered for his other computer to sit on (should be here tomorrow, shortly before he gets home from vacation, & I am a genius at assembling flat-packed furniture.)

He is on STRICT orders not to check my Tumblr because I want the first time he sees it to be in person, not in photos.


Finally, after being in there every free moment for over a week, THERE IS A CLEAN OFFICE SPACE THAT HE CAN BE PROUD TO WORK FROM!

It was amazing what I found in the mess, too.  The TARDIS USB hub, the screen that he was supposed to replace on my old DS (set on his desk along with the broken DS so he can damn well get to that), 4 signed(!!!) Magic card art prints of which I chose 2 to frame & hang on the wall, a Star Trek blanket his mom made for him (on the back of the chair), baby pictures of his niece… the list goes on!

I can definitely see myself spending a lot more time hanging out with him in his office now that it’s not a total shit-hole.

& I’m feeling empowered… if I can accomplish all that, all by myself, in just a week, I can definitely start tackling the bigger repainting projects I’ve been putting off, & maybe even clean out the spare room!

Regardless of how big the mess is, IT CAN BE DONE!