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David Tennant and Billie Piper in their first photoshoot together for Doctor Who Series Two.

This was also David’s first time in the full costume, David’s first time wielding the sonic screwdriver, and David’s first time exploring the exterior of the TARDIS.

From David Tennant’s video diary (with thanks to director James Hawes for filming with David’s camera during the photoshoot)

Link to first photos images [here]

Imagine you're a male teacher that seduces one of your students - Part 1

Request: I would love to request a story about a male professor seducing and impregnating a female student, the watching her give birth, all from his perspective.

As the beginning of the new school year came around, you started looking through some of the roster for your classes this year. You were most excited for your senior literature class. You had heard from the other teachers at teacher orientation that there were a few prominent students that would be entering your class this year.  You couldn’t wait to put names to faces with the students in your class.

The first day of school came quickly. You made sure to coordinate your tie with your socks. You had to make the right impression on these kids from the start. Your dress shirt emphasized your muscular chest and upper arms, and your shirtsleeves were rolled up to show your muscular forearms. Your fitted khaki pants just barely show the outline of your sizeable cock and highlights your round ass. As soon as you walk through the doors of the school, you feel stares coming at you from everyone: girls staring at you with desire, their boyfriends staring at you with jealousy, female teachers eyeing you, and gay boys eye-raping you, to name a few.  You go into the teachers lounge and help yourself to a cup of coffee. The first bell rings and you nod to a few of the female teachers staring and you and drooling in the corner of the lounge before making your way to your classroom.  The room is mostly full, save for a few empty desks. You walk in and place your briefcase and coffee down on your desk wordlessly. You circle to the chalkboard and write your name in the middle of it.
“Good morning students,” You say, turning around to face the class. “My name is Maxwell Grey. Please call me Mr. Grey while in class, you can call me anything else you’d like outside of the classroom,” You add suggestively.
“Lets start by taking role. Matthew Adams?”
“Catherine Bealls?”
“Present, Mr. Grey,” A nerdy-looking girl stares up at me from the front row.
“Kaitlyn DeSantos?”
You continue through the long list marking off checks next to names to signify that the students are present. You reach one of the last names on your list.
“Mia Valdano?”
No answer. Your eyes scan the room. You move on to finish the attendance and then begin to cover the course syllabus. “This is your higher level Literature class. We’ll be covering a number of different works this year, including The Scarlet Letter, Hamlet, and the Great Gatsby, to name a few. And I strongly support watching the movie version along with the books. Also I-”
You’re interrupted by the door flying open. A girl, probably around 5'6" with a curvy figure and flawless tan skin and dark wavy hair, stands in the doorway.  You smirk.
“You must be Miss Valdano,” You say, motioning for her to come in to the classroom.  Her breasts bounce slightly beneath her short sundress as she walks towards you, and you estimate that they must be at least C-cups, if not D’s.
“You guessed it,” She rolls her eyes and crosses her arms over her chest. You look her straight in her eyes and something sparks between us. You swallow and break the silence.
“Have a seat, Miss Valdano. I was just getting to the exciting part of the syllabus.”
She walks away, her shapely ass noticeably swaying from side to side as she walks.
You clear your throat and keep reading.
“Being tardy to this class is unacceptable. 3 tardies gets you a detention with me.” You make sure to lock eyes with Mia again.  She shifts uncomfortably in her seat. You finally finish with the syllabus a few minutes before class is over.
“Looks like our time is up,” You say. “You’re all dismissed.”
The students all get up, the noise level rising as they begin chattering to each other about their next classes.
“Miss Valdano, may I speak with you for a moment?”
Mia looks up and then murmurs something to her group of friends who then separate from her as she walks to the front of the classroom.
“Yes, Mr. Grey?”
You take a seat in the chair behind your desk.
“I just wanted to let you know that the tardy policy still stands even on the first day. That’s strike one for you,” You say, seeming uninterested with her. “Are we clear?”
She looks like she wants to complain, but she shuts her mouth, then says,“I understand, Mr. Grey.”
You look up at her. “Good.”

The first weeks go by quickly. Mia is tardy a second time. A handful more students are tardy a first time. By this point, you’ve also begun to figure out who the promising students are. Mia is one of them. Careful of her wording in her speech and writing, everything is phrased beautifully. You try to imagine what she’s like outside of class, how she is in bed and what kind of experience she has. You decide that she’s the one. She’ll likely go for you, since you’re young, 23 and just out of college, and you’re attractive. You’ve noticed continuous stares from people, but you notice that she tries to act uninterested.  You look in the school’s computer system to check when her birthday is. It passed already this year, so she is 18 and no longer a minor.
The third time she’s tardy is a Thursday. You’re going over a chapter summary of the current work the class is studying when she flies through the doorway.
“Miss Valdano, that’s your third absence. See you at 3:30 today in this room for detention. Don’t be late.”
Her face turns a deep shade of red as the class “ooohs” at her. You quickly turn their attention back to the book.

3:30 comes. Mia comes flying through the door and takes a seat at a desk.
“Good afternoon, Miss Valdano,” You say, walking over to shut and lock the door. You close the blind over the door’s window.  Then you walk over to her desk where she taps her foot nervously. “So what’s my assignment, Mr. Grey?” She asks, looking anywhere but at you. You soften in order to draw her in. “Whatever you see fit, Mia.  We have an hour and a half.”  You turn and go back to your desk. You lean back in your chair and prop your feet up on the desk. You pretend to occupy yourself with a book. You look up occasionally to see what she’s doing and almost every time you catch her staring.
“You’re not going to get much work done by staring at me, Mia.”  You stand up and walk over to her desk. “Do you need help with something?” You say.
She hesitates for a moment, then says “Oh, fuck it.”  She throws herself at you, pressing her lips to yours and you jump into action. Your hands frantically move to undress her. You lift her up, still making out and place her on your desk. Her shirt and bra land on the floor and she loosens your tie. You slip your shirt off over your head, revealing your perfectly chiseled body to her. You put your hands on her tits, feeling her nipples hardening beneath your fingers. Your cock grows hard and strains against your pants. You unbuckle your belt and drop your pants and boxers, revealing your massive girth. She leans back on the desk, submitting to you. You push up her skirt and pull down her panties.
“So wet for me already?” You tease, lightly tracing your fingers across her practically dripping pussy. You position yourself at her entrance and ram into her tight opening. She cries out and you cover her mouth with your hand, telling her she needs to keep quiet.  You keep your hand there as you begin thrusting into her. She lets out muffled moans and you grunt as you force yourself into her tight hole. You start to thrust faster as her pussy clenches around your cock, signaling she’s close to orgasm. Her back arches and her cry is muffled as she reaches her high. You’re almost there too, your grunts getting more frequent and your thrusts getting faster and sloppier. You moan as you hold yourself inside her, forcing your seed into her fertile pussy. She tries to push you away but it’s too late. You clean yourself up quickly and get dressed. She covers her breasts as if she’s just now realizing that she’s naked.
“I hope you’ve learned your lesson, Miss Valdano,” I say, straightening my tie. “Your time is up. You’re dismissed.”


The First era TARDIS was known to be a little temperamental and unable to take people to the correct destination, but it did have some great little features!

Fault Locator- The TARDIS fault locator was a device that lit up and warned the Doctor of any faults within the machine itself. It was used as part of the entire plot of ‘The Edge of Destruction’.  It is among the large bank of computers behind the glass partition.

Fast Return Switch- Is a switch on the console. The Doctor attempts to use this to simply reverse his journey’s, therefore eventually ending up back in the 60’s to take Ian and Barbara home. However, something goes wrong!  (Also, the 'Fast Return’ written in black marker pen is actually a production mistake, only noticed whilst or after recording and therefore too late to change it.)

Food Machine- The Food machine can provide a meal by typing in the component numbers and as the Doctor says 'mixing the ingredients like primary colours’. Ian and Barbara’s first meal aboard is bacon and eggs served in little silver packets. It’s used a few more times later on too.

Orthopedic Beds- In the team’s quarters they each have a bed that folds out from the wall by pressing a switch.  They don’t appear to have any comfy pillows or blankets though! But the Doctor must be all for good posture.

Astral Map- The Doctor uses the map a lot in 'The Web Planet’ mainly to do whatever he feels like to trick the Animus and Zarbi.  He’s not seen using it as a map though. He mainly hides things in it apparently!

Scanner- A big screen on the wall, the team use it frequently to see what awaits them outside. Obviously they have no idea where the TARDIS is going to land so it’s  nice to get a head start.  The scanner played a vital role in 'The Edge of Destruction’ and was part of the ship that was trying to warn them of danger.