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Title: A Permanent State of Ludicrousy 

Summary: She doestn’t like him. She doesn’t like him at all. That’s ridiculous.

Pairing: Beatrice Duke/Benedick Hobbes

She had been in love once. Or at least she had thought she’d been in love. She was fourteen and she fell in love with smirks and lanky limbs and Doctor Who references and biting wit and laughter and long summer days and Ben, her Ben. But it turns out he wasn’t her Ben after all. He wasn’t her anything.

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In preparation for Comic-Con, we want to let everyone know what merch will be available at the BBC America booth (#4129) so you can know how much you need to save up in the next week! Here’s a comprehensive list of what to expect-

First to Market (available in the booth before anywhere else)

  • The Wand Company Twelfth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control: $120
  • Dalek Striped Socks: $13
  • I am the Doctor Socks: $13


  • Companions T-Shirt (Men’s and Women’s sizes S-XXL): $20
  • Four Doctors T-Shirt by Alice Zhang (Men’s and Women’s sizes S-XXL): $20
  • TARDIS Hoodie by Alice Zhang (sizes S-XXL): $40
  • TARDIS Tote Bag by Alice Zhang: $15
  • Lounge Pants (sizes S-XXL): $25
  • Tenth Doctor Fez Titan Vinyl (3” figurine): $10
  • Tenth Doctor Tuxedo Titan Vinyl (4.5” figurine): $15
  • Advanced Graphics Mini Standees Pack (includes the Twelfth Doctor, Clara, and the TARDIS): $15
  • TARDIS Charm Bracelet: $25
  • Sonic Screwdriver Dog Tag: $15
  • Titan Comic Book: $10

BBC Shop Exclusives

  • 2015 Mini Calendar: $8
  • Adipose Seatbelt Belt: $30
  • Opening Watch Seatbelt Belt: $30
  • Ladies’ Raglan TARDIS T-Shirt (sizes S-XXL): $35

Additional Merchandise Available Includes:

  • Funko POP TV Figures: $11
  • Massive Audio TARDIS Bluetooth Speakers: $120
  • Weeping Angel Wings Earrings: $10
  • TARDIS Blue Gemstone Earrings: $10
  • TARDIS Pendant Necklace with Bow Tie: $15
  • Weeping Angel Three-Tiered Necklace: $15
  • TARDIS Headband: $15
  • Twelfth Doctor Sticky Notes: $11
  • Tenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver: $40
  • Twelfth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver: $40
  • Weeping Angel Backpack: $40

And after you’re done spending all of the money on cool stuff, don’t forget to make your way to the official Doctor Who Fan Meetup at the House of Blues