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Matthew Purchase on Twitter
“For Listen (2014), they planned to light the TARDIS via candles. It was tested out, but they decided not to go with it in the end.”

Along the same lines as those recent quotes from Jamie Mathieson, the photo above is apparently from a scrapped idea involving the TARDIS decked out in candles for Listen.  Matthew Purchase cited something called “The Complete History” as the origin of the photo. I’m not sure why the producers/director decided against this set, but it would have given new depth to Clara’s question: “Do you have your own mood lighting now? Because, frankly, the accent is enough.”

Clara and Twelve do look pleased with the idea, though. Hahaha!

Okay we've had Malcom Tucker as The Doctor but imagine Jamie Mcdonald as his companion:
  • Jamie: Was it you?
  • Davros: Was what me?
  • Davros: Was what me Jamie? I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Jamie: You sent Daleks to my planet, now...tell me you sent them. I know the command came from this dalek right here *walks over to dalek*
  • Davros: No, there's no way.
  • Jamie: Do you.. do you see what I'm doing to this Dalek? *knocks it over*
  • Davros: Jesus Christ...fuck... Jamie.
  • Jamie: *Stomps on Dalek* Do you see how angry I am *stomps again* with the lump of tinfoil *another stomp for good measure* that sent the command.
  • Dalek: *screams in agony*
  • Jamie: *stomping through the armor and into the brains* Now can you imagine how angry I am with the person who ordered the command?

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Draw your OC: Donna, 12 and/or 28? Please? ;)

28. In the work-clothes of the job they want or wished they had

(an investigative reporter seems fitting somehow, no?)

and a bonus 12. As a Scene kid

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