tardis scene

Okay we've had Malcom Tucker as The Doctor but imagine Jamie Mcdonald as his companion:
  • Jamie: Was it you?
  • Davros: Was what me?
  • Davros: Was what me Jamie? I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Jamie: You sent Daleks to my planet, now...tell me you sent them. I know the command came from this dalek right here *walks over to dalek*
  • Davros: No, there's no way.
  • Jamie: Do you.. do you see what I'm doing to this Dalek? *knocks it over*
  • Davros: Jesus Christ...fuck... Jamie.
  • Jamie: *Stomps on Dalek* Do you see how angry I am *stomps again* with the lump of tinfoil *another stomp for good measure* that sent the command.
  • Dalek: *screams in agony*
  • Jamie: *stomping through the armor and into the brains* Now can you imagine how angry I am with the person who ordered the command?

Hell Bent: Behind the Scenes from BBC One

There’s nineteen of them, so I selected ten favorites here. It always amuses me to see Peter snapping pictures with his own camera. He’s making memories of his own on the set, and that’s an important thing to do since it’s something we learned from the episode and from the Doctor himself:

”Every story ever told really happened. Stories… are where memories go when they’re forgotten.”

Though, I don’t think Peter, or any other cast and crew member, will ever forget their experiences and memories of working on a show like Doctor Who. They will also have many stories to tell. :)


Just how many TARDISes were made for The 12 Doctors of Christmas? Find out in this new behind the scenes video! 

lesbian companion or not, it’s still same old Who, same old tired Moffat writing, same old companion-reacts-to-TARDIS scene, nasty and completely gratuitous fat joke in the first five minutes of the episode…

i’m not gonna bother with the rest. enjoying The Get Down pt 2 a lot more rn anyway

(also the Doctor is a shit lecturer)