tardis pool

Swimming Pool in the TARDIS?
  • Arthur Darvill: I'd like a big swimming pool...
  • Alex Kingston: We've got a swimming pool! I've dived into it.
  • Arthur Darvill: We've never been in the swimming pool!
  • Alex Kingston: Yea, I've dived into it. That's how I was saved. We have a swimming pool.
  • Arthur Darvill: Uh...
  • Alex Kingston: *in a sassy, River tone* Even though you never saw it or swam in it, it's REALLY nice. Best swimming pool, EVER.
  • Arthur Darvill: I only got to see lots of corridors...
  • - Alex Kingston and Arthur Darvil, DragonCon Pond Family Reunion - Sept 4, 2016
Do Me

This was written for @doctorroseprompts, and their prompt(s) of: alien beaches (from last week), and bikini Rose/shirtless Doctor, where they both rub sunscreen onto each other.

This takes place the day after this ficlet, but it’s not needed in order to understand this story. Just know that the Doctor and Rose shared their first kiss after The Idiot’s Lantern.

Ten x Rose, ~2000 words, Teen

The Doctor and Rose visit a beach, and they are both given the task of putting sunscreen on each other.


“All right, Rose Tyler! Here we are!”

Rose swung open the TARDIS doors, and she was immediately hit with a wave of heat and humidity. Beyond the doors of the TARDIS was shimmering green sand and an ocean as clear as glass. Humanoids populated the beach they’d landed on, and Rose spun around eagerly to face the Doctor.

All conscious thought left her mind when instead of seeing him dress in a suit, he was dressed in a soft-looking t-shirt and a pair of blue and red pinstriped swim trunks. His bare legs were on display to Rose for the first time—minus the day she’d had to dress him in Howard’s pajamas, but she’d been a little too preoccupied with the fact that her Doctor had become a new man to really pay attention to his body.

They were really gorgeous legs. They were as pale as the rest of his body, but the smattering of dark hair gave the false impression of a tan. They were long and well-defined with muscles that pulled and flexed with every step he took, and they tapered down into boney ankles and his large, pale feet.

This was more skin that Rose had ever seen on display—again, minus that Christmas Eve day—and Rose felt her heart flutter in her chest as her eyes followed his legs up to his narrow waist then up his chest. He looked almost naked in so few layers, but he looked completely comfortable and at ease, and Rose grinned at him.

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skyler10fic  asked:

Jenny x Clara, 18!

It’s a game they play, sometimes.

(All the time.)

Jenny doesn’t immediately grasp all of the rules, fluid as they are, communicated half through whispers, half through sly glances and meaningful looks, but she doesn’t mind–she’s a quick learner, and Clara is a good teacher.

(A very, very good teacher.)

They’re lounging out by the TARDIS pool, when it happens; Jenny can’t quite explain why, but this is the day she decides she’s had enough of playing the student, at least for a little while. Today, she wants to lead the class.

Jenny looks up from her book–something about Critical Quantum Forces or Calibrating Crystal Fluxes or Causal Cats Fsomethingorother; it hardly makes a difference, since Jenny hasn’t been paying attention to the book for quite some time now, not to mention she’s holding it upside-down–and watches Clara as she lies supine on her pool chair, stretched out elegantly beneath the warmth of the artificial sun. Gentle golden light bathes the planes of her body, setting her skin aglow, kissing her hair, her cheeks, her lips.

(Jenny absolutely does not feel jealous of the light; that would be silly and irrational. In fact, she feels not-jealous all while she drops her book and walks over to Clara where she lies, and continues feeling not-jealous while she she straddles Clara on the pool chair, conveniently blocking the artificial light from reaching her.)

A mischievous smile plays across Clara’s mouth and she opens her eyes, pushing her sunglasses atop her head. “Can I help you?” she asks.

Wordlessly, Jenny reaches down to the side of the chair. She finds a lever and pulls it, folding the chair to an upright position so that she and Clara are now face-to-face, Jenny perched neatly atop her lap, soaking in the heat of Clara’s bare legs beneath her. Human beings are so delightfully warm.

Leaning forward so that their noses brush, then their lips, Jenny closes her eyes, enjoys the soft exhale of air from Clara’s mouth to hers. She presses just the sweetest of featherlight kisses to Clara’s cheek, the corner of her mouth, the tender pulsepoint beneath her jaw, lingering for only a moment before pulling away, ignoring Clara’s faint whine of protest and how it pulls at something deep in her gut.

Jenny smiles. “No,” she says sweetly, and moves to get up.

(She doesn’t make it two inches before Clara pulls her down by the waistband, a silent plea for Jenny to teach her more.

Jenny is more than happy to oblige.)


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anonymous asked:

Would you mind sharing some TenxRose headcanons?

sure! :) this is a very random assortment:

  • when they are adventuring on down-time, non-universe-saving days, they hold hands, rose buys a trinket from a market and makes friends with all the merchants, and on the way back to the tardis they invariably find a little cafe and share chips/whatever the local dish is
  • they swim in the tardis pool together occasionally. ten pretends he’s totally cool with seeing rose in a bikini. inside his head all 457 of his simultaneous thoughts involve that very item of clothing.
  • they are mistaken for a couple on approx 72 different planets
  • their rooms on the tardis are in the same corridor
  • ian dury & elvis were not the only stops on ~the doctor & rose’s concert tour extravaganza~ (so named by ten.) the list is endless; they see the beatles, abba, even glenn miller for the sentiment, though that’s less like a concert trip and more like them ambushing him to say thanks (ten is the one to suggest it, ‘for our song, rose!’ rose hides her grin, because he makes them sound so like a couple sometimes and she’s half sure he doesn’t even realise it)
  • ten and rose spend a few weeks at the powell estate post- the christmas invasion
  • on adventures we unfortunately did not get to see, ten and rose share beds (innocently) in various locations
  • (after krop tor it’s not so innocently)
  • ten plaits rose’s hair in love & monsters. post-coital.
  • one night they sleep under the stars on a beach
  • on her 20th birthday, he takes her to a theme park on Yensid Four, and it’s one of the most perfect days of her entire life
  • ten discovers and then encourages rose’s sketching/painting/photography hobby
  • he tells her about the bad wolf thing (and the kiss) quite soon after it happens. i don’t like to think she a) doesn’t know she saved the day (which we luckily find out she does know, by her words to that dalek in doomsday) and b) doesn’t know nine kissed her 
  • jackie tyler is the doctor’s hairdresser, and teases him endlessly when he lists his sideburn specifications. this explains why those sideburns get wildly out of control the minute jackie tyler is out of his life 
  • (talking of his hair, rose styles it with him sometimes on the tardis, perched on the counter in his bathroom)
  • (there are few things in his life better than rose tyler’s hands in his hair)
  • (those few things being her hands in other places, obviously)
  • ten has photos of him & rose in his pockets
  • they read on a sofa in the tardis library 
  • the tardis eventually sneaks a tv in there for rose when she gets bored, and then they netflix & chill. a lot.
  • the dw novel the stone rose is canon. however bonkers it is. i need that kiss & i need rose to see ten in a toga lmao
  • rose keeps in touch with sarah jane. ten is oblivious to this for months, until rose asks him one day to fly them to hers; sarah’s put the kettle on & is expecting them. he’s bewildered but does as she says 
  • they sometimes cook together on the tardis but often muck it up somehow because neither are especially gifted in this department 
  • ten doesn’t mind visiting jackie nearly so much as he pretends
  • he sits down for dinner with them when he takes rose for a visit. even finds himself in front of the telly watching eastenders with them sometimes. he insists this is beneath his dignity as a time lord, but rose always cuddles up to him under a blanket, then, and he shuts up so that she doesn’t stop.
  • because rose has friends & relatives who sometimes manage to get hold of her to invite her to things back on earth, ten also finds himself at a couple of birthday parties, three weddings, and a tyler-cousin christening. he is both overwhelmed & quite chuffed that a bunch of people remark on how well rose has done for herself, ‘handsome boyfriend’-wise.
  • (tbh he’ll go to any number of shindigs so long as rose wants to come back home with him once it’s over. she always does, ofc. she also always wears a really nice black dress that he can then never get out of his head for a full week afterwards)
  • (anyway, point is, he doesn’t say it out loud but the tylers…..they’re his family, too)
  • (they all know this anyway)

itsmoonshoespotter  asked:

43 and 14 ten/rose

43. pool and 14. first kiss


The Doctor’s still not entirely sure just how he ended up almost naked, beside the TARDIS pool with a naked Rose already in the water. But he thinks it might have been her tongue-touched grin, the challenging look in her eye and that daring tone of voice as she said he’d never do it. He couldn’t let that stand. He’d show her!

If anyone asks, he’ll deny that it has anything to do with the fact that when he agreed to skinny dip if she did, that Rose had simply nodded and started walking towards the pool, dropping clothes along the way.

Ok, maybe it had a bit to do with that.

He’s standing beside the pool in only his boxer briefs and struggling to control his body’s reaction to what he can see of Rose’s form below the water. It’s not helping that she’s happily treading water, watching him and biting her lip. That lip he really wants to nibble on.

At that thought, his blood rushes south and not wanting to get caught, he drops his pants and dives into the pool. He surfaces and looks around for Rose. He hears her take a breath behind him before arms wrap around his shoulders and legs around his hips, one brushing against his erection.

There’s no way he can stop his groan and Rose’s hot breath on his ear isn’t helping. She winds around him, brushing her breasts against him until the Doctor can see her face. With the way she’s pressed against him, there’s no denying he’s interested in her. He tries to say something, apologise, or explain, or tell her he loves her, but before he can speak a word, she leans forward, capturing his lips.

For a moment he’s so shocked he doesn’t move. Her arms start to let go and he realises she’s about to move away. Wrapping his arms around her, he responds to the pressure of her lips, returning the kiss. Finally given the opportunity, he takes her bottom lip between his teeth and nibbles.

The Doctor’s not sure who’s moving them, or if they’re so in sync they’re moving together, but suddenly Rose is against the edge of the pool and their first kiss is turning into a new sort of first.

anonymous asked:

would rose let the doctor into the bathroom if she was in the tub?

Only under very special circumstances, if we’re talking before they get together properly.  For instance:

“Rose, do you have any idea how difficult it is to concentrate with you doing that?”

She glared at him. “You’re the one who interrupted me. You’re the one who came into my private bathroom whilst I was having a very private bath.”

“Yes, and you’re the one who cocked up the TARDIS’ plumbing,” he retorted, tongue poking out between his teeth as he fiddled with the pipes under the sink. “Besides, you said you didn’t mind me fixing it up while you’re still in there. If you remember, I did offer to leave and come back to sort it later…”

It was true, she thought, sighing in frustration. She had made the executive decision to stay very much in the bath whilst he sorted out the plumbing problem. And, fine, so she’d thought that having a perfect view of his pinstriped bum whilst he was on his hands and knees a few feet away from her would be a lovely way to pass the time.

She just hadn’t anticipated him taking so long about it.

“That was half hour ago,” she huffed.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I think you are amazing!! I've also just binged read all your docs for like the 3rd time 😂 if you, you know, ever get a spare moment I would love if you could right a dog with this prompt for ten x rose. ‘i know this is awkward but my swim trunks came off when i jumped in the water can you grab them for me’ I totally understand if you can't or don't want to but may as well ask a great fix writer eh? Thanks Hun and keep being amazing!! - L xx

Thank you so much, what a lovely message!! <33 Haha, your prompt grabbed at me so I gave it a go, hope you like! 

Ten/Rose, 1200 words. Only ever so slightly adult-ish.

Rose was treading water in the pool on the TARDIS, looking up to the top of the tremendously tall slide that had appeared there today for their own amusement. The Doctor was hovering there, hesitant to slide down.

“Come on!” she shouted up to him, laughing. “It’s amazing! Don’t be such a chicken!”

She could feel his glare from all these feet away from him, and continued to giggle until he finally positioned himself on the water slide. But, evidently in response to her jeering, he didn’t sit down with his legs outstretched in front of him. No, he took up her challenge and bested it, lying down on his front to plunge head-first into the pool.

“Er, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Rose said, wincing in concern.

With a whoosh and a ‘wheee!’ he came rushing down, entering the water with a mighty splash that utterly soaked Rose.

He didn’t come back up for a few moments, and she anxiously called his name. “Doctor? You all right?”

She gasped as she felt him grab her around the legs beneath the water and lift her into the air. “Oh my god, Doctor, you scared the life out of me!” she exclaimed, gripping his shoulders, and he dropped her back into the water.

He chuckled and ruffled his hair. “You were right, that was fun. Did you see what I did?”

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