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Time and Relative Dimension, at School

So, these weirdos are working on a nefarious project in front of their school. A simple scene, and surely impossible to mess up, right? Right?

…oh. In the closeup on these two, they’re, uh… in an entirely-different area, I guess? 

The huge bush, the giant windows on the right… it’s not even close to what the wide shot had. What happened?

…and when we quickly cut back to the wide shot,

1. The box, tools, and misc junk are gone

2. The kid building the bazooka teleported offscreen, and now has to walk back to where he was before

3. The pair of kids have disappeared

4. A blonde kid has teleported into their place


Rose said, her tone clipped, but then she looked over at the Doctor in blue. “I mean— I care. Of course I care. I just mean it doesn’t change anything. My one life, day to day, and all that? It’s going to be here. On the TARDIS. As long as you let me stay, this is where I’ll be. And it’s not just because I told you once I’d never leave you - which applies to both of you, so we’re clear. It’s because that’s what Iwant my life to be. I’ve been to enough worlds, seen enough, to know…” She nodded, reassuring herself that this was still right. “I want my life to be here, with you both.”

Favourite Fanfictions in a Gifset:  1/?

    Before it Breaks  - Chapter 8 

    By the talented resile

Oh, look, it’s that annoying dog, inside a robotic kangaroo… and he crammed one of the generic bad guys in there, too!

Gee, looks awfully small… how did he even manage to fit him in there–


Also, bonus points for that expression.

St. Louis Wizard World Comic Con Experience

I’m going to put this under the cut, because it’s probably going to be really long and filled with lots of pictures and stories, and I’m sure not everyone cares to read it. 

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