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harrylukedracosgirl: Can I have an imagine where the reader (female) travels with 11 and she goes with the doctor to Craig Owens House and becomes the lodger with the doctor then at the end when they discover the person building a tardis she puts her hand on it instead of Craig to save the doctor and Craig helps her and the doctor get together thanks! btw love your blog!💕Best one out there and take all the time u need xx

I know I made you wait this long, and I’m so sorry. But, as of May 23, I have graduated from high school! I have been working on this one for awhile and it’s super long because of it, I hope you don’t mind! I had fun writing this one. Enjoy!


“Hold on, Y/N, we’ve gotta land the TARDIS. She’s overheating!” The Doctor screamed over the screeching of the TARDIS’ parking break.

You held tightly to the railings of the stairs while screaming back “But what about the buffet?”

“We’ve been traveling too much. Just like you and I need sleep, the TARDIS needs her rest. And she needs it NOOOOOW!” The TARDIS jerked abruptly and you could feel the box was falling rather than landing. The TARDIS stabilized for a moment and you climbed up the last couple steps to try and get a hold of the console.

You were footsteps away, until the TARDIS lurched you backwards and you were somersaulting. The room was spinning so fast—with all the colors blending together—it made you queasy. The front doors were forced open suddenly by your feet. While tumbling outside you heard the Doctor call out your name over your grunting.

Your stomach dropped at the thought of free-falling to your death, but it was too late; you could feel the wind on your neck. You struggled to grab the ledge of the floor and was certain it was the end. You never even had the chance to—


You felt a pointy object scratching at your face, which you knew to be grass. After your head stopped spinning, you opened your eyes to find out that you weren’t in fact falling to your death, but laying belly-down on an unknown front lawn. Behind the blue box was a road that framed a neighborhood full of identical flats, only differing in color.

“Y/N! Are you okay?” The Doctor sprinted out to check on you, helping you to your feet.

“I’m fine. Good thing we landed when we did.” You looked down at the base of the TARDIS, which was at least half a foot into the earth from the impact, and looked at the Doctor. “I need to go back inside and grab something.” You barely took one step before there was a small explosion coming from inside, and the Doctor pulled you back.

The doors swung themselves shut and the sound of popping and bumping leaked it’s way out. “Thanks.” You pat his shoulder. “Why are you smiling?” The Doctor was facing the flat that we had landed by.

He clapped his hands excitedly. “I know where we are!” And before you could ask where, he took your arm and dragged you to the front door of the flat. He pushed the doorbell button and awaited an answer while rocking on his heels. Inside the muffled echo of foot steps were nearing the doors and growing louder.

The door swung open and the Doctor threw his hands in the air. “Surprise!” The man who opened the door blinked in shock.

“Doctor?” He finally uttered after a minute of pure silence.

“Yes!” The Doctor lightly kissed both of the man’s cheeks in greeting. “And this is, Y/N, my companion.” He introduced and you gave a little wave. “Y/N, Craig. Craig, Y/N.”

Craig shook your hand. “It’s… nice to see you, but what are you doing here?”

The Doctor placed his hand on Craig’s shoulder. “I just thought I’d stop by, see how you and Stormageddon and Sophie were doing.” You glanced at him with a What-the-heck-are-you-talking-about frown.

Craig looked past you two at the TARDIS, which had some smoke puffing out the doors. “Doctor, it’s been years since we last met. Alfie is–”

“Daddy?” A small head appeared from behind Craig and the Doctor’s eyes lit up.

“Is this him?”

“Daddy, who are these people?” The boy, only about 5 or 6, tugged on his father’s shirt nearly pouting and in turn was lifted off the ground.

“This is your Aunty Y/N and your Uncle…”

“John!” You answered with a smile; going for his not-so-inconspicuous alias.

“Yeah, your aunty and uncle were just visiting. Come on in.” He guided you two inside and shut the door. “Sophie! We have visitors!” On the way to a door way on the other end of the hall, you caught yourself looking at the pictures hanging up on the wall. The pictures all contained Craig and another woman, who you figured was Sophie, and progressed to pictures of a pregnant Sophie, then baby Alfie. The pictures seemed to capture all their emotions perfectly, and smiled.

“Craig? Was Alfie asking for ice cream? I already told him it’d spoil his appetite.” In the kitchen was the woman from the photographs, Sophie, and her hair was up in a very messy bun that was almost no longer a bun. Her eyes then shifted to us. “Doctor?” Sophie blinked. “And who’s this?” You introduced yourself.

“Do we have that room cleaned out?” Craig set Alfie down.

“Yes but,” Sophie glanced over at us, “it’s not prepared for visitors…”

“Sorry, again, about the sudden… erm, visit.” You apologized and elbowed the Doctor lightly.

“Yes. Now, there isn’t an upstairs floor, right?” Craig and Sophie laughed, and the Doctor kept a straight face.

“No, Doctor, there’s no upstairs for sure.” Craig patted the Doctor’s shoulder and then faced Sophie. “I’ll go get that room ready.”


For the next month you both stayed in the flat waiting for the TARDIS to repair herself; it must’ve been a pretty bad blow if it was taking this long to repair. Honestly, you thought she’d run much better if the Doctor didn’t leave the parking break on, but he insisted on doing so because the noise was cool to him.

It wasn’t surprising that strange things started to happen while you were there. It all started when you were sitting on the back porch early in the morning, with a cup of tea in hand. The birds were just starting to being their songs, and the low hum of the insects could be heard. The sun was just beginning to rise, and movement to your right caught your eye. You thought nothing of it, and continued to drink your tea. It was probably a bird… You thought to yourself. The others started to wake up and you went inside.

“Doctor, can we go do something?” You asked him with a slight whine.

“I’d love to, but what can we do?”

You’d been travelling with him for so long that you didn’t know what to do other than your usual adventurous endeavors. For your it was strange having to come back to the “real world,” and try to do normal things. “We could go on a walk, or go to the park with Alfie and Craig!”

“That sounds like a great idea.” Sophie sighed and the Doctor shrugged.

“Sure! Why not?” He looked to Craig for his opinion.

“I’ll go get Alfie ready.” In about 10 minutes you were all headed out the door with something in your guys’ hands. Alfie had the football, the Doctor held some snacks, you held the water bottles, and Craig held Alfie’s hand. “The park’s just a couple blocks away.”

Once at the park, Craig let Alfie free to do whatever he wanted while he supervised from a nearby bench, and you walked around on the footpath with the Doctor. “So, after the TARDIS is done with repairs, where do you want to go?”

You looked down at your feet in thought. This was like the equivalent to What do you want for dinner? and having no idea. You’d gone to many places with the Doctor, it was hard to tell when and where you wanted to go. You always ended up choosing some importance piece of history that you were interested in, and the Doctor never fully understood why. He’d always say something like, “There’s endless amounts of planets and universes, and you choose to stick with Earth?”

“I don’t know… Why don’t you surprise me?” You shrugged.

“You sure there’s nowhere you really want to go?”

“I’m sure…” You looked at the playground to notice that even as early as it was, there were at least a dozen kids playing. Alfie caught sight of you, and waved excitedly. With a smile you waved back; this past month you’d really bonded with Alfie. Since Sophie was at work most of the day, you’d offered to act as babysitter.

You headed over to Craig to join him on the bench, and Alfie ran your guys’ way.

“Aunty Y/N, will you play football with me?” You looked down and set your hand on his head.

“I’m not the greatest when it comes to sports, kiddo.” You answered with a nervous chuckle.

“But your uncle over here is great at football.” Craig quickly interjected. You raised a brow.

Alfie didn’t even wait for an answer. “Let’s go!” He dragged the Doctor to the sparse field and started to kick the ball back and forth. You sat down next to Craig and watched the two boys play together. Soon the Doctor kicked the ball up in the air and showed off some tricks like bouncing the ball between his knees or balancing it on his head. He looked over at you and grinned with a little wave.

“He likes you, you know.” Craig’s voice interrupted your thoughts and you looked away from both the Doctor and Craig. “I can tell. Sophie can tell. Hell, even Alfie is convinced you two are married.”

“You really think so?” You rubbed the fabric of your coat with your pointer finger and thumb nervously.

He sighed. “I know so. It’s all in the way he talks about you, and he’s always giving you ‘the look.’”

“’The look?’ I don’t think he likes me. I don’t do anything but follow him around. He’s always doing the saving and I’m always doing the following.”

He  didn’t have the chance to reply because the Doctor was running back to your bench. “Alfie says he needs to go to the little boys’ room. I’m not quite sure what that means but I assume you do.” He gave his usual little I-don’t-really-know-honestly laughs and Craig got up. “Alfie!” The Doctor called as he turned around and there was no response. “Alfie?” Craig froze.

His eyes wandered to the Doctor, once filled with fear and worry now with fury. “Where is my son, Doctor?”

“He was behind me–I swear!”

“H couldn’t have gone far, let’s go!” You  put a hand on their shoulders and ran to the field where they were playing. “Alfie!”


“Alfie! Where are you?”

The only response was kids playing on the playground. You ran from one end of the park to the other, desperately calling for Alfie You were about to turn back, but then caught a quick glance of his familiar red coat. Your heart started to race “Alfie!” He didn’t seem to hear, and continued to walk towards a little shed-like building. “Guys!” The other two ran towards you.

“Where is he? Did you find him?” Craig looked around hopefully.

“He went into that little building. You think it’s the bathrooms?”

“The nearest bathrooms are about a block away…” Craig started to run, and the Doctor looked over at you. His usual childish grin was plastered across his face.

“Somehow we always end up running, don’t we?”

“It seems so, doesn’t it?” You shook your head with an eye roll and followed Craig.

“Alfie!” Craig was pounding on the door of the small building. “Doctor!” He needn’t say anymore, because the Doctor whipped out his sonic screwdriver and unlocked the door in seconds. Craig ran in and almost immediately sprinted to his son, who was sitting on the floor with his knees pulled to his chest, head hidden from view. “Alfie, I’m here!”

Craig was suddenly thrown away from Alfie, and was being pulled by a force towards what looked like a console. You realized that it was bigger on the inside, much like the TARDIS. “Doctor!” He yelled, and the Doctor was ready to leap and save him. However, you beat him to it and pushed him towards Alfie with all your strength.

“Y/N, no!” The Doctor nearly tripped when he realized what you were doing. You honestly had no idea what was going on, but knew you needed to move Craig out of the way. The Doctor took a hold of your arm and tried to resist the invisible force pulling you towards the console which had an indentation strikingly similar to the shape of a hand. “What are you doing?”

“I’m done with sitting around waiting for you to save me or anyone! I want to help! I want to be important!” You cried and the Doctor stopped pulling.

“But you are important, Y/N. You’re important to me,” the force pulled harder on the two of you, “and I’m not going to let you think otherwise.” Your hand was just inches from the console. “Now, when your hand touches this, it’s going to hurt like no other pain you’ve ever felt. I need you to focus on the idea of staying. I don’t care where, but you need to feel like you really want to stay put wherever you are.” You nodded, and he let your hand come in contact with the console.

He was right: It hurt like hell. You did as he said and focused on staying. You wanted to stay with the Doctor, in the TARDIS, and continue with the life you had started with him. You didn’t want to go back to your life before, you wanted to stay with the Doctor; he was your best friend.

You heard a loud pop and saw a flash of light and realized that the invisible force was lifted from you. You freed your hand and hugged the Doctor. “You did good, Y/N.” He patted your back.

“Let’s head home, I think that we all deserve a little break.” Craig interrupted and you let go of the Doctor.


When you returned, Craig informed Sophie on your guys’ adventure, and she flipped. After ten minutes of worrying, she sent Alfie off to his room to play and sunk into one of the dining room chairs with a long frustrated sigh. You turned to leave the room, but Craig ran after you. “Y/N.” He guided you out to the hallway.

“What’s wrong?”

“Take these,” he handed you some small pieces of paper, “they’re coupons for this place Soph and I like to go to.”

“What–” You tried to return them.

“Go, take the Doctor.” He insisted and you looked up into the kitchen. The Doctor was attempting to prepare lunch for Sophie, and was miserably failing. 

“Fine.” You stuffed the coupons in your pocket and ran back into the kitchen. “C’mon, Doctor, we’re heading out.”

“Where?” He took your hand with confusion.

“On a date!”

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Doctor Who and the Green-Eyed Monster

As we look back at Series 8 two years later, it’s amazing how many people back then - and today, to be honest - seem not to notice how a good chunk of the season had to do with the Twelfth Doctor’s jealousy about Clara and how he ultimately overcame that jealousy and how he was rewarded with another chance to be with Clara. Continued after the jump.

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Imagine you telling the Doctor a story about a girl who grew up being bullied, shamed, and broke down for what she believed in by people all around her. And how she used to let it eat her alive. Then one day she met someone who showed her no one else’s opinions matter but her own and those of the people she loved. Then imagine the Doctor’s face changing when he realizes the story was about you.

“That story, it was about you?”
“Why didn’t you tell me someone was bothering you I could’ve helped!”
“What, by parking the TARDIS on them. The point of the story was to tell you I’m fine now and thank you.”
“… If anything else like than happens again you better tell me.”
“I will, I will!”

OK, the Twelfth Doctor will come back to Coal Hill in Class

Guess what? He will remember it was where his granddaughter stayed for a while. He will remember it was where his friend Ian and Barbara worked. 

Maybe he will even remember it was where he was once being a caretaker.

But he will not understand why he always automatically steps into one particular classroom.

He will not understand why he stops on hearing the name of Jane Austen.

He will not understand why he chooses to park the TARDIS in a cupboard, on Wednesday, every time, while there’re so many options. 

Some students who knew him will stop and say to him, “I’m sorry for Miss Oswald.” Oswald who? He will ask himself, and feel in his chest the emptiness and pain at the same time. And he will never understand why.


It’s been two months now, when you last time saw the Doctor. You had a fight. It was big enough to make you think. Think things like you should start to live your normal life. Get married, get a job and have some kids. Traveling all the time with the Doctor is just enough for you now. You have got enough. It was so wonderful, but also very dangerous. And all fights..you had those so often. It’s hard to forget all those fights you had with the Doctor. You just want to be safe least for a while so you left the Doctor behind. It was hard of course, because you love him. Sadly you never told him that.

Tomorrow is your wedding day. Doctor is probably coming. You can feel it. He is coming. You are excited, but also very nervious. 

On next day, on your wedding day you can see out the window, that Tardis being parked in your garden. It’s him, a mad man you have been waiting for. You are running though your house to the outside to your garden. Doctor comes out of the Tardis and sees you immediately next to him. He slowly comes to you with sad looking face.

“Hello.” -11th

“Doctor you came.” -You

“I heard you are getting married today with your loved one.” -11th

“Yes…I- I’m so sorry, sorry for everything!” -You

You are trying to hold your cry, but you can’t. Tears are ruining your makeup, but you don’t care about that at all. Doctor gives you a hug saying

“ Ow sweetheart, it’s okay. I’m so sorry too. Those fights we had..I’m sorry.“ -11th

“I came just to say, that I love you. So much.-11th

“Doctor I love you too!” -You

You just can’t stop crying. Doctor hugs you more tightly. You are saying “Please, stay. Raggedy man don’t go.” -You

He says softly “Shhh..(y/n), don’t worry I won’t.“ -11th  

“And by the way, you look very beautiful in your wedding dress.” -11th

“Aw thank you.” -You *smiling brightly with tears on cheeks*

I really loved to do this one! :3

For atomicpeacekryptonite !

Goodbye, Sweetie.

River grasped the Doctor’s hand tightly.  They had been preparing for this moment, but she still couldn’t bear it.  From the remote look on his face, neither could he.

The TARDIS was parked outside of her little house near the university.  After they had watched the sunrise on Darillium, the Doctor had brought her home.

“Doctor, you have to tell me, will I really never see you again?”

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anonymous asked:

prompt: doctor rose threesome partner of your choice ;-)

ten/rose. sorry anon…i literally cannot. i’m too wedded to the idea of them needing only one another lol

Rose burst out laughing. “I can’t believe you didn’t realise!”

His eyebrows jumped up his forehead. “Listen, I just thought she was being friendly - how was I supposed to know what she really meant?”

She bumped her shoulder into his, and they walked unsteadily in the direction of where they’d parked the TARDIS earlier in the evening. “She was pretty obvious about it, Doctor.”

“Not from where I was standing!”

“She literally asked us both back to her bedchamber.”

“Well, we’d just been talking about chess! I assumed she meant she wanted a match. Oh, I don’t know.” He glanced at her, saw her struggling to control her giggles, and elbowed her in the side. “Stop laughing at me.”

“My poor innocent Time Lord,” she sighed happily, looping her arm through his.

He sniffed, then glanced down at her again. “Yours, eh?”

“Well, you’re no one else’s.”

The Doctor stopped walking to reply, but she tugged him along the path anyway. He let her remark go without comment.

“You know, if I’d had just a little bit more to drink, I probably could’ve been persuaded,” she said, after giving a thoughtful hum.

His eyes widened, and he stumbled when she veered to the right in her drunken ambulation. “Really?”

Rose shrugged. “She was pretty…”

“Yes, but - really?” he asked, in disbelief.

She looked up at him and smiled sheepishly. “Probably not.”

He sighed in relief.

“I mean, theoretically it could’ve been a fun night.”

“Theoretically,” he nodded.

“But I’m not really interested in involving anyone else.”

The Doctor’s pulse quickened. “That, Rose Tyler, implies you are, at least, interested in something involving you and I.”

“Where did we park the TARDIS? We’ve been walking for ages, you sure it was around here?”

“We’ll find her in a minute,” he dismissed her concern, waving his hand about vaguely. “Now, back to what you were saying.” He drew her to a stop, unlinking their arms to turn and meet her gaze. She was biting her lip and blushing a bit, and he couldn’t resist leaning in to tease, “So it’s a no to the frankly rather presumptuous Queen Jaraplazi. Anyone else you’ve got your eye on?”

Rose reached between them to play with his jacket lapel, and shrugged one shoulder shyly. “Always got my eye on someone.”

“Lots of different someones or…someone specific?” He waggled his eyebrows.

She laughed. “You wouldn’t be asking this if you weren’t tipsy.”

“Maybe not,” he admitted, sliding his arm around her waist. “But I’d still want an answer.”

Her eyes flickered to his lips then back up. “You already know the answer.”

The Doctor smiled. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. Thing is, I’m not drunk enough to forget about this in the morning.”

“Me neither.”

She raised her chin, bringing her mouth closer to his. “And I won’t want to pretend this didn’t happen.”

“Me neither,” he whispered, closing his eyes.

“If we kiss right now, it’ll mean something,” she said, and it was a final warning, he could tell from the tone of her voice.

“Yes,” he agreed, and she gave in, closing the gap between them.

He could feel her bottom lip trembling in excitement as he took it between his own, and it sent a fluttering but otherwise indescribable feeling down to his stomach. Happiness, maybe, was part of it. Lust - obviously. Relief that it was finally happening, and that he didn’t feel guilty for it.

She made a small noise in her throat, winding her arms around his neck to pull him closer, and he tightened his hold on her waist. They were still minutes away from the TARDIS, he realised, when he broke the kiss to let her catch her breath. Better rectify that. 

“We should head home,” he murmured, giving her waist a squeeze.

Rose beamed. “Nowhere I’d rather go.”

He smiled back at her as he took her hand. “We don’t need Queen Jaraplazi around to have a fun night.”

She giggled and leaned into him as they resumed their walk. “We really don’t.”

Jigsaw - a Whouffaldi Fic - Part 1

Author’s Note: This is just my own flavor of wishful thinking, pieced together with a few headcanons and ideas.

Summary: Because some pieces can’t be kept apart forever.  Post- Hell Bent reunion fic.  Part one of possibly three.

Rating: T

Warnings: Banter (banterbanter).  Possible feels.  The phrase “trans-dimensional booty call”.

Word Count: 1700

AO3 Link: Here

There’s a vacant lot somewhere in London.  A few meters of crumbled concrete and scrubby weeds stretched between a closed-down chip shop and a newsagent’s.  Only today, it’s not so vacant.  Today it’s home to an American-themed diner, because it’s where Clara Oswald has decided to park her TARDIS.  It takes up a good deal more space than a police box when it lands, but she’s become fairly adept at parking it after so long.  She doesn’t even scratch the paint.

She’s actually quite pleased with herself, at least until she opens the door to find six stray cats hissing at her from the linoleum floor.  The esteemed Lady Me is of absolutely no help, she just cackles, propping the front door open and watching with no shortage of amusement as Clara tries to usher them all out with a push broom.  The last one is the hardest, an ill-tempered ball of shaggy blueish-grey fuzz that yowls and spits and swipes at the broom anytime she gets too close with it.  Twice it tears past her to hide under one of the booths, swiping at her legs and gouging shallow cuts.  Nothing severe, easily cleaned, but they sting like hell and make her wish she’d not changed into the blue waitress uniform so soon.

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Earlier tonight I posted a picture of my Adric costume on my facebook page, which prompted my mother to send me a bunch of pictures of Adric I didn’t know she had!

I made this costume exclusively to wear to the Night at the Museum event my local museum was hosting, where guests could come to meet, take pictures with, and get autographs from different characters both from history as well as science fiction. It was a ton of fun getting to hang out with some of my Doctor Who friends, plus the TARDIS was parked right beside one of the large dinosaur skeletons which, I FEEL, totally helped me get into character, haha.

Special appearance by redscarfmina as River Song <3

He had to acknowledge that he got like this when he travelled alone. He tended to be a bit distracted, a bit wibbly. He began thinking about people he’d left behind, people he didn’t see any more for very good reasons. People like Donna. The Doctor-Donna, who had known him absolutely, for a little while, and who didn’t know any more who he was. And Martha Jones. Martha Jones who’d left him, rather than the other way around. Had to respect that.

Had to love it.

And then, yes, all right: he’d spent the last two weeks growing oak trees in a park the TARDIS had apparently generated at some point for reasons of its own. He’d caught himself using the artificial sun to make the branches grow into the word ‘Rose’, and hurriedly decided it was time to move on.

—  from Keeping Up With the Joneses by Nick Harkaway, part of the Doctor Who: Time Trips compilation
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