tardis merchandise

How to spot members of Fandoms in Public

Doctor Who: Tardis merchandise. Occasionally glaces nervously at nearby statue for no apparent reason

Gravity Falls: Draws triangles with an eye and bow ties nearly everywhere. Often mistaken for members of the Illuminati 

Homestuck: snickers at every mention of buckets and Faygo

Supernatural: Often spotted with pentagrams. Mistaken for members of Satanism

Steven Universe: Rocks. Lots and lots of Rocks

Marvel: Always speaks up when they see someone being mistreated. Often try to sulk away when sad mistreatment was an exaggeration or over acted joke

Warriors: Always has bag on their person to carry books. Is heard making cat noises

Fablehaven: Drinks every glass of milk put in front of them. Are unusually kind to chickens

Doctor Who edition

Hey folks! I’m overdue for another follower celebration and I had a lil bit of a shopping spree recently. So, here we go!

There are two prizes - the TARDIS hairbow and the Twelfth Doctor mini-pop keychain. Both are in the original packaging, unopened.

1st winner picks first and 2nd winner gets the remaining prize. I will ship wherever :-)

1. Must be following me
2. Must reblog. Likes don’t count as entries
3. I will count up to 5 reblogs per person but no more (I don’t want anyone to get spammed)

I’m giving this a full week so entries will be CLOSED on June 1st 2016