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hi! welcome back from the cone of science - i feel you, i still have testing left. anyway, can you write ten/rose telepathic bond fluff? it's my absolute favorite kind of fluff and it would help me get through this weekend. thanks!

Here you go! Good luck with the rest of your exams!!

The Doctor hummed idly as he lay underneath the central console of the TARDIS, making routine maintenance checks. But the ship was making it incredibly difficult for him to do so, as she kept flickering her lights and shocking his fingers.

“Oi, stop it!” he growled, sticking his index finger into his mouth after a particularly violent shock. “Or do you want to fall to bits on our next trip?”

“Oh, she’s not that worn down,” Rose said, and there was a clip of irritation in her voice.

Blimey, even Rose was annoyed with him.

“Yes, I’m annoyed!” she said exasperatedly, but the Doctor could feel the affection bubbling across their bond, so whatever it was she was angry about, it wasn’t too bad.

“I’m not exactly angry,” she said as the Doctor hoisted himself up from below the grating. The TARDIS had seen fit to turn off all the lights, making it impossible to continue his work. But there were still a few wires and bolts he needed to reattach, so until the ship decided to cooperate with him, he and Rose would be stuck in the Vortex.

“Well you’re both miffed about something,” he pouted, wiping his hands off on a nearby rag, and he smirked as he noticed Rose’s gaze drop to his bare forearms, where he’d rolled up his sleeves.

“Do you know what you’ve been humming for the past couple of hours?” Rose asked, forcing her eyes away from his arms.

The Doctor furrowed his brow, and finally the strands of the tune that had been stuck in his head all morning finally took shape.

It’s a small world after all…

He grinned sheepishly when Rose’s annoyance flared, as her mind added to the lyrics.

“You’ve had that bloody earworm for over two hours!” Rose said, and the Doctor could feel her attempting to shove that song to the back of her mind, but it kept inching forward. “No wonder the TARDIS won’t let you touch her. She’s about as sick of it as I am!”

“Sorry, love,” the Doctor said, but he was far too amused at the situation to be truly sorry.

“Git,” Rose grumbled, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“I am sorry it’s been annoying you,” he said a bit more earnestly, and he telepathically apologized to the TARDIS.

“Guess that’s a trade off for having you in my head,” she said, and a smile was tugging up the corners of her mouth.

“But worth it, right,” he said, plopping down on the jump seat beside her. They’d only had their bond for a little over a week, but already the Doctor couldn’t imagine not having her in his head.

“Definitely,” Rose agreed, tucking her head against his shoulder. “But next time, can you try to pick a less annoying earworm?”

Bernie/Serena prompt series 02

This was an anon ask that requested Feather, Singing, Origami. I really hope that this wasn’t a request for a fic that included all three, anon, because I mean…. how? Teehee. So here is the first one. Origami. For some reason, my mind immediately sprung into action sooooo here it is! Hope you enjoy it!

And thank you everyone that reblogged, liked and commented on the first instalment. You guys make my heart beat faster! Keep the prompts coming, I’m having a blast! Hope to have another one out tomorrow (before I go get blind drunk)plus an update for Collision and possibly The Clinic (depending on what time I start drinking….. just saying’…)

Brave New World: Chapter 02 - Origami Love

Prompt: Origami

Serena knew she was late as she rushed from the hospital and into her car. She checked her phone at a red light, six missed calls from Jason. She sighed. Tonight wasn’t going to be pretty. She had intended to be home on time but a last minute emergency had come in and as Bernie had the day off, she was the only surgeon at that moment on AAU that could perform the necessary surgery. It had been a hell of a day.

Despite the lateness, she made it home in record time. As she stepped through the door, she was surprised that Jason hadn’t been waiting in the hall for her.

“Jason?” She heard him laughing from the living room and the familiar sounds of the doctor who theme-tune. Serena quickly discarded her belongings and headed for the living room.

“It should go here,” Jason said in a loud and slightly impatient voice. Serena smirked and stood outside the closed door listening in to what he was saying. “I love this episode,” he said. “Don’t you? Those weird little boxes. I’d quite like one.”

“And risk heart failure?” a familiar voice said with a laugh.

“But they work for the Doctor now,” Jason said.

“So they’re just pointless blocks,” the voice said again. “Are you sure you want to hang these up now?”

Serena laughed softly and shook her head. She pushed open the door and observed the scene in front of her. “What on earth is going on in here?” The living room was a mess! Balls of paper littered the floor and hung from pieces of string taped to the walls and ceiling.

“Oh whoops…” Bernie turned and stared at Serena with wide eyes, a piece of string with balls of paper hanging from her hands.

“Hello aunty Serena,” Jason said with a bright smile. “Look,” he pointed to the balls of paper. “Bernie taught me how to do origami.”

Serena looked at the mess once more and then focused her eyes on Bernie. “Really?”

“Now wait,” Bernie dropped the string and jumped down from the chair. “Jason, why don’t you heat up you Serena’s dinner?”

“You’re late,” Jason said as he moved toward the door. “Thankfully Bernie was here.”

Serena sighed. “I’m sorry, Jason,” she said as she watched him leave the room.

Once they were alone, Bernie started talking. “I’m sorry for the mess,” she said quickly. “When I arrived he was already upset so I made dinner but…”

“It wasn’t how I make it,” Serena said knowingly.

“Heavens no! I mean he ate it but he still wouldn’t calm down,” Bernie sighed.

“And the origami?” Serena looked up above her and noticed that one of the small balls was actually a tiny paper turtle.

Bernie smiled. “Turns out your nephew is really good at it,” she said. “I knew a soldier who used to make them when he got anxious. The process and precision focused his mind.” She shrugged. “Jason likes rules and procedures. I thought it would help him.”

Serena smiled and looked back up at the pieces hanging from the ceiling. Fish, spiders, frogs, stars, planes, cranes; the list went on. “He made all these?” She asked.

“Yes,” Bernie smiled again. “He wanted to put them on string so we could hang them above the beds on the children’s ward.”

Serena paused at that and turned to look at Bernie. “He said that?” The other woman nodded. There was something building up in Serena’s chest, something that threatened to burst out. “I don’t know why that makes me feel so happy,” she smiled and Bernie laughed.

“Well you won’t be happy for much longer,” Bernie pressed a kiss to Serena’s lips before she moved back to the piece of string she’d dropped when Serena walked in. “Jason is royally pissed with you.”

Serena rolled her eyes but she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. Even after Jason had berated and lectured her on the importance of punctuality, she still felt that happy bubble ready to explode in her chest.

Later that evening, once Jason had calmed and no one could stand up straight for fear of being strangled by the origami garlands, Serena marvelled at how her life had turned out. She couldn’t remember a time when she’d truly been this happy or when she didn’t have a shred of doubt in her mind about the future. Serena decided she quite liked it.

Bernie was sitting in front of the sofa, her back resting partially on the sofa and Serena’s legs while Jason lay across the floor.

“I like Peter Capaldi,” Jason said over his shoulder. “He has a good mixture of classic and new Who.”

“I’m rather partial to Matt Smith,” Bernie said. “I like his dress sense.”

“I’ll never understand Doctor Who,” Serena shook her head and Bernie playfully slapped her knee.

“I found instructions for an origami TARDIS,” Jason sat up quickly and held up his phone. “Sorry aunty Serena, but Bernie is my friend for tonight. I’ll return her after we’ve made a sufficient amount.”

Serena laughed. Yes, her life had turned out very different to how she expected but she was happier than she’d ever been. Her odd little family and the warm bubble in her chest were everything she’d been searching for.

In that moment, her life was perfect. Serena decided she loved it.

Meep. I seem to be throwing up fluff and good feelings. I blame you guys. You asked for this. It’s all your fault…. wait…. there isn’t a problem here…. I need to sleep…

Never a Dull Moment

{ for @legendslikestardust drabble prompt ‘kerfuffle’ }

Four/Rose (I had meant for this to be TenToo but suddenly Four was there so I went with it.)

Fluff, Romance, Silliness

A royal problem in a market town.

{ AO3 }{ FFN }

Rose was sitting at the outdoor cafe, drinking something that was close to tea yet somehow, not actually tea, or at least not like any tea she was familiar with.  It was hot but with champagne like bubbles and left the lingering taste of forest berries.  It was not at all unpleasant and she was considering asking the Doctor if they could get some to take back to the TARDIS. When through their marriage bond her husband asked, 'Are you nearly finished with your tea, love?’

'Yes, why?’

That was when she heard the shouting.

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Why do you dislike moffat?

Thank you so much for asking instead of sending me hate for my opinons. That’s very kind of you. 

I’m going to focus on Moffat’s writing in DW, as that is the most I know and ifnd the biggest problem with.

Now I’m going to put a disclaimer before I get hounded that yes, RTD’s Doctor Who was problematic as well. However, I preferred it and think RTD’s dw did much better with representation of women, poc, and lgbtqia+. 

That being said, let’s start from the very beginning (a very good place to start): Moffat’s episodes of DW in the RTD era. 

  • The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances = I must admit, I do care for these episodes a great deal. I’d say it’s my favorite Moffat episode. They’re interesting and cute and introduce Captain Jack Harkness. Overall, they’re very good. The only problem I truly have is the characterization of Rose in these episodes. Rose Tyler is brave, adventurous and compassionate. She shows compassion when she talks to Nancy about how it’s not the end of the world (No Nancy, Rose saw the end of the world 8 episodes ago). However, her purpose is really diminished to being a love interest/ damsel in distress- to the Doctor and Captain Jack. This episode also introduces the highly coveted phrase “Just his once…everybody lives!” which is powerful coming from the first regeneration after the Time War. However, it sets up Moffat’s future avoidance of consequences.
  • The Girl in the Fireplace- This episode, however, I’m very critical of. It is misogynistic, confusing and extremely out-of character on all accounts. First of all, it introduces Madame de Pompadour, who was an incredible historical figure, but it doesn’t mention her achievements. It really only ties her to two men: King Louis XV and The Doctor. Rose is once again placed as a damsel in distress/ love interest, and is wildly ignored by the Doctor. The Doctor leaves her repeatedly, once being permanently. This is the episode directly after the following quote was stated:

ROSE:  You just leave us behind. Is that what you’re going to do to me? 
DOCTOR: No. Not to you. 

Uh, okay, Doctor. Just leave her the very next episode. And when you’re back, hardly realize she’s there. The entire Doctor/ Rose dynamic contrasts hugely with the rest of the season. When the next episode begins with the Doctor and Rose laughing on the couch in the TARDIS console room, it almost gives a person whiplash, like “Oh, so we’re back to them being in love. Was that put on pause or-?" 

Another problem is the ever-quoted line of Madame de Pompadour’s when she says to Rose "One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel.” It’s said with an air of triumph and finality, and it silences Rose. “You and I both know, Rose, the Doctor is worth the monsters.”



ROSE DIDN’T TRAVEL WITH THE DOCTOR FOR HIM OR BECAUSE SHE TOLERATED THE ADVENTURES FOR HIM. SHE IS ADVENTUROUS, AND SHE TRAVELS FOR THE MONSTERS. As she says in The Parting of the Ways “You take a stand, you say no!” She traveled to help people, to see the universe, and to have the courage to stop wrongdoings. The Doctor was a bonus.

  • Blink- This episode is pretty good. I only have two issues with it. First of all, romanticized stalking? Kathy Nightingale is sent back to 1920, and the man she first meets she marries. The following dialogue is shown: “Are you following me?” “Yeah, I am.” “Are you going to stop following me?” “No.” Yeah, that’s kinda creepy.Anyway, my second issue is with this is not with the episode itself. It’s that later on, the established lore about weeping angels is trashed.Suddenly, something not made of stone can be an angel for dramatic effect (Statue of Liberty), the angels move when people are looking at them, or don’t move when people look away. or they grab people but don’t zap them back (River’s wrist in The Angels Take Manhatten and Clara’s ankle in The TIme of the Doctor). 
  • Silence in the Library/ The Forest of the Dead - I don’t acutally have something to say here. I don’t like that Miss Evangelista had the dichotomy of brains or beauty- they aren’t mutually exclusive. Making her ugly when in the simulation was unnecessary. On top of that, The Doctor shoved River Song on a shelf. She isn’t dead. She is stuck in a virtual reality, and that’s just wrong to me. It’s also a bit insulting to suggest her soul was held in that little device before he uploaded it.

Now onto when Moffat took over the show in series 5 up until the present (and going). Here’s where is becomes a big bag of wibbly wobbly nonsensical-wensical plot holes and misogyny.

  • Continuity errors/nonsensical things (I’m just going to list them):
  1. Eleven not having any regeneration energy until “The Time of the Doctor”- Wasn’t his death kinda the whole point of season 6? DIdn’t River give him her regeneration energy? Also, if he had no regerations left, how did he start to regenerate by Lake Silencio? How did he heal River’s wrist with regeneration energy in The Angels Take Manhatten (even if he had regeneration energy at that point, how was he able to just summon it and heal a person? That’s never been able to happen before.)
  2. Ten’s Sonic screwdriver was destroyed in “Smith and Jones.” It was also destroyed when he regenerated. Eleven’s sonic is completely different (also, didn’t he acquire the sonic? How was the TARDIS able to make one?) from Ten’s. So, how did the calculations transfer in “The Day of the Doctor”?
  3. “If they return they’ll come in peace” “If you love him”(said of the TIme Lords in The Time of the Doctor). THE TIME LORDS ARE NOT PEACEFUL AND THEY DO NOT LOVE THE DOCTOR. He fought with them. He was that weirdo renegade. The Time Lords were “just as bad as the Daleks” in the end. They were trying to destroy all of time.
  4.  The Day of the Doctor vs. The End of Time. The Day of the Doctor completely erases The End of Time. Yes, we already knew Gallifrey was in a bubble/pocket universe of sorts in “The End of Time” but the time lords were trying to destroy the entire universe.The time lock was also meant to stay.
  5. The Doctor is suddenly so against genocide when he engineered the human race to assault the Silence on sight. Double standard.
  6. If something becomes fixed in time because they read it, then woudn’t the genocide of the time lords be a fixed point, considering Clara read the book on the Time War in Journey to the Center of the TARDIS? (or just the fact that the book exists??? Also, why would River write the story of her parents int he Melody Melone book? She could have not written the book and they’d be fine.
  7. IF the image of an angel becomes an angel, then wouldn’t the statue of liberty angels be EVERYWHERE since it’s a huge landmark?
  8. Why would the Silence be made to be priests for confessionals? I’m not catholic, so correct me if I’m wrong, but why would a person want to forget that they confessed/what they confessed?

There are more, but that’s all I will say for now.

  • Misogyny
  1. Eleven is a Doctor of sexual assault- of Jenny, Rory, Tasha Lem, and Clara. The first three he grabs and kisses without consent, and it’s made into a joke. When Tasha Lem protests with “Kiss me when I ask you!” the Doctor says “You better ask nicely.” Way to make a joke out of actual issues of consent, Moffat. It’s also worthy to note that Rory and Jenny are married. What’s truly worrying is the young boys who watch this and idolize the Doctor. 
  2. When Rory gets distracted when looking up Amy’s skirt, the Doctor tells Amy to dress better, not that Rory did anything wrong. That’s disgusting objectification.
  3. The Doctor didn’t let Amy be in charge of her body. in season 6 he didn’t tell her his suspicions that she was a doppleganger or that she was pregnant. Why tell a woman facts of her bodily autonomy? It was all used for a ~plot twist.~ Overall, season 6 reduced Amy to being a uterus: she had a child, she was a damsel in distress, and from there it’s about the child. And Moffat doesn’t even give her the depth to keep that child, or to show the emotional repercussions of how traumatizing the situation must have been. When the trauma is finally brought to the light in Asylum of the Daleks, it’s all about Rory and how what happened to her hurt him.
  4. River Song is left in jail to rot unless the Doctor needs her. She breaks her own wrist to convenience him because it would make him unhappy.Her whole story is all over the place and nonsensical to me. I know this is harsh, but in my own experience, I always felt really indifferent to both Amy and River. I tried to like them, I really did. But I just couldn’t.

Once again, there is more, but this is all that comes to mind.

And I feel like this deserves it’s own category- 

  • “Gallifrey Falls No More” - While there is a lot of potential with having other time lords in the picture, this was just cheap, in my opinion. It reduces and cheapens the emotional weight of the past seven seasons, and all the pain the Doctor went through. The Ninth Doctor’s redemption arc and finding love/healing, was all for nothing. The Tenth Doctor’s pain, stoicism, and later insanity that led him to become the Time Lord Victorious - nothing. Eleven’s quiet burning and fury- oh, silly Doctor, he just forgot! It takes away the emotional weight, and makes it a joke on the Doctor’s memory, because Gallifrey is still okay! On top of that, it changes the Doctor’s character, from Fell-Fotch Blon Slitheen saying in “Boom Town” that “only a murderer would know such things” to Nine and so many other occurrences where we know he’s “like fire and ice and rage”, it is minimalized into an attribution error. The Doctor isn’t suddenly capable of such things. Additionally, as previously stated, the Time Lords were not gentle. They were not kind or a wholesome people. They were not victims in the TIme War. As Cas said in “The Night of the Doctor”, they were just as bad as the Daleks, to the point where she would rather die than be saved by a Time Lord. The Time Lords, like Rasilon, were ruthless and wanted to unravel the entire universe. Oh, but think of the children!

Where are the consequences? Where are the sacrifices? Where is the grief? Everybody lives, indeed, and when they don’t, it’s a soft and comfortable death - like Amy and Rory’s in The Angels Take Manhattan. 

Anyway, thanks for asking. I’m sorry this got away from me. Feel free to disagree, these are just the things that have bothered me and made me enjoy the show so much less than I would want to.  Also, people have stated the above complaints so much better than I, and even more things, but it’s all that came to mind.

Hakuna Matata (Or the Art Of Time Lord Maintenance)

Summary - It’d been an anxious three weeks since their reunion—dark, uncertain days spent steeped in redefined boundaries and more cold showers than the trio would care to mention. That they’d refrained until now had been an act of necessity, but with their actions growing desperate as they sought the perfect angle, it soon became apparent that they couldn’t—wouldn’t—wait a minute longer.

Beta - The always fantastic kelkat9


“I can feel your heart beat,” the Time Lord whispered, ghosting a kiss to the side of her neck. “You can feel it too, can’t you, Rose Tyler? That slight rise in blood pressure? The way your pulse quickens at my touch? And the smell…” His entire body shuddered. “Do you know what you smell like, Rose?”

Mutely, she shook her head.

“You smell like honey,” murmured the other, his arm tight around her waist. “Honey, and time, and…” The Tardis lights flickered. “…pheromones.”

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I was wondering how you felt about Clara. It just seems to me like she is much less developed than any of the other companions and really has no character other than "that girl who literally exists for the doctor," instead of herself. I know (cont)

(Cont) that the companion’s lives revolving around the doctor is a common theme in Doctor Who but with the others it seems like they had more substance and character than just being with the Doctor, but not Clara. At least, not yet. Thoughts?

So, so many thoughts.

The main theme of Clara’s tenure so far has been “potential.” Her potential was an enormous part of her narrative arc in Series 7. We (the audience and the Doctor) knew that Clara was somehow an extraordinary individual, but when we properly meet her for the first time in London she’s just your average girl. This drives the Doctor to obsession, as he tries to figure out exactly who Clara is and how she exists at different points throughout time and space. All along she was just your average, ordinary girl, but she had the potential to do something extraordinary under the right circumstances.

Potential was a recurring theme in many of her episodes. There was that tortured souffle metaphor based off of her mother’s saying that “a souffle isn’t a souffle; a souffle is a recipe.” The recipe is the potential souffle, and how you apply it changes the final end product; the original Clara was the recipe and the potential for the other Clara’s, and due to her sacrifice and the various conditions under which the other Clara’s lived, they all were just a little bit different.

Then there was the recurring leaf motif. The leaf was potential. Thanks to the exact right sequence of events, it brought her parents together, which allowed Clara to be born so that one day she could commit an extraordinary act to save the Doctor. It also symbolized her mother’s missed potential, after she died tragically young.

Unfortunately, missed potential is the phrase I’d use to describe Clara. Her characterization lurches from one episode to the next, and every time she obtains a unique ability or special knowledge, she immediately loses it.

There’s very few character traits that carry over with Clara from episode to episode. The most prominent are her mothering tendencies and her bossiness. And, yes, I know we’re supposed to “ban bossy,” but I use the word “bossy” because I think her controlling, assertive tendencies are specifically written to be grating and/or cutesy, rather than positive. I’m thinking specifically of the time she argues with the TARDIS (something specifically written to be catty—at one point Clara calls the TARDIS a cow), her self-characterization in “The Time of the Doctor” as a “bubbly personality masking bossy control freak,” and Steven Moffat’s off-putting eagerness to “mess her around” and put her in a situation she can’t control.

But most of the time, I find Clara lurches from trope to trope. At first she’s the super-genius computer geek, then the self-sacrificing mother figure, then the Independent Girl calling the TARDIS a “snog box,” until finally she’s the jilted girl with an unrequited romance.

Now, I’m not a big believer in suddenly giving a character magic powers and saying that’s the only thing that makes her special. I’m a big fan of the companion’s discovering their own strength in extraordinary circumstances and putting their existing skills to use (even Donna Noble, best temp in Chiswick, who never thought her skills would be useful). But I’m equally disturbed by the plot giving Clara super-special skills and then removing them immediately from her when it’s no longer convenient for the plot, or so that they can just get her to say a line for a promo piece.

This has happened three separate times that I can think of. First she gets the super-tech skills in “The Bells of Saint John” that surpassed even the Doctor’s own skills, but she doesn’t get to keep those once the episode is completed. Then in “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” she discovers the Doctor’s identity just long enough to get fans riled by the line “So that’s who,” but she doesn’t get to remember that knowledge. Finally, she walks into the Doctor’s timestream, splintering herself along the Doctor’s life, and seeing him in all of his past regenerations. For a brief moment in “The Name of the Doctor” she appears to indicate that the original Clara has recollection of these past lives as she’s falling through his timesteam, but in “The Day of the Doctor,” she appears to barely remember this experience, and in the teaser trailer for Series 8 we have a distraught Clara saying, “I don’t think I know who the Doctor is anymore.”

First of all, I don’t even understand how this line is going to come about given what we know to be canon. How completely different is the Twelfth Doctor going to be that Clara, who has directly interacted with THREE of his different regenerations, will be driven to say she doesn’t know who the Doctor is?

But for imagination’s sake, let’s think about how incredible it would be if Clara remembered all of her experiences with each Doctor? What if she remembered all of her alternative lives, and how they worked to save the Doctor? What if she was allowed to remember what each regeneration of the Doctor was like? How incredible would it be if, instead of putting Clara in a position where she will be confused, distraught, and apparently slightly afraid, she feels confident and truly in control of the situation thanks to her knowledge and insight?

Here’s the thing. I want to like Clara so badly. I see a lot of myself in pieces of her characterization. But I’m just consistently underwhelmed by her narrative. There is so much potential in her character that is completely underutilized, and it really disappoints me.