tardis interior

“Draw the background” they said, "It will be fun” they said. Oh god, it wasn’t fun at all, I’m so so tired of this, but I just had to draw the Tardis interior by myself. Doctor and Rose deserve the best.

Oh savallah, the days I’ve spent with this image, floating in my mind, because of You and this damn rpg. You have no idea. It belongs to You, along with my heart and soul.

If anyone was wondering, which galaxy is behind the Tardis, it’s this one, obviously. Is there any other?


Our sources can reveal that the TARDIS will receive a complete overhaul as it crashes into a planet infested with strange alien cyborg creatures who stalk children through the monitors n their stomachs.

Showrunner Moffat commented: “we wanted to get back to some of the childlike colourfulness that worked so well for Colin Baker, so show how Peter Capaldi is basically just a big softy.”

“Tinkering” - Digital Oil Painting

I kinda liked Eleven’s magical disco Tardis interior, hehe. This was a lot of work, with all the little details, but I just loved all the colors.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.


The original TARDIS interior.

We like to refer to it as a flat-pack kind of TARDIS because this nifty set is taken apart and put back whenever and wherever it wants. If there’s not enough room in the studio for the whole thing, they could just put up one wall and the console etc. Or seen in the bottom picture William Hartnell is even pretending to pull levers on the console that isn’t there. This meant more space for other sets.

And it’s shot from all angles and directions which gives the effect that there is a lot more space than there actually is. The doors can be shot on all sides. One thing we particularly love is that the doors do not match the outside doors. The classic TARDIS interior did not give any hint of the ordinary police box exterior, and the doors would open with a flick of a switch.

By the end of season two, you could see how battered the interior looked from being shifted about and put up and taken apart all the time. Some of the roundels looked punctured.  But despite the lack of money, the ship always managed to look alien like, and also large enough to be a convincing travelling machine and a home. It had beautiful decor with interesting objects, old fashioned things that contrasted so well with the white focus, and the banks of computers and scanner screen.

Other rooms in the TARDIS were the bedrooms with fold out orthopedic beds, and a sitting room, and a food machine station, and a modest (actually quite small) wardrobe.

The original designers did not have anything to go on, they created this stunning design from scratch and it suits the first Doctor so well.  The wandering alien in Edwardian dress living and drifting in a futuristic space ship with his granddaughter. They did such a terrific job.


The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 4]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

David Tennant is getting his first peek inside the TARDIS wardrobe. It’s actually the TARDIS control room - here, as always, in a warehouse in Newport - redressed with racks of clothes, a whole load of accessories and some tailor’s mannequins. Oh, and a Doctor Who scarf that Phil Collinson’s gran knitted when he was six! It all looks fab.

“Lots of frocks, aren’t there?” says David, gazing around in delight.

Maybe the Doctor was once a transvestite?

“Yes, somewhere in between his Sixth and Seventh incarnations,” he deadpans, pointing at a mannequin in a bright pink shell suit. “Ooh, I like that. That’s what the Eleventh Doctor will wear!”

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Tomorrow, David will record his ‘rifling through clothes and choosing his new costume’ scene, which is, for those in the know, a bit of a regeneration story tradition.

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I have so many questions about Lazy Town after seeing a few episodes.

* Is Sportacus a Time Lord? We know he’s #10, so does this mean he keeps regenerating? And is each Sportacus more proficient in one sport above all others? Ten clearly favors gymnastics, for example.

* Is Sportacus’s airship a TARDIS whose interior he just keeps rather small and spartan? I mean, sports equipment seems to pop out of nowhere whenever he calls for it. Could the ship really be bigger on the inside?

* Does this make Stephanie his companion (assistant for us old Whovians)? 

* Where is everyone in Lazy Town? Are they all indoors all day, or are the kids, Stephanie, the mayor and his assistant, and Robbie the only survivors of some horrible catastrophe like everyone being so lazy they die eating Ranch Doritos while binge-watching 24?

* Did Robbie realize somewhere between episodes 2 and 3 that he really does love exercising as long as it involves running around trying to “stop” someone’s plans?

* Notice I didn’t even ask if he had a crush on Sportacus, because I think that’s already a given?

* Does this mean Robbie is the Master? (I mean he did kinda clone himself one time so…)

* Why does an eight-year-old own and drive a car????