tardis crash

11th Doctor being hella dyspraxic.

Every one of the 11th Doctor’s movements was a challenge for him, however he figured out how to ‘drive’ his body pretty quickly once he got used to the lack of proprioception and poor coordination. One of his tricks for initiating movements was to put a lot of force behind it and then correcting himself once he got himself moving.

Sometimes a simple movement came off as flamboyant or exaggerated. This happened when he knew part or all of his body wasn’t going to obey his command and he had to over-correct to make it look like he intended to do it with flair. 

This is what his body did when he didn’t correct himself fast enough.


On this day in ‘Doctor Who’ history:

1851 - The Doctor meets a man he believes to be his next incarnation

1869 - The Doctor and Rose meet Charles Dickens in Cardiff and help a maid as she deals with her lifelong internal battle with the deceitful Gelth

1892 - The Doctor and friends face the Great Intelligence head on

1938 - The Doctor narrowly escapes from a hostile spaceship and is recovered by Madge Arwell

1941 - Madge Arwell and her children travel to a distant planet in 5345 through a present given to them by the Doctor

2006 - The newly-regenerated Doctor rests in bed in the Powell Estate as Earth is contacted by the Sycorax

2007 - Donna Noble is transported aboard the TARDIS by the excitation of an ancient particle. Diane Holmes leaves Owen Harper behind as she flies through the Cardiff rift with hopes of returning to 1953.

2008 - The TARDIS crashes into a replica of the Titanic in space

2009 - The Master is resurrected by the warriors of Saxon and the Doctor is reunited with Wilfred Mott

Fandom Conspiracy Theory

Okay, so I was watching “Jessica Jones” and it was as awesome as I thought it would be, but then I had this horrifying thought…

What if Kilgrave is the Tenth Doctor’s metacrisis?

No, seriously, though. The Metacrisis is pretty darn smart. We saw that. And if you believe deleted scenes to be canon, then we know that the Metacrisis also had a piece of the TARDIS. So say that he grew that piece, made his own TARDIS. And say, just for imagination’s sake, that telepathy was an ability he got from being however-much-percent Time Lord, which would explain his being able to control minds, if he let loose. AND SAY that Rose, dearest Rosie, who was basically the only person who probably really mattered to him, died. He would go nuts, wouldn’t he? SO SAY that he took his TARDIS, crashed through the walls of that universe into another universe (what we would consider the Marvel Universe). Pete’s World was probably destroyed in order to keep both universes from collapsing. So there’s the Metacrisis, having technically just committed the massacre of an entire universe, now in a universe he knows nothing about. He goes even more crazy. Evil crazy. In a way, he's the Valeyard. In fact, that’s pretty much it. He’s gone Valeyard.

He makes up a fake backstory and becomes Kilgrave. He becomes a sociopath, a mad murderer, a rapist, and the creepy thing is that all of his victims somehow, in some small way, have similarities to his former companions, or even his former selves.

And the creepy part, the creepiest part, the absolutely creepiest screw-with-your-mind bit, is that Jessica Jones looks sort of looks like a cross between Rose Tyler and Susan Foreman.

Let that fester in your brain for a little while.


Let’s Kill Hitler
>> Hijacked at gunpoint, the TARDIS crash-lands in 1930s Berlin. The Eleventh Doctor comes face to face with the greatest war criminal in all of history — and Hitler. To save the life of one dear to him, the Doctor must teach his adversaries that time travel has responsibilities — and learns a hard lesson in the cruellest warfare of all.

under-appreciated bizarre moments in the horns of nimon


- attack of the space nuggets

- the tardis’s brief gig as a cricket ball

- the accidental dave bowie lookalike

- that one extra who played a “sacrifice” and never stopped making weird faces omg

- that time the doctor slapped teka’s butt

- k9 recieving a first place ribbon after declaring the tardis was going to crash into a planet and die

- the nimon doing interpretive dance behind soldeed’s back

Closed Starter

For theprofessorxisin

Clara wandered down the street of a small, seemingly quiet town. From what she gathered from her surroundings, it was still rather early in the morning and she was in modern-time Maine. The license plates of cars sitting out in front of various shops gave it away, as well as all the modern technology in sight. To be more specific, she had ventured into a town known as Storybrooke (or at least that’s what the sign said when she first arrived; signs could tend to be deceiving). For whatever reason, knowing an estimation of her whereabouts came as a small comfort. Not that it entirely mattered; she was merely exploring while the Doctor worked on fixing the Tardis which had crashed disastrously a few miles away in the woods. The Doctor, deeming that she wouldn’t be of much help, had sent her out to see if she could “find an adventure,” as he so eloquently put it. 
So it was there she found herself gazing up at a rather large, old-fashioned clock tower. The longer she stayed there, just watching the town and the tower, the more she felt that there was something…different about the small town. Like a mystery that was just around the corner, waiting for her to solve it - and if there was one thing she was certain to do, it was to figure out what exactly was going on in the small town of Storybrooke. 


Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman at a photo call the day before the premiere of Series 8 of Doctor Who. This was on August 22, 2014 in London’s Parliament Square. After their session, they took some photos and signed autographs. The gifs were made by me from these videos: 

The TARDIS crash lands in Parliament Square! - Doctor Who

Doctor Who crash lands in London