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Quick And Dirty - That Damn Matrix Theory

It’s no secret  - I have been stuck writing this theory for ages now. The reason is that the theory is so big and so heavily based on all kinds of meta - a lot of which still needs writing or rewriting - that I can’t make my reasoning sound non-crazy, even to those who are familiar with my entire four years worth of nerdy blogging.

So I’m just gonna give you the theory upfront and then I will focus on explaining bits and pieces in future posts. Okay? Okay. Here goes:

1. I think the Matrix reached out through the crack

The Matrix is a virtual reality, storing history and dead people. The crack in Amy’s wall is a tear in the fabric of reality, so it seems plausible that it could connect different Universes and realities, too. Why not a virtual reality, then? Like the Matrix? 

2. People from the Matrix are trying to escape into this world 

It makes sense: If you were a dead, and you got a chance to return the living, wouldn’t you take it, too? Plus, we have been told this story before. Remember prisoner zero? From day one of Moffat’s era, we were told that someone could escape through the crack in the wall. I’m kind of expecting Moffat to return to that at the end of his era. 

Plus, it would very much explain this guy (and come to think of it, – Spoiler! – the return of the Simm Master, as well – End Spoiler –):

The matrix doesn’t only store dead Timelords, it also store past incarnations of living Timelords. So if he managed to escape into our world, the fourth incarnation of the Doctor could indeed go on to live a happy life as curator of the art gallery. 

3. Instead of living peacefully in this Universe, the Matrix people are going to try and take over the world 

This really is a story that we have seen many, many times, even in RTD’s era! Ghost that come through a rift, a wormhole or anything that connects Universes. And at first we think they just want to live in this world in peace, until it turns out that they are not peaceful at all and totally want to take over the planet. 

4. I think the Matrix is locked with a password - and I think the password is the Doctor’s name

This would explain why the oldest question in the Universe is “Doctor Who?”. And it further supports my theory that it is the Matrix who is calling out through the crack. The Doctor’s name is a dark and terrible secret - one that must be kept, even at the cost of his friends (remember The Name Of The Doctor, where he can’t say his name even to save Clara’s life). Surely, the Timelords wouldn’t try to make him say his name? No, but the Matrix might need him to, in order to break free. Or perhaps someone within the Matrix? Say, the Valeyard?

5. I think the Valeyard is one of those who are trying to escape, and he wants to take the Doctor’s place.

We have all been waiting for the return of the Valeyard. The foreshadowing has been there for years, really. The Doctor has frequently had Jekyll and Hyde moments, has lost his grip on reality, on memory, and is generally unsure of being a good man. Plus, in Classic Who, the Valeyard is closely tied to the story of the Matrix, so it would make sense to bring him back in this context. 

Yesterdays episode Extremis, featured the Doctor in a virtual reality, and I think we have not seen the end of that, at all. The Valeyard is going to try and put the Doctor in the Matrix, so he can have all his remaining regenerations and cruise the Universe in his TARDIS. (Very much like Mr. Clever in Nightmare In Silver)

6. I really really think the Matrix is in charge of the Weeping Angels (And I would love that so much!)

This is a big one. I published (half) a theory about this yesterday. Again, this is a story that we have been told many times: Monsters that don’t have a physical form, using inanimate, human-like figures to do their bidding. I have written about this in a past theory: It happens in The Family Of Blood (moving scarecrows), in Rose (living plastic), in The Snowmen (moving snowmen), and many more. 

A variation of this also happens in Flatline, where the 2D-aliens try to mirror our dimensions by becoming these zombie-like thingies.

If the people from the Matrix are trying to come into this world from their virtual reality - perhaps they too start by being statue-like creatures? Are the Weeping Angels even actual Timelords from the Matrix? (Not sure about this last bit.) 

Either way, do note that the first monster we encounter at Trenzalore is a Weeping Angel:

And then again in Hell Bent, when we get to see the actual Timelord Matrix for the first time. What’s the first monster there?

It seems like very peculiar placing of Weeping Angels. And I would really love for Moffat to tie up their story in this manner. But we will have to wait and see. 

7. And finally: I think the Matrix very deliberately crashed the TARDIS in order to make it all happen.

In the past, I have suspected the Silence and the GI to work together, but since then I have changed my mind on this (sorry, theory writing is a bit wibbly wobbly). It is the Matrix that is collaborating with the Silence. The Matrix has serious motif for blowing up the TARDIS, seeing as it is the explosion that causes the cracks in the fabric of reality.  

Also, again, this story was told to us before - and many times: In Aliens Of London, the Slytheen crash a spaceship as a diversion, so they can secretly take over the world; the Family Of Blood crash their spaceship in the process of pursuing the Doctor: in Flesh And Stone/Time Of Angels, a Weeping Angel crashes the Byzantium as a rescue mission.   

Remember also Max Capricorn, the guy without a body, who was in charge of those angel-robots, and who tried to crash the Titanic.

I know, in the past years I have accused everything but the kitchen sink of blowing up the TARDIS. (And actually - didn’t the Doctor say he crashed the TARDIS when he left the water running?) But I am really sure now that some bodiless intelligence is the true culprit - and since Moffat has been preparing us for the return of the Matrix for years, I think it is a good candidate. 

Bonus: River Song

I just remembered, I had a theory that there was a prisoner in the middle of Gallifrey, and that River Song was created to free that prisoner. I have to look that up again. But River knowing the Doctor’s name has something to do with it. Does she give the Matrix the password? I also seem to remember a theory that River was murdered (it’s a long story). I’ll get back to you on that. 

Okay, so I know this was a lot of theory, but perhaps now you understand why I’ve been stuck for so long. I hope it is readable. Please let me know your thoughts and questions.

What do you guys think?

11th Doctor being hella dyspraxic.

Every one of the 11th Doctor’s movements was a challenge for him, however he figured out how to ‘drive’ his body pretty quickly once he got used to the lack of proprioception and poor coordination. One of his tricks for initiating movements was to put a lot of force behind it and then correcting himself once he got himself moving.

Sometimes a simple movement came off as flamboyant or exaggerated. This happened when he knew part or all of his body wasn’t going to obey his command and he had to over-correct to make it look like he intended to do it with flair. 

This is what his body did when he didn’t correct himself fast enough.

WIP Meme tagged by the ever so lovely @gingergallifreyan

Hold onto your butts, this is gonna be long ;)

Smith’s Book Store - current - Nine/Rose I should have this done in the next few weeks

Greek Gods Verse - Planning/Plotting - Peter V/Rose (Hades/Persephone) 

Clara/Calliope and Astrid/Euterpe are getting married.  Persephone is invited.  Hades was not so he has to be her plus one.  Things get dicey at this wedding with drunken gods/goddesses/muses and those who just have attitudes get crammed together in this celebration

Dark Ten/Rose series I never named.  Oops.  Partially written.

It follows when Fairy Tales go Wrong based on the prompt Siblings - Dark Ten, Rose and Jack land on the planet Brigadoon.  The planet only appears for a short while before disappearing for years at a time.  Will the TARDIS heal from her crash before they are stuck?  Will the Doctor be able to repress the darkness fighting to control him and finally talk to Rose about his feelings?  Is Rose safe from pesky Eternals?  How much fun will Jack have with a planet filled with kilt wearing, muscled scotsmen?

Jackie I May Have Shrunk the Kids, Sort Of - The TEA Verse - TenII/Rose

Inspired by Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.  Takes place after Crop Circles in my Time Eternals and the Domestic Life Verse.  TenII and Rose’s kids, (Jamie and Zoe) along with Tony break into Pete’s office at the Tyler Mansion to investigate a piece of movie memorabilia.  Unfortunately, they find it’s more than the hokey ray gun they think and it all goes pear shaped.  Will Rose be able to keep them safe until the Doctor finds them?

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Okay, It’s Time We Talk About These Similarities 

I’m sure many of you have noticed that there is a striking similarity between the monks from Extremis and the Sibylline Sisterhood from The Fires Of Pompeii. As it happens, this similarity plays right into my recent Matrix theories

Today’s tentative theory: The monks belong to the Sisterhood Of Karn - Vampire version. 

More below the cut…

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On this day in ‘Doctor Who’ history:

1851 - The Doctor meets a man he believes to be his next incarnation

1869 - The Doctor and Rose meet Charles Dickens in Cardiff and help a maid as she deals with her lifelong internal battle with the deceitful Gelth

1892 - The Doctor and friends face the Great Intelligence head on

1938 - The Doctor narrowly escapes from a hostile spaceship and is recovered by Madge Arwell

1941 - Madge Arwell and her children travel to a distant planet in 5345 through a present given to them by the Doctor

2006 - The newly-regenerated Doctor rests in bed in the Powell Estate as Earth is contacted by the Sycorax

2007 - Donna Noble is transported aboard the TARDIS by the excitation of an ancient particle. Diane Holmes leaves Owen Harper behind as she flies through the Cardiff rift with hopes of returning to 1953.

2008 - The TARDIS crashes into a replica of the Titanic in space

2009 - The Master is resurrected by the warriors of Saxon and the Doctor is reunited with Wilfred Mott

“Some Tauriel fans:” She could have been in the book, Tolkien just didn’t mention her.

Did you guys know that during the spider fight in Mirkwood, Doctor Who accidently crashed the tardis into a tree causing a worm hole sucking the dwarves in and transporting them into deep space. Luckily for them they are picked up by Red Dwarf and Bofur traded crocodiles with the crew in exchange for passage back to Middle Earth. Suddenly Harry Potter flew into them causing a second worm hole that took them back to the forest.

It could have happened Tolkien just didn’t mention it! XD

under-appreciated bizarre moments in the horns of nimon


- attack of the space nuggets

- the tardis’s brief gig as a cricket ball

- the accidental dave bowie lookalike

- that one extra who played a “sacrifice” and never stopped making weird faces omg

- that time the doctor slapped teka’s butt

- k9 recieving a first place ribbon after declaring the tardis was going to crash into a planet and die

- the nimon doing interpretive dance behind soldeed’s back

Fandom Conspiracy Theory

Okay, so I was watching “Jessica Jones” and it was as awesome as I thought it would be, but then I had this horrifying thought…

What if Kilgrave is the Tenth Doctor’s metacrisis?

No, seriously, though. The Metacrisis is pretty darn smart. We saw that. And if you believe deleted scenes to be canon, then we know that the Metacrisis also had a piece of the TARDIS. So say that he grew that piece, made his own TARDIS. And say, just for imagination’s sake, that telepathy was an ability he got from being however-much-percent Time Lord, which would explain his being able to control minds, if he let loose. AND SAY that Rose, dearest Rosie, who was basically the only person who probably really mattered to him, died. He would go nuts, wouldn’t he? SO SAY that he took his TARDIS, crashed through the walls of that universe into another universe (what we would consider the Marvel Universe). Pete’s World was probably destroyed in order to keep both universes from collapsing. So there’s the Metacrisis, having technically just committed the massacre of an entire universe, now in a universe he knows nothing about. He goes even more crazy. Evil crazy. In a way, he's the Valeyard. In fact, that’s pretty much it. He’s gone Valeyard.

He makes up a fake backstory and becomes Kilgrave. He becomes a sociopath, a mad murderer, a rapist, and the creepy thing is that all of his victims somehow, in some small way, have similarities to his former companions, or even his former selves.

And the creepy part, the creepiest part, the absolutely creepiest screw-with-your-mind bit, is that Jessica Jones looks sort of looks like a cross between Rose Tyler and Susan Foreman.

Let that fester in your brain for a little while.


7 years ago today, the Fifth and Tenth Doctor joined forces to prevent a temporal catastrophe in the TARDIS!

Relive the 2007 Children in Need special of Doctor Who.

Silent Night - A Christmas Song

I have written about this in many other posts before, but I find this so mindblowingly beautiful that I feel it deserves its own post: 

If you have watched The Husbands Of River Song, the next thing you need to do right now is to re-watch A Christmas Carol. Because that Christmas special is one big, beautiful metaphor for the Doctor and River’s story. Down to the last little detail. Five years before the Singing Towers and three years before Trenzalore - in his very first Christmas special ever, Moffat was outlining the entire thing for us, including River Song’s encounter with Twelve. Be prepared to be blown away (I hope).

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thebadddestwolf  asked:

ooooh hi i heard you have a little list of post-new earth fics?? :))

Yes, I do :D

I’m sure that I am forgetting a few, but I’ve included fics that I either remembered or found while looking over the past few days and would recommend. (unsurprisingly, I rambled a bit and this got long)

One Shots

During the episode (I know you said “post” but these are too cute not to include)

Proxy Kiss, whoinwhoville

A look at what might have been going through the Doctor’s head during the kiss in NE. Very funny, adorable, and slightly manic :D! 

Gold, Rose, and Soft, Fayth, Rated All Ages

This one feels very much like it could have been a deleted scene in the episode — she captures the dynamic between the Doctor and Rose perfectly and also offers great insights into what the Doctor might have been thinking as he looked Rose up and down, before declaring her “pink and yellow”

After the episode

Quite Reasonable Implications and the Casual Approach, lauraxxtennant. Rated T.

Rose calls the Doctor on his puckering during the NE kiss and her brazen teasing and flirting leads to certain revelations. Fluffy and funny and perfect banter. 

A Stroll Through the Apple Grass, abadplanwellexecuted. Rated T

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I swear they are snogging while we are not looking!

So, somewhere on tumblr I read about the scene in “Deep Breath” when Clara steps out of the box in the beginning. That she not only looks like she had a hell of a ride - because of the Tardis crashing, also she looks like she has been snogged like hell.

And first I found that amusing, but then I saw “Into the Dalek” and I think Clara and Twelfe have some serious snogging going on!

You don’t believe me? Well, let me open the case file for you:

First we see the Doctor

the man, don’t wants to be disturbed.

Then we see Clara in “Deep Breath” stepping out of the Tardis

and don’t tell me this woman doesn’t look snogged to the ground.

In the next episode “Into the Dalek” at the end when the Doctor brings Clara back to her cupboard, I first didn’t notice, but the Doctor looks not only very disarranged

he is also very much out of breath. Why?!

And there is Clara, after she has changed her cloth

(just assumptions, but maybe the Doctor was a bit wild)

and here we see the Doctor again.

Don’t tell me, this is not a man who has been snogged like there would have been no tomorrow.

Confidential Case File - SNOGBOX2308 closed

Good day!