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I was talking to my mom about today and its not even the craziest thing the school has done but its probably the worst school day ive ever had to deal with so enjoy this long post of the stuff that happened today

-the schedule incident

-our 7 classes is now 8 classes

-the no desks thing

-one teacher went on a rant about how they arent racist bc they have a black relative

-teachers are taking away kids phones for the entire class period and leaving them unattended which is a lawsuit waiting to happen tbh

-i think one of my teachers threatened us with guns?????

-same teacher wants to start a club where he gives a bunch of students shotguns and they shoot flying disks

-he also owns a plane and has a pilots license so i think hes gonna murder us

-you had to get your updated schedule in homeroom. They didnt tell us they were in homeroom. We didnt even know there were homerooms this year

-i guess yesterday was meet the teachers day?????? Nobody knew and the school didnt tell us

-one kid was being racist and almost started a fight in the mosh pit that is the only doorway into the science building

-one of my classes is on the top floor of thd science building and whenever somebody moved the floor would shake. I think the building is gonna colapse

-ap art history has less than 8 students and at this point it shouldn’t even be considered a class

-there is still only 2 doors into the science building and one of the doors requires going around the building and down a hill

-if you pressure wash the outside of the science building then water leaks into the building

-the entire school is a mosh pit bc it was not built for 2,500 students

-the lunch tables have those circle seats that are connected to the table and i watched a bunch of people literally rip the seats off the metal bars and run

-it took me over 10 minutes to find a place to sit and lunch is only 25 minutes long

-psychology teacher still makes everybody uncomfortable only now she has more victims

-guidance counselors were hiding today and nobody could find them. Probably bc of the schedules

-nobody actually knows what the school schedule is. This is the first year they’ve changed it and they didnt tell anybody what the new schedule is. Our student agendas dont have the updated schedule

-the new building will be finished sometime between october and december and when its finished theyre moving all the classes into the building. Which will be 100x more chaotic than today.

mistletoe and misunderstandings

ten/rose. ~4k. light teen.
this is a secret santa gift to myself basically, because i still haven’t received mine and there has NOT been enough tenrose christmas fic and i was frankly desperate for it. so here it is… a healthy dose of tropey christmas cheese! :P thanks @shutupandlovetennant for looking this over!

When he tells this story later, he’ll say they accidentally landed on the outskirts of a Swiss town three days before Christmas.

As far as Rose knows, it is an accident.

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