tardis con

It’s that time of the year when the sun is shining the birds are chirping the fandoms rise and roar and I’m just sitting in my home, with my parents watching me sob over not being able to go to something called Comic Con with horror
Zzz interrupted

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Word count: 441

Warnings: Smut, dub-con? (this is what happens whenever I write Demon!Dean) NSFW gif right below the cut

A/N: A to Z kinks - Zzz, waking up to sex. Requested by @docharleythegeekqueen​ and @tardis-full-of-fallen-angels​  

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London Film and Comic Con Satirday highlights! I went as Rick, and my friend went as Hanji from Attack on Titan.

We met a Rick and Morty cosplayer pair that I knew from last year, and told us about a Rick and Morty meet, and what you see here is what happened! So many Ricks, Mortys and a couple of Gzorpazorps! (Spelling? I dunno)

Enjoy the zaniness!!! It was such good fun meeting all the Rick and Morty cosplayers.

FYI I made my portal gun, and I also made the portal we all used in the photoshoot. It was a big hit ^_^


Pretty sure John won comic con this year with his tardis dress in support of our new doctor Jodie Whittaker

it makes me sad sometimes to think about how i’ll probably never meet anyone who will understand all of my fandom references

  • Me,three days ago: honestly I don't give a single fuck who the doctor is this time around, I haven't watched doctor who in three goddam years and would die before I speaking to a wholocksuper of whatever the fuck it's called.
  • BBC: its Jodie Whittaker. It's a woman.
  • Me, tattooing the t.a.r.d.i.s on my own ass: I never doubted we would be able to turn the page. Old sins are forgiven. Steven moffat who?? Dont know him. I'v always loved this show.