tardis bookshelves

Twelve is My Doctor

First of all, his arc. Starting out not really sure how to communicate. Bumbling a bit. Needing some help. Feeling a lot but not being able to show it so that other people would see. Learning how to show his care and compassion more. Reaching out to people who seem upset and learning the right questions to ask. All of that is so relatable for me.

Next, the way he decs his TARDIS. The old bookshelves with the armchair next to metallic, modern Console and dimmer, softer, more yellowy lights than in past TARDISes.

His clothes. First with the red and black and white thing going on. That is my thing. I once had a pair of shoes in those colors–only shoes I ever cared to keep clean. And then the hoodie under other, non-hooded jacket? That’s exactly what I wear??

His music. He’s got a bust of Beethoven next to an electric guitar. Nothing describes my music taste better. Give me that Fur Elise and then some David Bowie.

He also goes to a university and becomes a professor and talks about space and poetry?? And his office is exactly what I pictured my dream house would have? Just…everything. I’m in love and I’ll be heartbroken at the end of this series, but for now…I’m just really happy that Twelve exists and thank every writer and, of course, Peter for creating a character that resonates so much with me and has helped me learn about myself in the process. Twelve has really become my Doctor.