tardis at hogwarts


Y/N sat up from the cold floor, blinking at the bright light. A large shadow blocked the sun’s light and a face was now visible. Y/N eyes and mouth widened.

“Ready for an adventure?” 

Hogwarts Geeks

Hufflepuff: “That is a very blue dress. It looks nice.”

Ravenclaw: “Thanks. I made it myself. I based it on a show I watched over the summer about a man who travels in a big blue box, but very few here know about it. Even less will be geeky with me about it.”

Hufflepuff: “You’re the TARDIS? My TARDIS?”

Ravenclaw: *sudden realization* “My Doctor.”

Both: *running down the corridors* “DO WEE OOOOOOOO”

simmons-in-the-tardis  asked:

Hogwarts students using the sorting hat to find out if they are “normal.” LGBT+ and mentally ill wixen chatting with the sorting hat when they are afraid that they are making up their symptoms for attention

Dumbledore is the first headmaster to allow students to use the hat outside of sorting. Headmistress McGonagall continues the practice, and so does the Head Wix following her.

For wixen with mental illness who can’t have a therapist because the magical world doesn’t have them OR because they have no technology to stay in contact with their muggle therapist OR because their parents don’t allow them to seek help, the Sorting Hat can be really useful. With the student it helps identify feelings, issues, and coping skills that would help them.

For LGBTQIA wixen the Sorting Hat helps them explore and question. It assures them that gender and sexuality are fluid, (”I have been on enough heads to know.”), and if their identity changes that doesn’t make their past or current identity wrong.

Some first years end up starting these conversations while they are being sorted. And since it’s all happening inside their head for five or more minutes, the other students think the first year is a hatstall. A lot of people are impressed by hatstalls, and houses usually give extra love to their first-year hatstalls. So these LGBTQIA/mentally ill students get lots of love and reassurance from their very first moments at Hogwarts.

- Ravenclaw Mod