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Adrien & Nathalie: "Your schedule for the evening: fencing at 5, dinner at 6, Chinese at 7, patrol with Ladybug at 8."

This idea was too much fun. Thanks, @talvin-muircastle :)

Adrien stuffed his change of clothes in the duffel bag. “Do I still have Chinese tonight or were you able to get it moved?”

Nathalie shook her head. “Sorry, sir. Your tutor is going on vacation so today was the only day this week that would work.”

“That’s fine then,” he sighed. “What’s the rest of the night look like?”

“Your schedule for the evening is fencing at 5, dinner will be served at 6, your tutor will be here at 7, and then you can begin patrol with Ladybug at 8 if you’d like,” Nathalie recited, glancing at her tablet.

Adrien sputtered, eyes going wide. “W-what?!”

“Which part? Dinner might be tight but tonight’s menu is salad with grilled chicken so it should be a relatively quick meal, and you’ll do Chinese here so you won’t be going out again until you meet for patrol with Ladybug.”

“Stop saying that!”

“What, sir?” Nathalie asked, eyeing him over the frame of her glasses.

“The Ladybug–” he lowered his voice, looking around the empty room, “the Ladybug stuff.”

“I thought it would be easier if I put it on your schedule so you could plan accordingly.”

“How do you even know?!”

Nathalie quirked an eyebrow. “Adrien, surely you don’t think you’re that stealthy.”

He frowned. “I kind of did.”


“You’re not going to tell my father, are you?”

“I see no reason why I should at the moment. You’re fulfilling all of your commitments.” She set her tablet on the table. “I would ask one thing in return though.”

“Okay,” he said uncertainly.

“Please be careful.”

Adrien smiled. “Thank you, Nathalie.”

“Now, hurry up. If you’re late for fencing, you’re whole night will run behind, and I very much doubt Ladybug appreciates tardiness.”

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Moffat Appreciation Day | Countdown Challenge – Day 2
Series 5 → Vincent and the Doctor

“It’s colour. Colour that holds the key. I can hear the colours. Listen to them. Every time I step outside, I feel nature is shouting at me. Come on. Come and get me. Come on. Come on! Capture my mystery!”

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rain :D

AU/AH extra fluffy.

“What the fuck is wrong with this city?” Caroline muttered. She tried to pull her limbs closer to each other, searching for warmth that no longer existed. “Seriously what the fuck?” she repeated under her breath.

It’s not that she did not like London, not at all. She actually really liked London. Most of the time it felt like she lived in a museum. She loved the history and the feel of it and her job and all the greenery. But she didn’t love the rain. And she didn’t think she would ever learn to love it or to deal with it. At all. After four years of living in Los Angeles, she just got too used to the Sun and the nice weather. It utterly spoiled her. And now she has to learn to live with the rain. And it was going awfully, awfully bad. She bought four umbrellas since her arrival a month earlier into the city. And had lost each one of them in a different location. Her fifth is in her apartment. Stuck behind her apartment’s door. And, of course, London couldn’t settle to being bitterly cold. It has to, it absolutely must, rain. She could feel the first few droplets fall on her cheeks. Probably about to mingle with her tears. She was so cold she could cry at the idea of getting drenched.

Looking around, Caroline weighed her options. She could duck underneath a store’s roof until the rain stopped. Except there was no telling when the rain would stop. It might take hours. And she couldn’t really be late for her appointment. Her professor will be waiting for her to discuss her dissertation. Caroline would not allow that. She was too punctual and her professor did not appreciate tardiness. But she really, really, sincerely did not want to walk in the rain. She was cold enough as it is. She lost sensation in her face, she couldn’t feel her toes, and her hands were ice cold underneath her gloves. A walk in the rain guaranteed nothing short of a flu.

Scanning the street once more, she spotted a lone pedestrian walking a few strides down the road from her. The pedestrian had an umbrella. A lightbulb went off in her head.

This is crazy, Caroline, this is crazy.

She muttered as she began to jog towards the stranger.

This is how you die, Caroline. They’re just gonna kill you.

“Excuse me,” Caroline called over the noisy rain. The audacity of water sometimes. “Hi, excuse me.”

Just then, the stranger, a man, realized she was talking to him and turned rapidly to his right. He was gorgeous. Blond curls sitting atop his head as if he’s ran his fingers through them several times, full, lush lips begging to be kissed. In fact begging so much Caroline felt guilty that she was not kissing them. A light stubble. And those eyes. Sharp blue. Filled with something between cool indifference and a passion that she sensed was perpetually clinging to them.

Caroline swallowed, taken aback by his handsomeness and the look in his eyes. Sharp, intruding. As if stripping her of her most intimate secrets.

“Excuse me,” she said once more, clearing her throat, to which he just cocked his head to the side, “I don’t mean to bother you but….uh…”

“Yes?” he sounded annoyed. But the depth of his voice shocked her all the same.

“But I’m really cold and the rain isn’t helping and I have an appointment I need to get to and I still have to have a few more blocks to get to it and I really, really, really don’t want to get wet and I was hoping you could share you umbrella with me?”

Caroline’s speech was blurted out all at once. Words mixing together. The moment they fled from her mouth she wanted the ground to open and swallow her. The redness of her cheeks were no longer simply because of the cold.

He looked at her for a moment, then blinked at her. She expected him to either turn around and disregard her as a crazy person or, worse, to laugh at her and then leave her out in the cold.

“Well, sweetheart, then why aren’t you standing a little closer?” he said, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

“What?” she asked.

“Love, you’re about to be drenched.” He didn’t wait for her to respond this time, taking hold of her forearm and tugging her closer to him.

Only when she entered underneath the soothing roof of the umbrella, did she realize that the rain was smattering against her.

“Oh.” She said. Her eyes fell on his buttoned coat, hugging wide shoulders. They moved upwards, scanning him until they met his gaze. Now soft. Curious but soft. He was taller than she initially thought, even more handsome up close. And he was very close. A lot closer than Caroline had anticipated. She didn’t realize that they would have to be this close when she came up with her plan. Not that she had much of a plan to begin with.

“Hi.” She muttered, averting her gaze from his eyes.

“Hello, love.” He said, a smile breaking out across his face, revealing deep dimples.

“Caroline.” She said. “Name is Caroline.”

“Caroline.” She shivered as he almost seemed to moan her name. “Of course. A beautiful name for a beautiful lady. I’m Klaus.”

“Klaus?” she tilted her head to the side. “A strange name for a strange man?”

He laughed, his eyes twinkling with amusement. And Caroline had a hard time catching breath in that moment.

“Perhaps you should find out for yourself,” he paused, then drawled, “Caroline.” She had the unexplainable urge to hear her name escaping his lips as he falls apart in her bed. He would be a passionate lover, she could tell, maintaining impeccable control. Until he had no reason to hold back. He would be … delectable.

“Maybe.” She shrugged. “Assuming you don’t kill me or something. Who’s to say you don’t prey on cold unsuspecting women?”

He put a hand up to his chest in mock hurt. “You wound me, love.”

“Prove me wrong, then.” She said, arching an eyebrow at him.

“How so?”

“Walk me to my appointment?” She asked, giving him a winning smile.

He mirrored her expression. “Anything for the lady.”

They walked in silence for a minute before he asked her what her appointment was in regards to. She explained that it was in regards to her dissertation, then promptly explained her project. The passion in her eyes intrigued him. He listened intently, fascinated. For the first time in his life he felt himself being pulled forward by an invisible force. If he wasn’t careful, he will plunge into oblivion, his heart falling and flying simultaneously.

When she stopped in front of a coffee shop, declaring that this was where she needed to be, he felt his heart sink a little. It scared him. He didn’t understand it.

“Thank you for walking me, Klaus.” She said, smiling at him.

He nodded, too baffled for a moment to say anything. She began turning around to leave when he snapped out of his unusual state.

“Caroline, wait.” He reached out to grab her hand. “Wait.” He said again, clearing his throat before he looked into her eyes, holding her gaze intensely. “Let me take you to dinner, Caroline.

She bit her lower lip. “Meeting someone underneath the rain? A bit cliché don’t you think?” she teased.

His eyebrows shot into his hairline. “Honestly, I thought you might find it romantic.”

She shrugged. “I never really liked the rain.”

“Is that so?” he said “would you agree to go out with me in spite of it then?”

She beamed. “Yes, Klaus. I would. Meet me here tomorrow at seven?”

He grinned, nodding. “It’ll be the longest wait of my life, Caroline.”

She shook her head, chuckling. “You are strange, Klaus.”

“You don’t even know the half of it, love.”

Klaus watched her walk inside. Perhaps she didn’t like the rain. But he did. Perhaps she didn’t think it’s romantic, but he did. Perhaps she never fantasized about meeting the love of her life underneath the rain, but, ever since he was ten years old, and in spite of all disappointments, in spite of all pains, in spite of all the cynicism that had dumped itself on his shoulders, he still did. He still wanted, hopelessly, irritatingly, to meet the love of his life underneath the rain.

Well, there was no need to tell her that. Not yet. The perfect time presented itself a year later, when he proposed to her.  

Robyn Hood

“I have hatched a plan to finally catch Robyn of Loxley.” The Sheriff grinned slyly at his guards. “We shall stage an archery competition. With a prize. She won’t be able to keep herself away.”

His guards looked at each other dubiously. “But, Sir,” one of them spoke up. “Surely she’ll see straight through our plan and not come.”

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I laughed at the zombie one but instead how about "You said, and I quote; 'I have an addiction to knowledge!'" Ten or Tentoo x Rose :D

Title:  An Addiction to Knowledge

Pairing:  Ten/Rose

Rating:  Adult

Genre:  Crackfic/Humor/Adventure/Nude Doctor/Running for their lives

Thank you for the prompt!

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After years of practice, Rose had developed an uncanny sense of when a visit to a seemingly pleasant planet would turn pear shaped.   Usually, it started with someone running off with his gob saying whatever came into his brilliant Time Lord brain.  Say what he might about humans, at least she had the ability to filter and a good sense of self-preservation.

Time Lords, it appeared, lacked this ability.

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Moffat Appreciation Day | Countdown Challenge – Day 4
Series 7 → The Day of the Doctor

“I’ve had many faces, many lives. I don’t admit to all of them. There’s one life I’ve tried very hard to forget. He was the Doctor who fought in the Time War, and that was the day he did it. The day I did it. The day he killed them all. The last day of the Time War. The war to end all wars between my people and the Daleks. And in that battle there was a man with more blood on his hands than any other, a man who would commit a crime that would silence the universe. And that man was me.”

Doctor Who appreciation: The First Doctor’s TARDIS

The First Doctor’s TARDIS interior is my favorite TARDIS set of all. There’s no other quite like it. The first time we step inside its doors in ‘An Unearthly Child’, it’s a magical place. Stepping from the ordinary world into the bright white expanse of the console room is nothing short of breathtaking. The sleek, retro-futuristic design has a tranquility about it, while the glowing, blinking banks of lights everywhere, and the otherworldly yet soothing hum the TARDIS constantly makes, give it an energy that makes it feel as though it were alive, before that concept is even introduced to the scripts.

But it’s also got quirky anachronisms: the clock, the chairs, pedestals with decorative objects- all the little things the Doctor has picked up on his travels that add an inviting, homey air, letting us know the TARDIS isn’t just a sophisticated vehicle- it’s a home, too. The TARDIS is very much a home in these early years; we see the team living in several rooms besides the console room, doing things like reading, eating and sleeping (& in Barbara’s case, sewing, & the Doctor’s tinkering with his Time TV!). There are bedrooms:

a little break room that contains the food machine:

as well as the suggestion of other rooms, with the mention of the extensive wardrobe room, and already the idea that perhaps the TARDIS reconfigures itself as needed, as a little ‘science corner’ filled with strange gadgets later takes the place of the glass-walled space near the scanner, which then re-appears a few serials later:

The lighting is another great thing about this early TARDIS. Before the harsh over-saturated glare of later years became established, the designers were free to use spotlights and blinking bulbs to create beautiful contrasts of light and shadow that created atmosphere & mystery, and was used to most striking effect to set the mood in ‘The Edge of Destruction’ (the only serial to date set entirely on the TARDIS - it’s original production title was actually ‘Inside The Spaceship’.)

Even though the early days of Doctor Who are notorious for having been filmed in tiny, cramped old studios, this TARDIS somehow feels expansive. The uncluttered lines and clever design, as well as the clever scripts and actors who sold the fantastic concepts of this crazy new show with complete conviction all add up to something bigger than the sum of its parts. Even in the early days, the TARDIS was well on it’s way to becoming iconic, because it was the home of people whose adventures we’d love to share. For every alien world we went to, the best part of any episode was, and still is, coming back to the TARDIS, and standing around the console together, safe & sound, and back on our journey once again.

Morphed [ Reiji Sakamaki x Reader ] [ Oneshot ]

Excuse me,” Reiji whispered to you, standing up onto his feet, walking away hurriedly, but you turned to catch his wrist. “Where are you going?!” You yelped as you rose from your seat, watching him turn his head to look over his shoulder, apology evident in his eyes. “That is not important, simply know,” he turned, his mannerisms quick as he took your other hand into his. “That I will return, I promise.” He whispered, as he kissed the backs of your hands before he slowly lowered them, letting them go. “Have faith in me, darling, I will see you soon.” With that, he was already leaving you, once again as you slowly sat yourself heavily in your seat, turning away from the direction he walked in a glum fashion.

The memory that played in your mind had happened about an hour ago, and the hot meals that were placed upon the white-clothed table had lost their steam like the tealight candle had lost it’s light. Your eyes could only cast themselves towards the silvery moon that was just a slither within the sky, but even despite the thin phase; it outshone the stars. If only whatever Reiji was doing could be like the stars, and this would mean more to him. You hadn’t the slightest idea as to where he was, or what had happened. 
        “Hey, you’re looking pretty lonely tonight,” noted a handsome, young waiter as he stood beside the table. “Did you get hung up, or something?” He questioned, his striking, emerald green eyes cast upon your saddened face. 
        “I guess you can say that.” You murmured in response, staring to your meal.
        “I don’t know what idiot would do that,” the waiter slung his towel over his shoulder. “If I had a pretty lady like you as my girlfriend, I’d drop everything if it meant spending some time with you." 
        ”Excuse me, (Y/N)?“ Asked a voice from somewhere behind you. Turning around very slowly, you caught sight of a black blazer, with a hand reaching down as to grab your arm. "Yes, I’ve come to get you, please come now.” He pulled you up gently, before he began to take you away. There was no need to pay with untouched meals, and that was the intention as he took you right out of the restaurant without a word of apology, nor was there even a word shared on the car ride home. 

                                             *        *        *

I’m done!” You bellowed at him in the hallway, the crowd of people that had surrounded you withdrew to make an aisle, with either of you in the middle. Prying eyes peeked, and even teachers were slowly peeking out of their classrooms as to take a peek at the scene that was displayed as entertainment for the students whom held reactions of their own. “I’m done with you! I’m through, okay? You’re avoiding me constantly, and you act like I never exist…and I….” Your voice trailed away as tears pricked your eyes, with your shoulders tensing from the emotion that merely felt pungent through your veins. “And I can’t take it anymore!” You wailed, feeling like a child, a child that was crying out for their mother, or simply to not be abandoned before they simply accepted their fate like you did. 
        “You’re being absolutely irrational-” Reiji began, walking forward before you took equivalent steps back. 
        “The only irrational person here is you, just…just back off. I never want to see you again, you hear me? Stay out of my sight, you sick bastard.” You whimpered a final time, before you turned, and rushed away. The sounds of your shoes hitting the tiled floor, and the distant whispers of the student body whom were taken aback sounded all behind your ear as before long; the rushing wind of the night was the only thing that blared into the silent air as you left the campus without a final glance back, similar to the way that he never glanced back each time he walked away from you.

It’d been days later from that event, and you hadn’t even bothered to go to school pretending to be sick through the phone with your supportive mother whom knew nothing about the little incident, only really believing that you just wanted time away from studies and constant reminders of upcoming projects and exams to leave the school so that university doors could open up. But to be frank, even that didn’t heal your soul into happiness. 
        But alas, peaceful intervals ended; and you grabbed the strap of your book bag tightly, as if in any moment -without it- you would fall apart. Fall apart to pieces that not another person would bother picking up, and yourself would be all too vulnerable to even do so. Your upper teeth reached down as to bite into the flesh of your bottom lip as you stepped one foot into the school, looking around as to check of the coast was clear. And it was. No Reiji, no Sakamaki brother, no one was in sight. You breathed out with relief as you began to walk forward with much more confidence 
        “(Y/N).” An urbane, solemn tone reached your ears, making you freeze instantaneously within a step forward. Glancing over your shoulder, you almost broke into a nervous sweat when you saw the uniform blazer of a male, and allowed your eyes to travel upward to meet dual crimson and pink ones staring into yours. 
        “You haven’t attended school in days, I…I took it upon myself as to gather up the work that you missed so that you wouldn’t bother your instructors with it.” He offered the stack of organized paper to you, with slight awkwardice. 
        “Thank…you.” You muttered softly to him, taking it very slowly, knowing it was the least he could do after everything he tore down. You were just about to walk away before his hand reached out as to grab your arm. “Walking away from someone who hasn’t finished speaking with you is impolite,” Reiji chastised in a soft tone as he stared into your eyes that gazed back into his with slight shock that he even said this. Your brows furrowed before you simply stared towards the hand that grabbed your arm with distaste, before he began to gently guide you away from your previous point in destination, avoiding the peering eyes, the blinks, the whispers, as he practically towed you towards the unoccupied area of the school. Where the walls were chipped, and the scent of old made the air reek. 
        “I understand that…that perhaps I may,” Reiji emphasized the word as he let your arm go very slowly, “have created an error. Yes, I understand, I understand from what point of view that you take.” He explained, before he let out a long sigh. His hands reached for yours, taking them, and kissing the back of them with a silent glance of permission. 
        “But please forgive me, darling. As a vampire whom is damned to be uncapable to feel, you’ve made a cold heart of stone simply morph into coal burning with passion, emotion, for you.” He whispered. “I would have brought you roses, from the rose garden, and tea; but that didn’t seem enough of an apology that you would accept…. After all, you don’t wish to see me, do you?" 
        ”Reiji….“ You whispered with sympathy as he was already winning your heart again, without him realizing it one bit. 
        ”But allow me to make this up to you, let us…let us retry the date. And this time, I won’t leave you, and I will stay with you. Come now, my sweet, doesn’t that sound the slightest bit tempting? I vow to you that I won’t, in the slightest, leave you in any moment until I must bring you home. How does that sound? Splendid?“ He asked, wanting your opinion thoroughly. 
        Removing your hands from his, you reached further to take his face into your hands with a bright smile. "I forgive you, but…I’m sorry too for all the harsh words that I said. It’s just…I thought…well, it hurt-”
        “I know this.” Reiji murmured. 
        “But I do accept this. I accept your apology and I would love to go out with you again.” You explained with a gentle smile. “But…why did you have to leave?" 
        ”Let us just leave it at a simple person. Laito.“ Reiji explained with slight annoyance, before he gently began to pull you away once more, retracing his steps so that he was out in the hall, tugging you in a familiar direction. 

Now let us get you to class, after all, tardiness isn’t appreciative.“ 

most ardently- chapter one

Clarke Griffin has been forced to abandon her name and her family. She is desperately hiding in her new role as lady’s maid to Lady Lexa, fumbling through her duties and hoping to become invisible, when she realises that her heiress mistress is caught firmly under the thumb of her overbearing uncle. As Lexa suffocates under the expectations of her remaining family, she and Clarke slowly realise that they may be each other’s safe haven.

or: Clarke is hiding a secret while struggling to seem like an experienced lady’s maid for Lexa, who is painfully glad for a friend.

1/6, 5.7k words

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“You’re going to be a terrible lady’s maid.”

Octavia’s voice echoes over the tiles of the kitchen from behind her, but Clarke is too busy balancing the heavy tray in her hands. The china clinks softly under her trembling grip, evidence of her inexperience, but she grits her teeth and clenches her jaw so tightly that it hurts even as her arms shudder under the unusual weight.

“Here, let me.” Octavia scoops the tray from her hands just as her arms begin to fail her and dumps it on the table with a clatter of silver and crockery. The delicate rose patterned cup shivers under her rough treatment, but Octavia doesn’t spare it a glance. Instead she turns her attention back to where Clarke is running her fingers over the skirt of her dress, trying to iron out any wrinkles and hide her fear. It’s borrowed, dark and patched in places, a little too small so that her ankles and dark stockings show, and despite the pristine white apron over it, Clarke feels almost bare in the scratchy, foreign fabric.

“Clarke, calm down.” Octavia’s fingers on her arm are reassuring and grounding and she centres herself around the feeling, letting out a soft sigh.

“I’m sorry,” Her voice is quiet but steady.

“It’s alright.” Octavia’s fingers tighten and Clarke can see the worry in her eyes when she continues, cautiously, “Are you sure you want to do this? There’s no obligation-”

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