Requested by anon

You stared at the bowtied man, who now stood in a blue box that was smaller on the outside than it was in. “Who are you?

"Me? I’m the Doctor, and this is my TARDIS,” he tapped on the boxes’ wall, flashing a goofy grin. “Can I ask you something?”

Curiosity welled up inside you, and it was evident on your face. “Go ahead, Doctor.”

“Have you ever wanted to see all of time and space?” His voice was now wonder filled and tender, but contained obvious hints of pure excitement. “Because I can show you. All of it. From deep space to the corner of the universe.”

“Will it be dangerous?” Your eyes sparkled in the moonlight, and you were nearly exploding with awe, not a shred of doubt inside.

“Most definitely. That’s what makes it fun. So…will you join me?” he stuck out a hand from the TARDIS doorway, inviting you inside.

“Yes,” you replied, grabbing his hand. “Oh god yes.”