tardigrade gif


A tardigrade (waterbear) hatching. 

Tardigrades reproduce sexually and females lay eggs. She’ll actually shed her skin first and then lay her eggs inside of it. The babies then hatch from their eggs and then have to crawl out of the skin husk. Fun fact: tardigrades are born with the same number of cells as their adult counterparts - their cells just get bigger as they age. 

How to kill a Mockingrade, i mean Tardibird: Water Bears… yes, that was it.

(~a thing written by rudescience)

As most of us know now from spending too much time reading interesting things on the internet, Tardigrades are one of the most epic mothercreatures when it comes to survival. They can survive in a outer space vacuum for sciences sake. And that my dear science lovers makes me very angry. And rather asking why they are so tough, i am asking how to kill them… you know in case they take over the earth. We need to fight back.

But what actually does it take to kill one of these little immortal seeming micro-animals. I mean can’t we just step on them like we step on other tiny millions of weeping micro organisms? Well the answer to that isn’t quite simple. We should consider some facts first before taking upon us the destruction of this creature.


  1. Can withstand temperatures from just above absolute zero 
  2. Well above the boiling point of water (100 °C)
  3. Pressures about six times greater than the deepest ocean trenches
  4. Ionizing radiation hundreds of times higher than the L.D. for a human
  5. Can go without food or water for more than 10 years
  6. Drying out to the point where they are 3% or less water.
  7. They are found in  in hot springs and like to chill under layers of ice
  8. Are all around plump and fluffy but in a microscopic level.

They are almost indestructible and also can withstand high collision impacts (in most cases). Now fortunately they are very tiny in comparison to us. And they pose no considerable threat to us humans…. yet. But what if someone where to genetically engineer gigantic water bears for the purpose of world domination? Who will save you then? Don’t say i didn’t warn you… Prepare for the Tardigrate war. These water bears don’t eat salmon, they want our…things.

Giffed by: rudescience  From: this video