alex danvers, not only finds out that her girlfriend has cheated in the past but has a tendency not to lie but withold truths, and not only, calls her out on it gently, but tells her they’re there to move past it, and lets maggie talk to said ex to try and patch things up with no fear that she’s going to leave her for emily or cheat on her or anything

name a more healthier couple than sanvers

i’ll wait

  • the drawings of muslim women on even’s wall
  • the mentioning of even reading the entire qur’an in a year
  • the video isak infamously found online of mikael, which is also!!! coincidentally!!! a muslim name!!!!
  • the very sneaky way he dodged isak’s question when he asked who mikael was

it all had meaning y’all

all of it

i knew julie wouldn’t let us down i knew she wouldn’t leave us wondering i knew she’d fill these plot holes for us god is good and so is julie andem

I just realized we’re going to get a 2-3 minute trailer for Stranger Things 2 some time in the coming months and I had to sit myself the fuck down and breathe.