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PT! From his younger years as an adventurer!

He doesn’t show up often around here, but mostly because he’s going around, doing old-people stuff. But I was recently interested in wanting to draw out what his young life was like as a pirate; Fighting monsters, collecting treasure, building a famous reputation, working as a peace negotiator, a spy, a detective, a vigilante, and even an undercover burlesque dancer at one point.

He’s had quite a life full of thrills, lessons learnt, love lived and lost, hilarious hijinks and competitive rivalry.

Small bonus doodles & adventures:

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really random au but imagine sith obi-wan and queen i decided to take naboo out of the useless republic padmé teaming up together to seduce anakin skywalker out of the jedi order, with both of them plotting on how to kill palpatine when they learn how skeevy he is towards their boy

or even better: imagine anakin skywalker meeting them on a jedi mission, mistaking them for a couple, and deciding he’s going to seduce them. obi-wan and padmé fondly draw it out, enjoying how ridiculously ernest their boy is and deciding that they definitely need to kidnap him from the jedi order and kill that abusive palpatine.

Every year, a Valentine’s day show is put on for any student of Goldcrown Town Academy to join in with their talents. Art students and drama students work together to bring beautiful scenes to life.

No matter their skill, only a ballet dancer truly in love can participate. Mr. Cat himself hand-picks each student to ensure each dancer is putting their full, loving heart into the show. 

and one year, Duck herself got to be in the show as one of the Paper Heart dancers. 


ah, this was actually just a warmup doodle ;v; but the story stuck with me, so I had to scribble it down

okay but an au where anakin sees the younglings and goes Nope so he doesn’t kill them and instead escorts them out in secret temple tunnels and now him, obi-wan, padmé, and bail have to care for them and raise luke and leia all the while fixing the crumbled republic.

breha is very, very surprised the next comm she gets from bail to learn that her husband has inadvertently temporarily adopted nearly forty children with padmé and her two jedi.