Okay, so I really wanted to watch the promo for episode 11, so I went on ABC3 to watch it, and ended up playing on Dance Academy’s page, and well…. they have like “Christian’s laptop” and you can see the video drafts he has made and what not, and there’s one to Sammy!!! He suppousedly made it after he leaves Tara’s room and he basically just tells him what happened and what not, and he ends the video with “You’re the only one I could talk to, and now you’re the reason why I can’t talk to anyone." 

I might be totally off with this, but I think he might be holding off on Tara because Sammy said he wasn’t giving him his blessing, and he went anyway. Plus that was one of the things he heard when he was drowning. I feel like after that (ep. 10) it sets room for them to be together again.

Anyways yeah, lol. I got excited. Lemme know your thoughts on episode 10, what’ll happen on 11, and if you anything on the site! 

Tara & Christian in Season 3 …I support this couple since they met each other in the boys changing room…They are pefect for each other. And if I’m honest , I don’t think that Ben is the right boy for Tara…he’s funny and he makes her happy, sure! But is that LOVE? Love is more than making a person happy … Love is if you can’t life without this person, even if you were fighting with him. This person knows you better than anyone else on the planet and knows your weakness. Love also has to grow , it’s getting stronger after a long time and if you lost the person you love, you’ll definitly realise that he was the right one. I don’t think that Tara and Christian are friends…they are more than that.

Everyone who wants to see Abigail and Christian dating or Tara and Ben, I don’t care, it sucks -.- , cause Tara and Christian were made for each other. I hate the fact that Abigail & Christian might kiss in Season 3 …it’s making me upset.