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You got really into yoga and really in touch with yourself, right? How did you get into yoga? Through books, friends, a studio..?

Too poor for yoga classes, and I don’t have friends who practice it often enough to do it with me. My cousin first opened my mind to it but I was reluctant to really try. I finally decided to do it on my own through online classes.

I first did this:


All you have to do is donate some $$$. Don’t worry, you can only donate a dollar if you’re on a budget or up to $100 if you’re feeling generous. I stuck with it every day, even if it was hard and I couldn’t keep up. If you’re barely starting yoga don’t beat yourself up if you cant do exactly what the instructor is doing. The instructor has been doing yoga for a while and makes it look easy, but it can be a real workout to keep up with the flow and do poses. Remember that! Keep in mind that it will only get easier as time goes by. At first I didn’t feel like yoga was helping with my spirituality and to be in tune with my body, but as I got stronger it really did help clear my mind. 

After I completed that course I started going on youtube and following random videos. I don’t really follow a routine. I just watch videos depending on what mood I’m in. Lately I’ve been following videos concentrating on abs and I work on various poses in between!