tarashit-blog  asked:

How did Helvetica get so well known so fast? Not to say it doesn't deserve it! It's excellent! I'm just wondering if there's some some special way you advertised it or if you had an existing fanbase. I've been writing a webcomic for a year and I'm not even 1/4 as popular as you, so I was just wondering if you had some tips! Thank you so much.

To be honest I think I owe it to sheer luck! Before I had started the comic quite a lot of people had been interested in the characters/plot. When I started, I asked people to please spread the word, and I think that might have caught some peoples’ attention.

After a few months K.C. Green noticed my comic and gave it a shout-out on Gunshow, which I’m incredibly grateful to him for. The Penny Arcade and Something Awful forums have webcomics threads where they’ve talked about my comic, which has brought a lot of traffic to my site.

So the only reason Helvetica is well known even in its baby state is to the thanks of the people who are enjoying it and reading it! I’ve barely advertised it though I’ve considered using Project Wonderful. I’m just really lucky to have a lot of amazing friends and readers who are happy and willing to talk about my comic. And thanks to them for that, it means a lot to me!