Los Angeles-based artist and baker Christine McConnell (previously featured here) just shared a fantastic selection of truly monstrous baked goods over on Reddit.

Here you see a batch of waffle cones that turned into a nest of ferocious be-tentacled beasties, a terrifyingly realistic facehugger made of sugar cookies (glued together with caramel and glazed with milk, sugar and nutmeg), an adorable chicken pot pie (with beak and feet carved from carrots), a fiery Danzig birthday cake, tarantula cookies prepared like Girl Scout Samoas, and a spectacular birthday cake created for a Voodoo-Bayou themed party. The tongue of the snake atop the cake is a handmade candle.

Click here to view even more of Christine McConnell’s awesome edible creations.

[via Reddit]

If People Talked About Dogs The Way They Do Snakes And Spiders
  • Dog Lover:I love puppies! They're so adorable.
  • Cynophobe:Ewww, puppies. They terrify me. I have to kill them when they get anywhere near me.
  • Dog Lover:Oh. Well, dogs really aren't that dangerous, it's just one or two cases that were blown out of proportion by the media -
  • Cynophobe:One time a huge pitbull got into my garden and I had to chop off its head with my rake.
  • Dog Lover:o.O
  • Cynophobe:It was really scary for me because I didn't get it on the first strike so - [goes into detailed description of slow and painful death of dog which I will spare you because I'm not a sadist]

Wow, what a gorgeous take on tarantulas. Very soothing, surprisingly.


Malice of Alice | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

The first image is Alice on the first day we spent time with her alone. She was 7 years old and we’d only just met her the day before during a visit with her caseworker. We took her to a nearby field with our little dog so we could just hang out and get to know her. She picked up a stick and immediately started shooting things like it was a gun. She’s imaginative to her core. When you’ve grown up with very few toys you learn to make your own. She’s a girl and she likes sparkles and rainbows and kittens, but she also likes skulls, guns, climbing trees, blood, and bruises. She will not fit into your box so please stop trying to put her there.

“There’s no wrong way to be a girl.”

So, my Squishable Pinktoe Tarantula design had a strong start over the weekend but it’s been knocked down a bit - Please vote 5 if you can, and / or share with your friends, if you want to see it succeed! It has to end in at least 4.15, and it’s been hovering juuust around that!

“These colorful crawlies always put their best foot forward, which is easy when all of their feet are fluffy pink spide paws!“

On the left you have my spider Eddy posing for the camera and on the right you have a drawing of him

It was hard to do all the tiny hair stuff on him.. i think this is the smallest drawing i did in years

Love the little guy, i want more spiders


facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Atomic-circuS/188468534505654

INSTAGRAM : dinotomic


Wow! Epic artist :)


German-born artist Gabby Wormann uses painstaking care to combine the delicate bodies of animals such as tarantulas, crabs and winged insects with intricate clockwork mechanisms to create beautiful creatures which she calls MeCre, or mechanical creatures.

“Wormann is interested in humanity’s intervention into complex biological systems, and her work postulates the hybrid forms’ role in the future. To the artist, they symbolize a synthesis between biomass and mechanics that will become part of our evolution. These creatures are more resistant, efficient, and technically optimized for a world where we are focused on continually improving at all costs.”

Visit Gabby Wormann’s wesbite to check out more of her remarkable MeCre creations.

[via My Modern Metropolis]