ID #19389

Name: Karina
Age: 21
Country: Australia

Lets start off by saying I am SO excited by this concept, particularly the thought of interacting with people from other cultures. I’m currently attending University, studying a Bachelor of Arts with the plan of following it through to a Master of Teaching. At the moment I’m on holidays and am making the most of it.

I love reading, like, a lot, to the point where I could probably open a small library with the amount of books I own. I’d like to think that my tastes in literature are slightly more obscure (authors such as Scott Westerfeld, Frances Hardinge and Kenneth Oppel) but hey, maybe I’ve just not met the right people.

I dabble in a few other areas as well, I love movies (anything Tarantino is awesome), anime (Fate/Zero will always reign number one), video games (anything from CoD to Shadow of the Colossus) and music (Florence + the Machine through to Jack White).

Hopefully this has caught your eye so far, so if give us a…er…message?

Preferences: I’d prefer to speak with those somewhat around my age, so lets say anywhere from 18 to 24.

Country doesn’t bother me in the slightest, granted we’re able to communicate effectively. Any method of communication is also welcome, though I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t keen on snail mail. Theres something oddly charming about receiving a physical letter…

ID #71294

Name: Bia
Age: 19
Country: Brazil

Hello, everyone! As you already know, my name is Bia. I’m 19 from the northeast of Brazil. I’m studying Communication at UESC and I’m almost close to my graduation.

I wanna be a screenwriter someday and I am working very hard for this. I love cinema and Tarantino is my obsession. I spend my free time watching Netflix and writing new stories everyday. I have a very creative mind. I have a very weird music taste. My favorite artists are Demi Lovato, Arctic Monkeys, Taylor Swift, Lana del Rey, Oasis, Dua Lipa, The Beatles, Little Joy, Blur and many many more. My fave TV shows are Grey’s Anatomy, SKAM, HTGAWM, Stranger Things, This is Us, Sense8, The Get Down, My Mad Fat Diary, Shameless, Skins, Better Things, Friends and a lot more because honestly watching TV is all I do.

I’m looking for someone who can talk about everything because I am a very lonely person and I love learning new things. I am very excited to meet new people :)

Preferences: 18-25. I honestly just want to have cool new friends. I hate being so lonely.


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