there is literally no emotion or response that cannot be perfectly represented by an image of quentin tarantino.

  • uncomfortable but happy? there’s a quentin for that.
  • angry but flattered? there’s a quentin for that.
  • chill, yet aroused? quentin.
  • vaguely humiliated, yet still accomplished and leaving on a high note? quentin.
  • bitter, but pretending you’re too chill to let it bother you? quentin.
  • effortlessly erotic? quentin.
  • relaxed, yet stylish? quentin.
  • made a mistake, now you have to put a foot in your mouth? quentin.
  • stressing out trying to remember if you left the stove on, but you’re still gonna pose because the lighting is A+? quentin.
  • in church, feeling jesus’ love and praising the lord? quentin.
  • someone said something really sweet to you, but you’re just a humble little butterfly? quentin.
  • trying to act tough but lowkey just trying not to cry? quentin.
  • your friend throws down a devastating argument and drops the damn mic, and you’re right there standing behind them and backin them up every step of the way? quentin.
  • someone said something wrong about a subject you know everything about and you know your friend’s got your back so you’re about to school a fool? quentin.
  • friends are using slang that you have to look up and it makes you feel like an old person trying to work their email? quentin.
  • friend says something super embarrassing when they’re right next to you and they’re totally oblivious but you can’t go off on them right now so you just stare at them? quentin.
  • you just woke up but people are already trying to talk to you? quentin.
  • someone insulted your simon cowell cosplay and you’re about to set them on fire with just the power of your eyes? quentin.
  • mysterious, yet vulnerable? quentin.
  • the party don’t start till you walk in, and you’re walking in right now? quentin.
  • at the party and you’re drunk off your ass and having a great time? quentin.
  • someone said something gross but you’re trying to stay in your lane and keep your mouth shut? triple quentin threat.

Major Dieter Hellstrom: Looks like we have a bit of a sticky situation here.

Lt. Archie Hicox: What’s going to happen, Major… you’re going to stand up and walk out that door with us.

Major Dieter Hellstrom: No, no, no, no, no, no. I don’t think so. I’m afraid you and I… we both know, Captain… no matter what happens to anybody else in this room… the two of us aren’t going anywhere.

Inglourious Basterds (2009)