Happy Holidays Everyone. I know I haven’t post anything as much right now, but I couldn’t past up on working on a Hearth Warming Special artwork with these cute little Antros. I am working diligently on my comics, since the next issue is more action pact, it’s taking me longer then usual to work on it. So I decide to make that strip a three part instead of two You’ll be seeing the first on very soon. That the update and my pic for the day and I hope you all have a wonder Hearth Warming Eve.


Software used: Poser Pro Game Dev, Manga Studio, Photoshop CC 2014


Before i discovered the trans-dimensional and inter-temporal window that is tumblr, i would have said no one. After words however…

Tara Strong. Yes that Tara Strong. Firstly i think She’s a good voice actress which i think counts. Secondly, she is notoriously kind and infamously devious, which are parts of character i always admire in a person. And thirdly… well…

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Look at her, she is fine as all kinds of hell.  Talented, funny, kind, mischievous, sexy, what more could you ask for.

Yeah, I have to make more Tara art, and can you blame me? It’s not everyday that I find an actual person that can fit in my CGI Model so perfectly and it’s even more of a rarity when it happens twice! (via Lauren Faust) Anyway, I’ve been wanted to do more of her because of impulse. I may have to do several more of this so I can this out of my system. so… Taralicious Galore!?

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I not a stranger when It come to creating replica models. I’ve done it several time from a Jazz Pianist to friends, or well-known people. There are very few replicas that I love so much that I’ll make series of renders just to see how each one turn out, making one look better then the other. This is what’s happening with Tara. I mean I seriously put my foot on this creation and I still got plenty of I deals to do with her. Oh God let this be a phase, please! 

Software: Poser Pro 2014, 3D Coat, Photoshop CCS

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