Doublelicious by *Sorelstrasz

What if I told you that I influenced the Brony Documentary?

Doublelicious was the picture that Tara Strong found of her fan-made ponysona. She was messaging on her Twitter about finding who made it (first she was looking for me, but we directed her attention to the vector’s owner, Lysok)

Proof: https://twitter.com/tarastrong/status/229269143390666752

She then asked to used that Taralicious vector for extraneous things like adding it on apparel and items to help raise money for Kiki. 

You will also see this ponysona in the Brony Documentary, voiced by Tara Strong herself!

I’m not saying that I personally am the reason for Tara’s ponysona being put into the documentary or her finding it (because I’m sure she would have found it eventually), but I had an influence that made it become discovered much more quickly.

Before i discovered the trans-dimensional and inter-temporal window that is tumblr, i would have said no one. After words however…

Tara Strong. Yes that Tara Strong. Firstly i think She’s a good voice actress which i think counts. Secondly, she is notoriously kind and infamously devious, which are parts of character i always admire in a person. And thirdly… well…

Look at her, she is fine as all kinds of hell.  Talented, funny, kind, mischievous, sexy, what more could you ask for.

Yeah, I have to make more Tara art, and can you blame me? It’s not everyday that I find an actual person that can fit in my CGI Model so perfectly and it’s even more of a rarity when it happens twice! (via Lauren Faust) Anyway, I’ve been wanted to do more of her because of impulse. I may have to do several more of this so I can this out of my system. so… Taralicious Galore!?

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Here is Dark Tara’s Boss Theme that I have made a few hours ago. I forgot to tell you guys that Dark Tara can also resurrect herself with the Nick Roulette from Lollipop Chainsaw if she goes down the first time.

Download Here

The Taralicious Award- This is an Award made by DarkFantasyFilms/Photography.
The Taralicious Award, is awarded to those who’s heart are kind, generous and open. People who have made a difference in the world, and/or changed someone’s life. People Whom have earned this award so far:
-Tara Strong
-Lauren Faust
-John De Lancie
-Ami (Kiki’s Father’s)

[There’s other people, that i can’t remember at the moment]
Please, let me know of anyone out there who has made a difference in someone’s life. Tara strong has made a difference in many lives, one of them being Kiki’s and of course we, Bronies, helped out as well.

If you feel like you deserved this award, please, feel free to message me your reasons with proof and you could receive The Taralicious Award autographed by Tara Stong*

*while supply lasts

I not a stranger when It come to creating replica models. I’ve done it several time from a Jazz Pianist to friends, or well-known people. There are very few replicas that I love so much that I’ll make series of renders just to see how each one turn out, making one look better then the other. This is what’s happening with Tara. I mean I seriously put my foot on this creation and I still got plenty of I deals to do with her. Oh God let this be a phase, please! 

Software: Poser Pro 2014, 3D Coat, Photoshop CCS

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