My Tara Savelo version of Cake Like Lady Gaga


Verse 1:

T Money Swag

Noodleheads always twerkin’

Pony tats like Tara Savelo

‘LM’ chats like Tara Savelo 

Grandma Sleep Like Tara Savelo

Vegan Eat like Tara Savelo

Twerk Dat Ass, 

Buns 'o steel 

Facepaints to the top of fame

Makeup is her fuckin’ game

Rack city like Tara Savelo

Rack city, in your face

Drop the bass, Basic bitch

Paint your face, Basic Bitch

With Freddi, Fozzi Gaga too

Makeup Facepaint and hair will do


Tara’s in the chat

Cap that shit it’s cray cray

No sleep till we get her back

Noodleheads love Tara x4 (x2)

Verse 2

I twerk to the good shit

You twerkin’ to that other bitch

I twerk like Tara Savelo

Flex dat ass in spandex pants

Twerk to Kanye

Lamborghini Mercy hoe

Unicorns are real you know

Don’t say I didnt tell you so

Get a nickname on the go, 

nickname machine, video ho

Perverella, Noodleheads

Savelo Sluts’ the shit tho

Facepaint all across the world

Snatchin weaves from Freddi Bitch

With all my noodles on me drinking soy chai lattes in this bitch


Verse 3:

Coral Cunt like Tara Savelo

Smoke a blunt like Tara Savelo

Makeup Stunt like Tara Savelo 

T SWAG like Tara Savelo

Gaga’s got, 30 million

T’s got under just a million

80 000 booties, straight

Twerkin like her children children 

Ask her girl Gaga, Ask Freddy 

He’ll Agree

Ask anybody she’s trapped in closets like R Kelly

Gangsta Hat like Tara Savelo

Pro Kayak like Tara Savelo 

She’ll spell it wrong, but she’ll 'LVOE’ you

Tara’s song, 


Facts about Tara Savelo you may not know:

Her Birthday: 9th January 1984 (She’s 2 years older than Gaga)
Favourite animal: Unicorns
Natural hair color: Brown

Natural Hair style: Curly (she has to straighten it everyday)

Family: Her father (Ron Savelo) is a famous scientologist

External image

and her mother (Martha Conway) is a celebrity counselor

External image

Martha and Ron are now divorced and have remarried

Family heritage: She is half Italian (Just like Gaga)
Illness: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Tattoos: Tara is mostly recognized for her tattoos, it’s unknown how many she has but they are significant and mean different things
Where she comes from: She was brought up in West Hollywood,CA but now lives in Sun Valley,CA
Her best friend: Vanessa LaRose

University she went to: Make Up Designory in New York

She Met Gaga: early 2009

Before she met Gaga: Tara was actually a fan of Gaga before she met her
Music: Loves R-Kelly and anything R&B but also loves old school rock and Lady Gaga
Art: She’s actually a really good artist
Tara’s Artwork:

External image
External image

Modeling: Tara has actually been a model for different clothing companies

Favorite Drink: Starbucks, Red Bull, Beer/Whiskey
Most Caring Thing She’s Ever Done: She gave her food and water to my friend Jessica Finn because she wasn’t feeling too good
Booking Tara: You used to be able to book appointments with Tara to do make up for special events until she started working for Gaga
Tara has performed on stage with Gaga at the 2013 VMAs:

Tara as a child :

External image
External image

Get Well Tara and Gaga Project:

From the amount of RTs, Favs and Reblogs I have gotten for my #PrayForTara pic on here and twitter, I have decided to create a Get Well Soon project for Tara and Gaga as we now know she is having surgery for her hip, so send us your videos (Time limit 0:60) and your pictures encouraging Tara and Gaga to get well and that we love them as they are going through a rough time, we can support them when they are  feeling down and see that so many people care about them, if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask us, the deadline is February 20th 2013 (Next Wednesday), feel free to spread the message along to other if you can and get them in as soon as you can, also The Gaga Surprise Birthday Project is still on too so don’t worry :) 

A Day at the tattoo studio

It was a dull morning in New York in mid July, still dark and a little bit cold but hopefully it will warm up soon enough. I sat up on the side of the bed looking at Gaga who was fast asleep; she looked even cuter with her septum piercing in and choppy black hair. I always thought this was one of her best looks and hoped she’d keep this style for a while; Punk Gaga was always cute, sexy, bitchy and nice all at the same time.

I stood up from sitting on the bed, walked to Gaga’s side of the bed and kissed her on the forehead, she wriggled her nose a little bit but didn’t wake from her deep sleep so I went to go and sit in the living room. I remembered I had a painting to finish, so i set out my canvas and put it on the stand, starting to paint in the gaps that were still white, I sat there for a while quietly painting while the sun started to rise.

My painting was almost done and then i heard footstep behind me, I looked round to see Gaga watching me paint so I just quietly added the finishing touches to the painting. Gaga didn’t say a word, she was too fascinated with my Art skills and just sat there watching, when my painting was finished Gaga came to sit next to me and she kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear

“Can you teach me how to paint like that?” She whispered in the cold air and smiled

“Sure” I smiled and nodded

I stood up to get another blank canvas and set the other down to dry, I added the blank canvas onto the stand in front of Gaga and sat beside her, I took her hand with the paintbrush now in her hand and slowly guided her to start painting.

Gaga was concentrating and fascinated with the way i was guiding her to paint, after a while I let go of her hand and she started to paint on her own, she started to paint a person and the painted the word APPLAUSE on the top of the canvas. When she has finished she looked at me and smiled

“Like that” she said smiled

“Yeah, you’re good at painting” I smiled back

She stood up and pulled me closer to her, she placed her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lip, I kissed back softly and she pulled away slowly.

“Not as good as you, my dear” she looked into my eyes still smiling

She took her arms from around my neck and started to tide up the paints and put her canvas next to mine to dry, after that she washed her hands and got dressed.

She pulled a black t-shirt over her head and rolled it at the side so it exposed her shoulder and put a pair of tiny shorts on, she then slipped some heels on and walked over to me.

“I feel like doing something reckless, baby” She smiled

“Like what?” I replied

“I dunno, another tattoo maybe or getting wasted, or both” She said with a smirk on her face

“Well they won’t let you get tattooed if you’re drunk, you know that” I reminded her

“Oh yeah, I guess I’ll have to get a tattoo done then get wasted” She laughed

“Ok, I’m guessing you want me to get a new tattoo too” I smiled

“Yeah, baby, come on” She said excited

I quickly got dress and we headed out to my car outside, we got into the car when out of no-where a bunch of paparazzi came trying to talk to Gaga and block us from driving off.

“If you don’t move I’ll have to accidentally run you over” I shouted out the window

“Ooh Bitchy Tara” Gaga laughed

I beeped the horn but they still didn’t move so I started the engine and they soon moved out of the way.

We started to drive along the way to the tattoo studio, when Gaga spotted someone she recognised and she laughed

“What is it?” I looked her briefly while driving

“Haha there’s Luc, look” she pointed out to a Luc with another woman, we both laughed and then

we got to the tattoo studio

We opened the door and the bell rang above the door, a man came out with tattoos across his arms and big piercings, he recognised Gaga

“Hey, you’re Lady Gaga” he said surprised

“I am indeed” She replied

“Wow, that septum piercing looks rad on you” he smiled

“Thank you” she smiled back

“So what can I do for you today” He asked her

“Me and my girlfriend are here to get tattoos” she requested

“Wow cool, anything you have in mind?” he smiled again

“I want the words Free Bitch on my wrist just below my peace tattoo” Gaga pointed to the spot where

she wanted it on her arm

“What would you like and where would you like it” he looked at me with smiled I smiled back and replied

“I’d like a paintbrush on my forearm with the words face painter underneath” I pointed to a space on my arm that wasn’t tattooed yet

“Wow, your tats are awesome” he complimented and then continued to speak “I’ll just get someone to come down to tattoo you too and I’ll set up”

We went  to sit down in the waiting area in the shop and within 10 minutes the guy was back with another heavily tattooed man, they prepped their work stations and shouted for us to come over

We took our seated next to each other at the two separate stations both guys had their machines ready, they set up their ink, place the template on our arms; he peeled it off leaving a stencil and then started to tattoo.

As the needle went in, I felt a sharp pain down but I soon got used to the feeling because I had so many tattoos before, it always felt like someone dragging a blade or sharp object across your skin, it was an annoying feeling.

 I watched the man who was tattooing my forearm, he started draw the shape of the paint brush, then he started to shade around the brush and details in the brush, then he tattooed Face painter underneath and then added color to the tattoo.

After about 30mins he was done and he wiped the tattoo down to removed any blood and place cling film and tape on my forearm to keep the tattoo covered to stop it from getting infected, It stung a little after but nothing too bad.

After that Gaga was done to and we were ready to pay, we got to the counter and Gaga grabbed her purse to get some money

“Oh, no, you don’t have to pay” the gentleman replied kindly

“I want to” she smiled

“No, that’s ok but I was wondering if you could sign my arm and my t-shirt” he smiled and pulled a ‘Born This Way’ t-shirt

“Ok, sure but you sure you don’t want me to pay” she asked politely

“No, its fine honestly” he said still smiling

Gaga smiled at him, signed his arm and his t-shirt, he was so happy that she signed and his shirt

“I’m gonna get this tattooed now” he laughed “Wanna watch?” he asked

“Oh we were going out to get wasted but um sure” she smiled

“Hey, how about we get drinks and then you can watch me get this tattooed and get wasted” he suggested

“Oh, okay sure” she looked happy that she’d made a friend with the tattooist

The guy went in the back and brought out some alcohol, he smiled holding the alcohol

“Hey, you got any whiskey” Gaga asked

“We have Jameson, that’s your favourite, right” he laughed

“Wow, you are a LittleMonster, you know me so well” she teased and grabbed a glass of whiskey

“Um, Tara would you like anything” he asked and I looked at him surprised

“You really do know us well, no I’m driving I can’t” I laughed

“Okay” he sat down and the guy who tattooed me  start to prepare the tattoo machine and tattoo,

He winced in pain a little bit and then he relaxed, within a few minutes it was over and the tattoo was done, he was really happy about his new tattoo

“You guys can come and drink those in the back if you like” He stood up from the tattooing chair went into the back and we followed

“So what’s your name” Gaga asked him

“Ryan” He smiled

“Cool” she smiled back

“Cigar?” He offered me and I smiled at him taking the cigar

“Thanks, you know us so well” I laughed

“I’m a big fan” he said proudly

“I guess you can’t wait for ARTPOP” Gaga mentioned

“Oh my god, yes I’m so excited” he said

“Good” she smiled “it’s going to be so different”

“That promo picture was gorgeous  and when I saw you had your septum done I was so happy, i thought it looked great on you” he complimented Gaga

“Hey, it’s not the only thing I’ve got pierced” she winked teasing

“I know, i can’t believe you got that done” he laughed

“Tara hasn’t had any piercing” she laughed, I just stuck my tongue out at her

After a long talk and a few drinks Gaga was wasted and Ryan was nearly wasted, I stood up and pulled Gaga up

“Come on, It’ll time to get you home, It’s getting late” I put Gaga’s arm around my neck trying not to touch Gaga’s tattoo

“I love you , Tar Tar” Gaga mumbled

“Good night, Ryan” I smiled at him

“Feel free to stop back anytime” he smiled drunkly and waved

I got Gaga into the car and strapped her seatbelt in and started to drive home, Gaga was mumbling all the way home, we got to her apartment and I picked Gaga up, locked the car and opened the door of apartment

I carried Gaga upstairs and put Gaga in bed, I got undress and I laid down next to her, she was completely out of it, so I laid my head on her chest and started to hum ‘Highway Unicorn”, soon after I drifted off into a deep sleep.

The End 

A Surprise Turns Up For Tara's Birthday
  • Gaga:Happy Birthday, Tara *Gives her a present*
  • Tara:Awww Thank you *Takes the present and hugs Gaga*
  • about to open the present...
  • *door bell rings*
  • Tara:I'll go answer it
  • *Answers the door*
  • R Kelly:Hey, is this Tara Savelo's house *smiles*
  • Tara:OH MY GOD!!!! *starts fangurling*
  • Gaga:who is it?
  • Tara:*still fangirling*
  • Gaga:*comes to the door* who is- oh Hi R Kelly
  • R Kelly:I'm guessing your Tara *looks at Tara*
  • Tara:*smiles* yes i am
  • R Kelly:I was on my way through and I came to wish you a Happy Birthday
  • Tara:Oh my god, thank you
  • R Kelly:No problem *winks and leaves*
  • *Tara closes the door and start fangurling again*
  • Tara:did you have anything to do with this?
  • Gaga:nope *smirks and walks away*

Tara’s Surprise Birthday Project:

Me, gagaxartpop and genuinepassionforgaga have decide together to make a special birthday video for Tara Savelo and we were wonder if you wanted to help us by creating videos (TIME LIMIT IS 0:30) or photos of you with a sign wishing Tara a special 29th birthday. Our email address is tarabdayproject@gmail.com, the deadline is Friday 4th January 2013 (Tara’s birthday is on the 9th), so you have plenty of time to submit your videos/photos to us. We will put all the videos + pictures together and post it on YouTube, Littlemonsters etc. Please help us by spreading the message to other LittleMonsters and Taracorns, try not to tell Tara, we want to surprise her :)

Thank you in advance xoxo

One Little Girl Can Change Your World-Taga part 6

Character perspective: Tara


The phone rang in the kitchen and Stefani went to go and answer it, she was getting worried where Stephy was, it was the police, I listened closely.

“Hello this is Lady Gaga, how may I help you” she answered the phone

I heard the police man talking on the other end of the phone but it wasn’t very clear, Stefani stayed quiet

“Are you sure you have the right girl” she asked

More silence….

“She took cocaine, what?! Is she okay!” she asked panicking

She was listening to what the police man had to say and then I heard her sniffling

“Okay officer, I’ll have someone pick her up” she tried to stop herself from crying and put the phone.

She came into the living room and sat down on the sofa across the room from me, she stayed silent crying and she spoke

“How could she do this to me?” she said staring at the floor, I sat next to and comforted her

“I knew this was going to happen” she put her hands over her face

“Sh, it’s ok, she’ll be ok” i told her

“But she won’t, she’ll keep doing it” she sobbed

“I’ll deal with her, you’ve been too soft on her, let me sort it out, ok?” I lifted Stefani’s chin to look at me and she nodded with a tear rolling down her face

I kissed the tear away and then kissed her on the lips to stop her from crying, how could her own daughter leave her mother in so much sadness

“I’m going to get Stephanie, do you want to come with me or stay here?” I asked her holding her hand

“I’m gonna stay here, I don’t want to face her yet” she looked away

“Okay baby, I’m gonna go get her, you go and lay down, let me deal with Stephanie” I looked at her softly and got up to go get Steph, Stefani stopped me as i got up

“Don’t be too hard on her” she said

“I can’t not be hard on her, she’s left you in this mess and she needs to learn her lesson” I replied

“I love you Tara” she smiled a little

“I love you too” I smiled

I walked out the living room and grabbed my coat off the hook next to the door and grabbed my car keys, I got out to my car and unlocked the car, I sat down and closed the door, I leaned my head on the steering wheel and let out my emotions, how could she do this to us and hurt us like this? We are her parents; i sat there crying for about 5 minutes before I finally started the car.

I pulled up to the station and got out my car, I locked the car and walked into the station, the woman looked at me and greeted me

“Is there anything I can help you with” she asked

“I’m here for my daughter, Stephanie Savelo” I asked *[Stefani (Gaga) took my last name when we got married]

“Oh yes, I’ll go and get her, are you Lady Gaga’s wife, it’s just Gaga said somebody would pick Stephanie up” she asked

“Yes, I am” I nodded and smiled looking at my wedding ring

Another officer brought Stephanie out, she looked terrible, she was pale and looked sick, she was a little unconscious and scruffy

“She passed out in her cell, you might wanna take her to a doctor, she must has passed out from the cocaine she took” the officer said and handed Stephanie to me, I picked her up and carried her in my arms

“Thank you” I said to the officers and I carried Stephanie to the car, I unlocked the car and sat Stephanie in the front seat and put her seatbelt on her, I got in the driver’s side and started to drive to the near hospital

During the journey Stephanie woke up a little and spoke

“Ugh, I don’t feel too good” she groaned

“Teaches you not to mess with drugs” i said angry

“Where are we going” she asked

“To the hospital to see a doctor” I replied without looking at her and kept driving

“I’m sorry, Mom” she frowned

“It’s not me you should be sorry to, it’s your mother you need to apologise to because right now she doesn’t even want to see your face” I avoided eyes contact

“I was stupid, i didn’t know what i was taking” she looked away and sobbed

“Then you should have refused to take it and what were you even doing in an abandoned house” I said confused

“I was at a party, i didn’t know it was going to be at an abandoned house” she replied

I stayed silent for a moment as we pulled up to the hospital; I stopped the engine and turn to look at her

“Do you know what your mother has been through? Your own mom has had problems like this, when she was exactly your age, she was a burlesque dancer with a friend of ours, I didn’t know her at the time but your mom was writing music at the time and she got in heavy drugs like cocaine, to ‘feed her music’, she used to sit in her apartment and do line after line, shot after shot to try to become a better artist and do you know how she came off it?”

“How” Stephanie asked

“Her father had caught her doing it in the bathroom and he called her out on it, she loves her dad, really loves him, enough to make her quit the cocaine” I told her “So if you love your mom enough, which i know you do, please, please stop, I’ve honestly never seen her so sad” I sobbed

“Okay, Mom” she nodded and hugged me, i hugged her back and held her tightly

“You’re my little girl too, you know, I don’t wanna see you waste away and not be able to pull yourself up again” I sobbed still hugging her

“I remember the first time I met you” she smiled and a tear escaped her eye “You were so loving and caring towards me even though you didn’t know me and now, I’m proud to call you my mom”

“I’m proud to call you my daughter but you’ve got to pack in being bad and start focusing on the future, you’re 17, you’ve got test coming up” I said and she nodded

“I will start focusing on my future” she smiled

“Come on, let’s go get you checked out by the doc  and then get you home, by the way this doesn’t mean I’m  letting you off, you’re grounded so you can study and focus on school” I said and we got out the car

We got into the hospital and stood at the desk, I put my arm around Stephy as we waited for the woman to finish her phone call

“Is there anything you’d like me to help you with” she asked

“Yes, my daughter, Stephanie need an emergency check up, she’s taken something she shouldn’t have and has been feeling really ill” I told her

“Okay, take a seat” the woman smiled

Me and Stephy sat down; Stephy sat down next to me and rested her head on my shoulder

“I love you, Mom” she smiled and closed her eyes

“I love you too Stephy” I smiled and kissed the top of her head as we wait for the doctor to call Stephy’s name

To be continued…


Sorry this hasn’t been posted til now, I couldn’t post because I feared because of the Aura leaked meltdown, the Abramovic video meltdown and other meltdowns that have happened, I feared that no-one would read my fic so sorry but it here now so i hope you enjoy it,  I thought i’d expirement with different character points of view to make the story a bit interesting and I’ve had fun with it so far :)

The Germanotta Twins (Chapter 3):

I’d like to say happy belated birthday to GagasCannabis (Tumblr: http://gagascannabis.tumblr.com/  Twitter: https://twitter.com/GagasCannabis) I hope you had a wonderful day, thank you for supporting me with this fanfic and giving me feedback on it, I hope you like it :) xoxo

If you missed Chapter 1, here it (http://fantaracornsavelomonster.tumblr.com/post/44404992177/the-germanotta-twins-chapter-1)

and if you missed Chapter 2, you can read it here (http://fantaracornsavelomonster.tumblr.com/post/44847744907/the-germanotta-twins-chapter-2)



“Hold me closer, make me sweeter, I need ya, I love you. So, please, show me that smile, make me laugh for just a little while, then breathe me one breath, I only need one to fill the emptiness. Love the way you can make me dance from miles away, it’s been so long but now, I’ve waited and I’m captivated” –Captivated By Lady Gaga.


I got home from a tough day of school, I walked in the kitchen to find my mother cooking Spaghetti and meatballs, and it smelt delicious.

“Hey Loopy, how was your day” she smiled while stirring the Bolognese sauce in the pot

“Fine” I put on a fake smile

“Hey, what happened to your head” she asked worried

“Oh, nothing, I just fell over” I lied

“Oh, do be careful, Loopy” she said worried

I quickly went upstairs to avoid any more questions and I went to my room, I sat on the bed and set out my books on my bed, I looked at my sketchpad full of fashion designs, I skipped to the back page and wrote a little Poetry and doodled little pictures.

 I heard someone come in the front door downstairs and heard mumbling, then I heard footsteps coming up towards the room, I thought it was Gaga, I quickly closed my pad and got out a book to pretend to read, Tara entered the room smiling.

“Hey” I paused “What are you doing here” I smiled

“Your mom let me in and told me you were up here” she smiled; she truly is beautiful when she smiles.

“So, you’re actually reading this nonsense” she said picking up the book

“Yes, I just wanted to see what it was about” I replied

It started to go quite in the room; I was too busy concentrating on Tara’s features, she decided to change the subject.

“How would you like to go walking tomorrow” she smiled

“Sounds great, where do you wanna go?” I smiled back

“I was thinking of going to our little den and having a picnic, what do you think?” she asked

“Yeah, sounds nice, we haven’t been there in a while” I agreed

She was so happy she started clapping; she’s so cute when she does this.

“Make sure you were something nice “she smiled

“What time do you want to meet up?”I asked

“About 11am” she decided

Of course I loved the idea but I feared that these kids would come after me and Tara, I feared for Tara’s safety no mine, and I’d do anything to protect her.

“What if they come after us” I mentioned

“I’m not letting anyone harm you” she said protectively “tomorrow is about me and you” she lifted my hand and kissed it.

“Girls, food is ready” My mom shouted up the stairs

“Come on, let’s go” Tara got up grabbing my hand and I followed.

“Smells amazing, it’s a shame your sister is missing out” she empathized

“Yeah, she’s working” My mom explained as she put the plates in front of us, Tara really was enjoying hers but I just played with my fork but I did eat some of it

“What’s up, Loops, it’s your favourite” Mom said worried

“Oh, nothing, just thinking about tomorrow” I smiled

“Me and Loopy are going to Strawberry Fields and having a picnic” Tara explained

“Oh, lovely, the memorial is so beautiful” Mom expressed “well, to make it easier, you can stay here if you’d like, I can call your Mother, and I could help make food” she offered

“That would be great” Tara smiled widely.


As soon as Tara was finished we went upstairs to find something to wear for tomorrow

“So, what are we going to wear, I’ve been eyeing up something you have in here” she said almost running to the wardrobe, “Ah, I found it” she said excited when she pulled out my old watermelon skirt

“Oh, that old thing, I never wear it” I smiled “you can have it if you like” I offered

“Yes please, I love it” she hugged me so tight

She started to take off her skirt that she was wearing replacing it with the watermelon skirt, she turned to me

“I need a different t-shirt” she pouted and went to look in Gaga’s wardrobe, she pulled out a plain black t-shirt with long sleeves, she shut the wardrobe and stood in front of the mirror, she took off her blouse.

I couldn’t stop staring at the beauty before my eyes, her body was so sleek and thin decorated with pretty tattoos, I’d fallen for her when I got to know her better, she was 13 and I was 11, yes I didn’t know what love felt like then, well not properly, I’ve  never told her my feelings for her.

“Loops, are you okay” Tara asked worried, snapping me out of my daydreaming.

“What do you think” she asked for my opinion of the black top she was flaunting.  The sleeves were rolled up to her elbows and the top came to her just above the naval.

“You look great” I said honestly

I picked a lavender jumper with a white unicorn on it and some jeans but Tara took the jeans and swapped them for a skirt, I giggled and didn’t disagree with wearing the skirt.

“I’m tired” Tara yawned

“Me too” I said sleepily

Tara changed into the PJ’s I’d let her borrow and I just wore a long t-shirt, we both sat on the bed and I pulled out a drawing I made her a long time ago, it was of a unicorn designed to look like Tara

“Here, I made this for you” I smiled

“Aw that cute” she giggled

We sat there for a few minutes just staring at each other and smiling, then we go into bed and I cuddled up to her, she was so warm and smelt amazing, I kissed her on the top of the head.

“I love you, Tar Tar” I said softly but there was no answer, Tara was laid next to her passed out, snoring lightly, I lied down and closed my eyes, drifting into a deep sleep.