My Tara Savelo version of Cake Like Lady Gaga


Verse 1:

T Money Swag

Noodleheads always twerkin’

Pony tats like Tara Savelo

‘LM’ chats like Tara Savelo 

Grandma Sleep Like Tara Savelo

Vegan Eat like Tara Savelo

Twerk Dat Ass, 

Buns 'o steel 

Facepaints to the top of fame

Makeup is her fuckin’ game

Rack city like Tara Savelo

Rack city, in your face

Drop the bass, Basic bitch

Paint your face, Basic Bitch

With Freddi, Fozzi Gaga too

Makeup Facepaint and hair will do


Tara’s in the chat

Cap that shit it’s cray cray

No sleep till we get her back

Noodleheads love Tara x4 (x2)

Verse 2

I twerk to the good shit

You twerkin’ to that other bitch

I twerk like Tara Savelo

Flex dat ass in spandex pants

Twerk to Kanye

Lamborghini Mercy hoe

Unicorns are real you know

Don’t say I didnt tell you so

Get a nickname on the go, 

nickname machine, video ho

Perverella, Noodleheads

Savelo Sluts’ the shit tho

Facepaint all across the world

Snatchin weaves from Freddi Bitch

With all my noodles on me drinking soy chai lattes in this bitch


Verse 3:

Coral Cunt like Tara Savelo

Smoke a blunt like Tara Savelo

Makeup Stunt like Tara Savelo 

T SWAG like Tara Savelo

Gaga’s got, 30 million

T’s got under just a million

80 000 booties, straight

Twerkin like her children children 

Ask her girl Gaga, Ask Freddy 

He’ll Agree

Ask anybody she’s trapped in closets like R Kelly

Gangsta Hat like Tara Savelo

Pro Kayak like Tara Savelo 

She’ll spell it wrong, but she’ll 'LVOE’ you

Tara’s song, 


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Facts about Tara Savelo you may not know:

Her Birthday: 9th January 1984 (She’s 2 years older than Gaga)
Favourite animal: Unicorns
Natural hair color: Brown

Natural Hair style: Curly (she has to straighten it everyday)

Family: Her father (Ron Savelo) is a famous scientologist

External image

and her mother (Martha Conway) is a celebrity counselor

External image

Martha and Ron are now divorced and have remarried

Family heritage: She is half Italian (Just like Gaga)
Illness: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Tattoos: Tara is mostly recognized for her tattoos, it’s unknown how many she has but they are significant and mean different things
Where she comes from: She was brought up in West Hollywood,CA but now lives in Sun Valley,CA
Her best friend: Vanessa LaRose

University she went to: Make Up Designory in New York

She Met Gaga: early 2009

Before she met Gaga: Tara was actually a fan of Gaga before she met her
Music: Loves R-Kelly and anything R&B but also loves old school rock and Lady Gaga
Art: She’s actually a really good artist
Tara’s Artwork:

External image
External image

Modeling: Tara has actually been a model for different clothing companies

Favorite Drink: Starbucks, Red Bull, Beer/Whiskey
Most Caring Thing She’s Ever Done: She gave her food and water to my friend Jessica Finn because she wasn’t feeling too good
Booking Tara: You used to be able to book appointments with Tara to do make up for special events until she started working for Gaga
Tara has performed on stage with Gaga at the 2013 VMAs:

Tara as a child :

External image
External image