Tara’s book is in, and it is lovely. You can see the slight texture the paper has in the second picture, and it holds Tara’s inks beautifully.

If you’d like a copy, the best way that makes Tara the most money will be to pledge to her Kickstarter, which has just a few hours left to go! You’ll be able to get a sketched in copy, as well as a copy of her upcoming travelogue. We paid her of course, but we’re a small press, and I’d love it if you bought the book directly from her.

I’ll be listing the book in the Sawdust Press store after Tara receives her copies, and we’ll have it with us at upcoming conventions as well! 


I’m very excited to announce that Sawdust Press will be publishing a comic by Tara Abbamondi this year! The title of the project is undergoing some revamping(it is currently The Comic Formerly Known as Red Skies), but it is a story about family and the ocean and friendship, and I am very much in love with it.

Here is a preview of the first four pages - I love Tara’s elegant and sketchy lines and as you can already tell, this story already contains a few of Tara’s visual signatures - beards and rainboots and lots of plaid.

We’re aiming for a publish date of July-ish - stay tuned for more details!


For the completist and the people who love good stories that just happen to feature women… PRINCELESS: Tales of Girls Who Rock published by Action Lab is out now! The three stories are by Jeremy Whitley drawn by Tara Abbamondi, Angi Shearstone and me! I’m SO pleased to be a part of such a rad team of cartoonists and creators, working with Jeremy was fun—I got to help create Aisha’s look for the comic! Maybe she’ll have future stories…in the future! Grab a copy of this comic today, kid safe and ASS KICKING APPROVED. 

Artist Interview With Tara Abbamondi

We recorded a podcast a couple weeks ago to talk about the Message In A Bottle show, and it made us realize what we’d really like to hear is what some of the artists have to say about the subject. And of course, we always love to hear about process.

Tara Abbamondi is a profoundly hard-working and talented comic artist from Pennsylvania, and she was gracious enough to share with us!

What did you research to create your piece for Message In A Bottle, or where did you draw inspiration from? 

Long story short, I looked outside. I’m fortunate enough to live in a wooded area that sparks my imagination of the fantastical things that might be out there. I enjoy the woods, nature in general, and I feel like those surroundings are a fuel for my work.

Do you ever hide things in your work in general? (references to people you know, homages to your favorite songs, etc.?) 

Yes, on many occasions! I frequently add cameos of people I know within my work (I work in comics so it definitely makes my job a bit easier when I don’t have to make up faces for a crowd). I also like to add little musical references as well, those are usually a bit more subtle and silly.

Our shows are often based off of things we are briefly obsessed with (like symbols and secret societies). Are you obsessed with anything right now? 

Oh dear, well, anyone who knows me well knows that my obsession with A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) runs deeply, as well as my love of Scotland, which seem to go hand-in-hand at times. I could talk about Game of Thrones for hours on end, and sometimes I do, my apologies to Paul.

Do you have a trick to get motivated when you don’t feel like making anything?

Typically, I take a break from what I’m doing, read a book, take a walk, drink lots of tea and coffee–and if none of that works, I work on something else, like a warm-up, to hopefully get the ideas moving. Oddly enough, social sites like twitter do a bit of help there as well. I find there’s no greater motivation than seeing the awesome things other folks are doing.

Can you keep a secret?

 Yes, quite well actually!


For more of Tara’s work, check out her sitesubscribe to her blog or follow her on twitter!
Stumptown Comic Award winners announced - Sixth Gun & The Auteur lead

The Stumptown Comic Arts Awards are announced at Rose City Comic Con.

This year’s Stumptown Awards were a bit weird(the nominees were not really formally announced?), but 3 Sawdust Press published works were nominated! Blood Root, for Best Anthology, Center for Otherworld Science for Best Small Press and Best Webcomic, and finally - Tara Abbamondi’s In Your Wake with three nominations for Best Cartoonist, Best Letterer and Best Small Press.

We did not win any, but 6 nominations for a tiny little micropress alongside some of my all time comic heroes does feel pretty good.


I swear, if thing isn’t potty trained by next year, all bets are off.

First, here is this week’s cartoon:

CRASS FED 0109:  This Gag Is Super, Man!

(July 16, 2014)  This is another of my “figure out the gag” cartoons that I am probably more proud of than I ought to be.  Tag me on Twitter or Facebook, or email me at the address at the top of the page to guess what the joke is.

This wasn’t supposed to last.

Seriously.  When I started this thing two years ago, I was doing it as a lark.  I have no art training, and am a self-described doodler at best.

I was doodling pictures of bad puns in a sketchbook to distract myself while taking care of my mom during her final months.  After she died, the family attended the Baltimore Comic Con, and spent a lot of time chatting with Francesco Francavilla and his wife, Lisa.  I was talking with Lisa about Francesco’s process and skill, particularly with design, and it came up that I doodled.  It was Lisa who said that I shouldn’t wait to be perfect, because that will never happen.

I’m still not, but after two years I am so much farther than I ever expected to be.  I figured that at one cartoon a week I’d run out of ideas in a couple of months.

Well, after two years I’m still going, for better or for worse.  And in that time I have added a regular “Random Fun” cartoon post, and a second web comic, The Adventures of Surf and Turf, which appears monthly.  And, I am now (holy cats!) working on creating a children’s book.  Not only have I kept going, but here is a comparison of the very first Crass Fed cartoon with today’s toon (plus a Surf and Turf toon, and a 6” ruler for scale…yes, I really do work on paper that small):

Needless to say, that this weird labor of love has taken on a life of its own.  So, to everyone who checks in regularly, thank you.  It is nice to know that my cartoons bring a chuckle to folks other than myself.

I want specifically to thank a few people who have inspired or helped me along the way.

First and foremost, my Wife and Kidlet.  Their love, support, and patience have been immeasurable and invaluable.  As have the encouragement of folks like Wendy, Greg, Maeghan, Eric & Maggie, Jen, and my Godmother, Hortense.

There are several amazing comic creators that I have looked up to, and am lucky enough to have become acquainted with, and they are a source of constant inspiration, humor, and encouragement.  There are too many to count and acknowledge individually, but there are a few that I must mention that I am now lucky enough to call friends: Jamie Cosley, Tara Abbamondi, Dave McDonald, Shing Yin KhorDrew Moss, and Eryk Donovan.  From art tips to encouragement to lending an ear when times have been tough, they are all amazing people and my life is all the richer for it.

Finally, thank you everyone who has given my cartoons a shot, and depending on your level of masochism, come back for more.



Update: Ten days left!!!

Hello folks! From now until my birthday (8/30) you can get a copy of the Stolen Lovelight for $5.00!

Arisia Randir, stuck on M’s arm and in the worst relationship of her life, has finally found a way out: pay for her own kidnapping. The captain and crew of The Brochet Swimmer, a cargo ship from the seedier side of Retha, are game. Everything goes to plan until Arisia wakes up to discover her kidnappers are missing—and she’s not entirely alone.


If you are curious about the insides, I posted 7 preview pages here! http://www.tarabba.com/gallery/the-stolen-lovelight/

Times are rough, I understand, so if you would please pass this around, much appreciated. :) Thank youuu.

Transpose Operator Guest Art - Tara Abbamondi

It’s that time again! To celebrate the end of Chapter 3, we will be having guest art. It’s absolutely awesome stuff and I’m so happy about all the stunning artwork you get to look at! So enjoy! All the artists will have links to their various places online, be it blogs, twitters, webcomics, portfolio sites and such, I highly recommend checking them all out. Below is a preview of each artist and the date they’ll be appearing:

Tina Kim - Oct 29th
Matthew J. Rainwater - Nov 5th
Asiazia - Nov 12
Alicia Muhm - Nov 19th
Laur Uy - Nov 26th
Tara Abbamondi - Dec 3rd
Zach B. - Dec 10th
Ron Randall - Dec 17th
Katy Farina - Dec 24th
Francesca Buchko - Dec 31st
Extra special thanks to all of these talented people who contributed! You rock! Transpose Operator will be also be able to resume the 2 updates a week schedule once more after the guest art gallery!

The Way We Sleep is on Black Friday sale for TEN FREAKIN’ BUCKS (FREE SHIPPING!!!) from Curbside Splendor Publishing this weekend. Jessa Marsh and I are honestly just insanely proud of this thing we’ve been able to put together over the last 2 years with so many creative, talented people, working with friends and making new ones along the way. I know I’m biased on this, but if you’re literary friends or friends who are just into cool stuff, you really can’t go wrong buying this anthology for $10. And you didn’t even have to sleep outside Best Buy all week to get it! Get it today at http://curbsidesplendor.bigcartel.com/product/way-we-sleep