I’m very excited to announce that Sawdust Press will be publishing a comic by Tara Abbamondi this year! The title of the project is undergoing some revamping(it is currently The Comic Formerly Known as Red Skies), but it is a story about family and the ocean and friendship, and I am very much in love with it.

Here is a preview of the first four pages - I love Tara’s elegant and sketchy lines and as you can already tell, this story already contains a few of Tara’s visual signatures - beards and rainboots and lots of plaid.

We’re aiming for a publish date of July-ish - stay tuned for more details!


Tara’s book is in, and it is lovely. You can see the slight texture the paper has in the second picture, and it holds Tara’s inks beautifully.

If you’d like a copy, the best way that makes Tara the most money will be to pledge to her Kickstarter, which has just a few hours left to go! You’ll be able to get a sketched in copy, as well as a copy of her upcoming travelogue. We paid her of course, but we’re a small press, and I’d love it if you bought the book directly from her.

I’ll be listing the book in the Sawdust Press store after Tara receives her copies, and we’ll have it with us at upcoming conventions as well!