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Well, the bag’s out of the cat—we’ll be producing a Costume Quest series for Amazon. It’s Frederator Studios’ first project with Amazon, and we’re truly happy about it (and doubly happy it’s with such a wonderful property).
So many people deserve our thanks, including:

Tim Schafer and Greg Rice from Double Fine Productions, publisher of the Costume Quest video games, along with Tasha Sounart, who originally created the world.

MVP Zac Gorman, who wrote, storyboarded, and designed many of the characters for the pilot. Thanks to Pat McHale for coming on board to direct that initial short. Pre-production artists included Bob Flynn, JoJo Baptista, Aymeric Kevin, Ryan Andrews, Joe McGrory, Mira Lark Crowell, Larry Leichliter, and Wendy Jacobsmeyer.

The production team was made of Sylvia Edwards, Dana Jo Granger, Stephen Worth, Ross Kolde, Ray Valenzuela, and Molly Yahr.

Meredith Layne, C.S.A., cast-directed, and what a cast!: Sinclair Dumont, Aidan Sussman, Issac Ryan Brown, Allie Urrutia, Kevin Michael Richardson, Sam Marin, Rob Paulsen, Frank Welker.

We’ve much appreciation for Digital eMation, Inc., which handled the animation, and Salami Studios (with Thomas J. Maydeck, C.A.S.), the studio which oversaw the post-production. As you’d figure, The Blasting Company delivered a fantastic score.

Zac and Thurop Van Orman performed the work of 1,000 Vikings on their greenlight-getting pitch document.

Hugs to our newest and best friends at Amazon; Tara Sorensen, Melissa Wolfe, and Aaron Davidson.

It’s been a journey, but the writers’ room is staffed (that’s another post), and we’re counting down the days till the Costume Quest premiere in 2018.
Thanks, again.

Fred, Kevin, and Eric

Meanwhile, in hell
  • Tara: Theeee-ooooo
  • Theo: *Gets out of the body locker, runs to the medical supplies*
  • Tara: Theee-ooo
  • Theo: *Gets to work*
  • Tara: Thee-oo
  • Theo: *Adds last touch and turns to meet Tara*
  • Tara: *Enters the Room*
  • Theo: ...
  • Tara: *Walks over to Theo, hand out to pull his heart out and is met by layer on layer of tape*
  • Tara: ...
  • Theo: Now, can we talk?
  • Tara: *Pulls out his heart as answer*

anonymous asked:

My dream is to master astral projection. I can communicate with my spirits without meditation with ease. But I want to see them vividly. I want to feel them. I really need help mastering this. Any advice and tips from all three of you? No rush!


To be plain, I strongly identify with this desire to interact more personally with the spirits I work with. One of the best ways is for astral work!

I’ll be frank, it’s not an easy skill for most to master. It takes a lot of practice. It takes an interesting amalgam of having control, but also releasing control. I find that the latter-most element is what most people have a difficult time with, including myself.

The way that I started off was through learning how to lucid dream. This actually took me years of application to get to the level I’m at, and even still, I’d like to improve. I find this to have been the best way for myself, because it gives me near-constant practice on fine-tuning that odd mix of conscious and sub-conscious control and influence- I mean we all gotta sleep, right? Through this, you can find a connection to other parts of the astral.

You’ll definitely start to notice the difference, too, as you improve. Things will feel and look clearer, your experiences will feel more solid. You’ll start to remember more. Along with exploring my astral body as of late, it’s been a good resource to meet with the spirits I work with (one of whom I am romantically involved with), and even Mod Wolfe, on a few occasions! >u>

Aids like sigils and dream sachets are awesome resources to use as well. I personally have a sigil written in silver on both sides of my favorite pillow. Add as many elements as you like, there’s no harm in doing more things to aid yourself in your goals!

Mod Sol

To add to Mod Sol’s post. Practice your visualization techniques in your waking life. I recently got an ask about some ways to see details. Sometimes we realize how often we do not focus on the details. We do actual look at something and see all the shadows, highlights, and curves. We do not train ourselves to see it, its just in our subconscious most of the time. 

So doing memory and visualization techniques when your awake will help. Some of the little fun things I do are this:

Memory game:
● This is where you set out a bunch of random objects (10-20).
● Give yourself 2-3 minutes to memorize them.
● Cover them with fabric or turn around.
● Then list off what was there. Try to get as many as possible.

If you don’t get all of them on the first try, thats okay. This is actually a game to test your observational skills as well as memory. The idea behind it is that the more you do it the sharp your skills become. Also remember to change up the items every so often too!

Drawing Still Life:
This is something I like to do. Because when you are drawing still life you are focusing on the details. Its not about how well you draw, but focusing on those little details you’d never notice before. If drawing isn’t you jam, try writing out the details. There are times I won’t even draw the item but just start focusing on some thing to find those details.

Some other things are about how the visuals will come to you. My clairvoyance comes through my minds eye. I know a friend who sees them as if they were physically there. Its different for everyone. Find out what works for you best and run from there. Everyone will see, feel, and understand differently. It is about finding different methods and which one will work best.

I do wish you luck my dear Anon!

♔ Mod Wolfe ♔

To add to my other Mods, who have been very helpful here already, I wanted to reiterate the fact that practice is a big part of getting better and mastering anything. Their suggestions are great ways to do that.

My additional suggestion is to make sure you don’t compare yourself to others while you are developing. It can be one of the fastest things that can discourage the progress you do make. For the longest time I thought I wasn’t astral traveling as well as I was because I thought I wasn’t doing it correctly. I thought I was supposed to have this crazy out of body experience and it never happened. Come to find out, I needed to pay attention to my dreams more because that was when I travel the most and my dreams gave hints to what I did. If I stopped comparing my experience to what others were doing I would have realized that sooner.

I have also personally come to terms with the fact that my clairvoyance is pretty low and I will never see as vividly as I might wish. I have vague glimpses and impressions now and then, but I know my gift does not lay in seeing. It is in other areas and so I choose to focus these instead. However, if I practiced more, I might get better at it over time.

Best of luck!

️ Mod Tara  

Me starting any new TV show currently on air or off air:

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Me after I’ve caught up with all of the aired seasons and/or finished the entire show 

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Meanwhile, in Hell
  • <p> <b>Tara:</b> Theee-ooo<p/><b>Theo:</b> 1 second Tara<p/><b>Tara:</b> Thee-oo<p/><b>Theo:</b> I just said wait. Dont be so rude<p/><b>Tara:</b> ...<p/><b>Tara:</b> Theoo<p/><b>Tara:</b> *Finds Theo sitting at a table with two plates*<p/><b>Theo:</b> It's steak and kidney pie. Sit down, please?<p/><b>Tara:</b> *Sits*<p/><b>Theo:</b> I was looking for something better, but there wasn't enough heart to go between us<p/><b>Tara:</b> ...<p/><b>Theo:</b> Too soon?<p/><b>Tara:</b> *Rips out Theo's heart*<p/></p>

TNA might get a lot of (deserved) bashing, but they did give us Kurt Angle vs. Nigel McGuinness/Desmond Wolfe, Tara/Victoria vs. Awesome Kong in a Steel Cage AND Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles in a Triple Threat all on the same PPV so kudos for that.


Okay so before I start, this headcanon happened between 5b and 6a.

So imagine Stydia one day in Stiles room studying, both on his bed, Stiles sitting legs crossed doing his math homework and Lydia next to him laying on her stomach helping him, she explain to him how to solve the math problem then lets him do it by himself. 

As he does it, she gets up from bed and moves around the room, she studies everything in the room, picture frames, his baseball bat, a broken toy on the shelf, his dirty clothes in the corner. 

She smiles at herself when she sees her jacket and his thrown on his desk, maybe one day their clothes would be tousled on his bedroom floor, she shakes her head at the thought of her and Stiles finally being together, she continues scanning his room, her eyes land on a brown notebook that’s covered in stickers, she reaches for it, and take it in her hands, before she could even open the notebook Stiles jumps from the bed and tries to take it from her hands, she fights him back, teasing him while she tighten her hold on the notebook. 

His face flushes when a smirking Lydia slowly puts the notebook in his hand. 

“I wasn’t planning on reading it.”

“Really?” He smirks, “You almost used your banshee powers just for me not to take it” 

“Shut up,” she playfully tells him, before making her way to his bed, “what  does Mieczyslaw Stilinski hide in there?“ She asks as she makes herself comfortable in his bed. 

He walks across the room and sit on his bed next to her. 

“One day I  will let you read it,” he smiles sweetly at her, his eyes locked in hers. 

She smiles at him, then averts her eyes from him, because till this day, she gets overwhelmed whenever he looks at her like this. 

2 years later, they both are naked in his bed, Lydia on her stomach, and Stiles is snuggled into her, his fingers tracing their names and “I love yous” on her back. 

She frowns when he stops touching her.

 He gets up from the bed and walks to his desk. 

She sits when he approach her, with his old notebook in his hands. 

As soon as he sits, he takes her face in his hands and gently kisses her, taking his time. 

When he pulls back, he tucks her hair behind her ears, as he looks down at her with so much love and adoration in his eyes, and this time she keeps her eyes on him and stare at him with tenderness in her eyes.

“You can read it now,” he softly tells her. 

“You sure?” 

“Yes, I want you to know everything.” he informs her, before handing her the notebook. 

He wants her to know that he always wrote about her, about his feeling for her, about how smart she is, about how strong she is, about how beautiful she is. 

 He wants her to see how his feeling grew deeper for her, how his feeling changed from when he was in 3rd grade. 

Meanwhile, in Hell...
  • Tara: Theeee....oooo
  • Theo: *Runs fast out of the room, eyes wide for a place to hide*
  • Tara: Theee...ooo
  • Theo: *Flees into a room down the hall and slams the door shut*
  • Tara: Thee..oo
  • Theo: *Panicking as he's just in a bathroom*
  • Tara: THEO!
  • Theo: WAIT TARA! Y-you remember? Little Girl's Room, Little Boy's Room? Well it's little Boy's Room right now, you can't come in.
  • Tara: *Waits outside*
  • Tara: ...
  • Tara: ...
  • Tara: Theee...ooo
  • Theo: Little Boy's Room remember!
  • Tara: *Goes back to Waiting*

Comparing Tara/Willow (Buffy the vampire slayer) and Bernie/Serena (Holby City)


- blonde lesbian (Tara and Bernie seem like they are lesbians) paired with a bisexual (let’s assume Willow and Serena are bisexual, it seems to fit even if they don’t say it out loud on the show)
- bisexual “becomes a monster” after someone dies (for Willow it was Tara, for Serena it was Elinor)
- slow burn (friends to lovers)
- addiction arcs (Willow addicted to magic and Serena addicted to drinking, though you could say she never truly got there, but it was implied that it was becoming a problem)
- hiatus in the relationship (temporary break-up vs Kiev)
- relationship “ends” right after they reconnect
- the lesbian has a secret (Tara thinks she’s a demon, Bernie cheated on her husband with a lady which is almost the same secret since they are both related to the fact that they are lesbians)


- age (teens/YA vs middle age)
- air date (1999-2002 vs 2016/2017)
- bisexual hair color (Willow redhead vs Serena brunette)
- Tara and Willow live together and have a cat
- US action-horror/fantasy show vs UK medical soap (maybe this should have been the first difference, and this comes with a whole set of differences which maybe aren’t worth mentioning maybe this whole post isn’t worth mentioning)- sex very much implied in Buffy vs not mentioned or implied in Holby(Please add more stuff you think of)

The new Mickey Short…..OOPS! I mean Minnie short is out! “Sock Burglar” I went to town on this short and drew lots of Minnie, Goofy, yarn balls and cameos. :D I’m very proud of the designs for this one and it’s great to see Minnie be just as awesome as Mickey in this one. Check it out!

Tale as Old as Time

Went to an elementary school play last night, and was inspired to write about Hot Single Dad Derek Hale and Drama Club Teacher Stiles:

Derek has been sitting in his car for 30 minutes.  He glances at the clock again. Make that 31 minutes.

He peers out the window at the Elementary School’s front doors and still sees no movement.  Aggravated, he opens his car door and gets out, slamming the door shut behind him.

He can feel the judgmental stares coming from the other parents who are sitting in the line of cars behind him. Unlike him, they, apparently, are content to sit in their car for endless amounts of time.

He swings the doors to the school open and walks swiftly down the hall until he gets to the auditorium.  He can hear the high-pitched noises of children singing even before he enters.

One he’s inside, he scans the auditorium, eyes flitting across the kids gathered on the stage, until he finds what he’s looking for.  'Mr. Stiles!’ as his daughter Tara calls him.

Mr. Stiles is sitting at a piano in front of the stage, playing an obnoxiously loud version of “Be Our Guest.”  From behind all Derek can see is dark hair, pale skin, and rolled up sleeves on a button down shirt. 

Derek walks quickly down the aisle between the rows of seats. Strong, veined arms come into view the closer he gets to to the piano.

When he reaches it, he waits until Mr. Stiles stops playing before speaking up.

“Mr. Stiles?” he calls out angrily.

Mr. Stiles jumps up from his seat and whirls around.  “Holy sh…amrocks!” he exclaims, clutching a hand to his chest.  “You nearly gave me a heart attack.”

Mr. Stiles pushes a pair of black framed glasses back up from where they’ve slid down his nose and takes a real look at Derek. “Okay, there’s a second heart attack.”

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Yeah he answered me! Theo’s sister name is Tara!


Tara Cluck Dance Center