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There’s somebody in the trailer that should be dead! - Confirmed not Tara...thank god!

I first watched the trailer and noticed there’s somebody with the pack who should not be there at all.
Can you see her?

Next to Theo

That is Tara Raeken. Theo’s sister.

Same clothes, same hair (Look up Shelby Steel the actress who plays her) They brought Tara back. Opening a door into another world must be what did it.

Tara & Leo Raeken-Dunbar Twins


Fraternal Twins born via surrogacy. Tara is biologically Theo’s daughter and Leo is biologically Liam’s son, with the shared genes of their anon surrogate mother.

Tara and Leo are born werewolves and are eachothers anchors since birth.

*Imagine Liam getting embarrased because Leo is throwing a fit in the middle of the mall and there is Theo just strolling off with princess Tara on his shoulders pretending not to notice while he snickers to himself as Liam tries to grab the boy by any limb he can get hold of.*

This is perfection.

@ofxmicexandxmanda and ThiamChrisberry our brainchild 🖤

Sweet Kisses and Good Feelings

Word count: 3950

Genre: Fluff, romance

Author’s Note: Here’s a small fic I’ve been working on for a little. Based on an alternate universe if Stiles didn’t get taken by the ghost riders AKA the same night he kissed Lydia Martin on the cheek.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski / Lydia Martin

Lydia, you’re so smart. I could kiss you right now.

That’s all she’s been thinking of. The sound of his voice trapped inside her head, repeating the same thing over and over again. Being said in different forms and patterns in her mind, but mainly in her heart.

Lydia was tucked comfortably in her bed, wearing a loose fitted grey shirt with a pair of black and white checkered flannel shorts. She turned her body to the right, lying on the cheek Stiles had kissed only a few hours ago. Just after Lydia had figured out the new supernatural threat; The Wild Hunt. And that was his little way of praising her intelligence.

She placed a hand over her right cheek, slowly dragging it down until the tip of her fingers got buried in the dimple on her face. She could still feel it. Even if it was just for a second, she could still feel his soft lips on her face. If she closed her eyes, she could even hear the little “MUAH” sound he made as he kissed her.

She really didn’t quite understand it, why such a small action had this much of an effect on her.

She knew she was falling in love with the boy more and more each day but it was only a peck, and it wasn’t even on the lips.

She still hates to admit to herself that she had loved her abuser. She shared many intimate moments with Jackson, some too intimate to even think about. Wishing those moments could be permanently erased.

Now she was sitting up in her queen sized bed, trying to figure out why the small moment she had with Stiles tonight felt just as intimate as sex.

Lydia Martin, the girl with an IQ of 170, couldn’t seem to come up with an answer. And maybe that’s how it was meant to be. Her intelligence was a gift, while even enhancing her supernatural powers. But when it came to love, maybe she knew nothing at all. Maybe she’s been basing this off of amateurs luck for years.

But all her feelings feel so real. Realer than anything she’s ever experienced. And she hasn’t felt like this in such a long time too. There have been smaller moments though, where she felt the connection between her and Stiles strengthen. But tonight really hit her, fast and hard. Even in her past, she’s never felt so giddy and warm about something so minor in detail. She felt like an idiotic 12 year old schoolgirl, reacting to her first kiss.

Thank God Stiles ran off to Scott before seeing her reaction. She turned her body around to face him as he left. And she remained frozen in place, smiling and blushing as he spastically ran off in a dorky way. She obviously found it cute.

What she loved the most about all of this, was his compulsive need to never follow orders. And yet she found herself feeling thankful. Her nerves took over once she heard the words “kiss you” come out of his mouth. Initially the words following came out as “do not kiss me” when she really meant to say the complete opposite. When she really wanted to say, “I love you”.

I’m in love with the dork? I’m in love with a dork?! I’m in love with Stiles Stilinski?! If her thoughts could get any louder, someone could walk into her room and hear her.

Lydia giggled to herself, falling backwards into her big cushiony blankets as her arms spread out like angel wings. She rested her eyes up to the ceiling, feeling herself smile to the point where it began to hurt. Where her cheeks felt like collapsing in on itself. She felt so warm and fuzzy though, like a thousand butterflies were tickling her insides all at once. It was a good feeling.

“I’m in love with Stiles Stilinski.” It felt just as good to say it. She knew for quite a while already, but this was the first time she actually said it in words.

Her attempt to fall asleep was pointless; her heart was practically beating out of her chest.

Wow nothing has ever felt this good. Will I ever feel this good again? She thought to herself.

The event replayed itself once more in her head, like she had purposely broken the pause button in her mind. It was starting to feel a bit like déjà vu, but nothing that would drive her completely out of her mind.

Lydia’s loud thoughts suddenly got interrupted by an even louder bang on her bedroom window. “What the hell?!”

She got up from her bed, cheeks still flushed as she popped the window open. “Stiles, I gave you a key for a reason.” The boy threw his arms over the ledge, aiming to land on her couch against the wall. “I know, but I saw the lights on downstairs” he replied, still struggling to make his way inside.

Lydia rolled her eyes, “Yeah so? It’s my mom putting tomorrow’s biology test together.”

He fell onto her couch, and then tumbled off onto her carpeted floor in a not so graceful way. He quickly stood up, bobbing his head back and forth “Exactly! I’m her first class in the morning. If she knew I came here instead of getting a good night sleep… well, she would kill me!”

She nodded in agreement; he did make a fair point.

 She was acting annoyed and tired from his random presence in the middle of the night, it was almost like a reflex, but really she couldn’t have been happier that he showed up.

“What happened to your cheeks?” he asked.

She quickly threw her hands up covering both sides of her face, as her eyes grew wider and more aware. “What do you mean?”

He moved his head at another angle, trying to see her cheeks through the spaces between her fingers. “Your cheeks… they’re completely flushed.”

“Oh well…” she froze trying to come up with a lie until he finished the sentence for her. “Did Scott send you that funny puppy video as well?”

She released a subtle breath, nodding and smiling she replied “Yeah! That’s exactly it!”

He laughed, folding his arms across his chest “well, it was a cute video.”

Lydia smiled. There was just something about the way Stiles looked right now. The sleeves of his black and grey flannel cuffed over his wrist, wearing these perfectly fitted khakis, with the slight use of gel in his messy- thick hair. He looked smaller, but not in height. More in an exhausted, cuddly kind of way. She gave him a heart- eyed stare, but not for too long to the point where he would notice.

She finally pulled out of her trance to ask the obvious question, “so why are you here?”

Stiles dropped his shoulders and brought his chin in looking offended. “Wow, so you don’t enjoy my company?”

Lydia raised an eyebrow, “not when your company wakes me up three nights in a row” she quickly fired back. “Besides, we already figured out it’s the Wild Hunt. Can’t we just deal with all of this tomorrow?”

“Lydia! People can be getting taken okay!… People can be dieing actually. And we have all the answers right here.”

She squinted her eyes in confusion “What are you talking about?”

Stiles attempted to throw his bag over his back the first time. When it got tangled in his arms he began to furiously rip it off his shoulders.

Lydia watched as he viciously fought the inanimate object. “Oh- my… I’m just gonna… yeah” she threw her hands up in the air, rolling her eyes from his stupidity. She sat back down on her bed, crossing her legs.

“I’m talking about this” he said, as he poured 4 heavy text books and 10 loose papers out in front of her.

Lydia took a long hard stare at the books. He must have worked his ass off over the last 4 hours, but he was so good for doing it. He’s always so determined to figure it out, even before anything bad happens. He just keeps digging and digging, like an unhealthy obsession until it ends up saving a life or two. And it makes her swell of joy inside, that she gets to help him do that. That Stiles is so much of a good guy, he actually has the initiative to stay on top of the whole supernatural Fiesta and school work. She loved his dedication to it all.

Stiles sat crossed legged on the floor, leaning his arms over the edge of her bed. As Lydia rolled onto her stomach, sticking her bare feet in the air. He gave her a couple minutes to go through the history books.

After flipping through the first one, she looked up to his sleepy face resting in his folded arms. She quietly laughed and shook her head. “Oh crap. I’m not gonna get any sleep tonight aren’t I?”

“Nope.” He replied, matching the smile on her face with his.

Lydia playfully rolled her eyes back, as she handed him one of the textbooks to take notes on. “you know I don’t understand how you do this every night.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, this whole thing. How you research new supernatural threats, how you’re able to finish your homework before school, how you get sleep. Or how you occasionally drive us around to go monster hunting, and somehow end up with a full tank of gas in the morning. I just don’t get it? Aren’t you constantly tired, or stressed, or…”


She paused. Almost feeling his every emotion through one word. “Anxious? About what?”

Stiles lifted his head off his arms, yawning a little bit. “Look I don’t want to dive into the full thing tonight Lydia. But just anxious about you know… things like losing my friends, losing my family, losing someone I care about the most.” He found himself staring at her eyes a bit too long after saying the last reason.

He could see the worry starting to form through her eyes and crooked smile. He had to keep this light and fun, and definitely didn’t want to turn this into a depressing hour. “Oh and being a werewolf”

Lydia sunk her chin in, “What?”

“Yeah didn’t you know? I’m a werewolf now, Scott bit me like 3 nights ago so now I have all this super power. But we haven’t exactly told the pack yet, it’s still a secret. So shhhhhh.”

She flicked his forehead laughing “Oh shut up. I couldn’t buy that even if you pulled it out of your ass.”

“But maybe I kinda did pull it out of my ass, just now.” He started laughing.

“Oh screw off” she pushed him off balance and he swayed onto his back. She noticed the silvery 0.5 mm pen he was holding in his hand, and got up from her bed. “Wait a minute? Is that my pen? My GOOD pen!?”

Stiles looked frightened to say yes, but it was funny to see her get all angry and adorable. So he said it. “Uhhhh, yeah. I think it is.”

She crossed her arms, thumping her foot in an annoyed fashion. “I’ve been looking for that pen all week. It’s my best one.”

He tried to pull off an innocent smile “well, I kind of borrowed it in second period when you went to the washroom and forgot to put it back.”

“Ahem. You mean you stole it…”

“Mistook it.” He quickly interrupted.

“While I went to the washroom… and then you kept it purposely hoping I wouldn’t notice.”

Stiles slowly began backing up to her closet door on his knees as she angrily walked closer towards him. She looked so cute but deadly at the same time. “Haha, yeah. Well see, you kind of just said another variation of what I said. So-”

“Stiles…” she walked up even closer to him

“I saw this exact pen brand from Walmart the other day. I’ll buy you 50 packs if you want.”

“But I want this one!” She tried snatching the pen out of his left hand, but caught off balance when he quickly switched it to his right. Catching her by the wrist before she fell and hurt herself.

“Well you’re a little too short for this one.” He replied as he stood up towering a head over her.

She jumped as high as she could get, only being able to reach his forearm. “Stiles! Give me my-” she jumped again. “give me my fricken-” she jumped the third time. “Stiles!!’ she jumped the fourth time. “Oh that’s it.”

He snickered to himself, being amused by her non stop attempt to take the pen. He got to admit to herself, the girl did have some dedication. “Okay well now I feel bad, I guess I’ll give-”

He was shortly cut off by her sudden light weighted jump on his back. “Woah what?!” He spun in a circle, being caught off guard but now holding her by her thighs.

“Stiles I want my pen! Give me my pen!” She continued struggling to stretch her arms to his hand. If anything it was even worst now, she had a better chance of getting it while her feet were still planted on the ground.

Stiles continued laughing, spinning both of them in circles. Making everything more complicated.

Natalie could hear all the thumping going on in her daughter’s room. She knew it had to be Stiles, but truthfully she didn’t have enough energy to go upstairs and yell at those two kids. She still had at least fifty more questions to write out, and make a hundred more copies. She’d probably fall asleep to them shattering the windows and punching a hole through the roof.

Lydia continued struggling to reach for his hand, until she just sunk her arms over his body and rested her head on his shoulder. She could clearly hear him giggling. “Do you think this is funny? Huh? Do you really think this is funny.”

Stiles tried putting on a straight face as he turned his head to the left. “Hmmm, no. Not- ugh… not at all.” He started laughing hysterically a few seconds later. The laugh ran throughout his entire body, even she could feel herself bobbing up and down on his back. Until he accidently dropped the pen.

They both stared off into the distance at the clean silvery pen rolling on the floor, only two metres away. She was frozen while still clinging tightly onto his neck, as tiny baby hairs fell to the front of her face. Stiles’ jaw dropped, still holding her small thighs to his waist.

This was her advantage point. With the use of perfect timing and surprise, she hopped off his back and began sprinting towards her pen. It was unbelievable. She hasn’t felt this childish since she was five, fighting some other five year old bitch for the last barbie doll in the store. She bent down and grabbed it, running towards her bed for safety. But Stiles caught up to her, bear hugging her before she was even close to victory.

Lydia unexpectedly got pulled from behind, hitting her back against Stiles’ upper front body. This boy would not give up. She screwed around with him a bit, moving the pen from left to right, and up and down. His arms were practically wailing every which way. She felt like a little kid, but hadn’t had such idiotic fun in a while. As for him, he already was an idiotic man child. Every single day.

Stiles wrapped his arms around her lower waist, restricting the movement of her hands as well. As she leaned her head back against the front of his shoulder.

They both couldn’t stop laughing, which filled the room with so much noise and clatter. Struggling with each other only made it messier. His hair was now knotted, and ungelled. While her hair was still neat, but the fast movements caused all of her baby hairs to fly up.

Lydia broke out of his grip causing her to fall back into his chest, as his left arm naturally wrapped around her tummy to stop her fall. His foot tripped up on one of the textbooks laying on the ground. And he fell back onto the couch to the side of the wall, pulling Lydia along as she landed on top of him.

They continued play wrestling for the pen. Stiles’ right arm was now trapped under her neck, while her left arm was stuck under the side of his torso. With their available arm and hand, Stiles attempted to take it while she was struggling to hold it back. He started tickling her tummy which made her curl into him closer, laughing. When her hand got close enough, he quickly grabbed her wrist.

She leaned in closer to him laughing, then all of a sudden everything just stopped. They both stopped moving, and talking.

Lydia slowly lifted her head up, to see that he was already looking down at her. Their faces were now only inches apart, as he was still holding onto her small wrist.

No words were spoken, but their eyes said everything they needed to know. Three inches apart, Stiles gulped as his eyes dropped to her lips then back up to her eyes. She didn’t break contact with him, but was breathing heavily making his eyes flutter. Two inches apart, their breathing slowed down, both of them so close to just closing their eyes and leaning forward. One inch apart, their noses rubbing against each other, her eyes fluttering to finally close. Their lips craving to engulf each other already. Ten centimetres apart, she felt her bottom lip brush against the outer layer of his top. Taking in one last deep breath, ready to finally go in this time. Then a loud knock on her door pulled them apart immediately, as their heads turns quickly towards the sound.

“Lydia, are you still awake? I hope Stiles isn’t still there!” Natalie yelled from outside her room.

Lydia looked to the clock on her wall and whipped her head back around to Stiles. “Oh my God! It’s four in the morning.”

Stiles’ eyes grew wider “when the hell did that happen?”

Lydia got up from the couch and started packing his text books in a hurry. “I don’t know, but you need to leave- NOW!”

He got up from her couch, and quickly fell back into it when she threw his heavy backpack right at him.

“Oh God. Sorry” she ran over to him pulling him up by his hands.

“No worries, it barely hurt” he replied with a grunt.

He turned around, as she helped put his bag onto his shoulders. She grabbed his arms and turned him around to make him face her front. She re tightened the straps for him and pulled out his crumpled flannel from beneath since it was bothering her.

“Lydia? Sweety I hope you’re sleeping and that’s why you’re not answering.” Natalie said while still standing outside her door.

“Okay Stiles, I really feel horrible to say this but you’re going to need to leave through the window.”

He started walking to her window as she quickly followed behind him. “It’s okay, Scotts ladder is still on the wall.”

He took a step down from her window sill, feeling the first step of the ladder with his right foot. “Okay I’m on it, close the blinds before your mom walks in.”

“Okay, but first…” she quickly ran to the other side of the room and took the silver pen off her desk. She hurried back to the window and placed it in Stiles’ mouth, as his hands were currently unavailable. “You can keep it.” He closed his mouth on it and mumbled “thank-mmm- you” giving her a little wink.

Lydia bent down to kiss him on the cheek while smiling. “Goodnight Stiles.” He nearly lost all feeling in his body, turning red in the face and not being able to hide it.

She didn’t leave her window until she saw that he made it to the ground safely. Once he did, she turned around and started feeling warm. Holding onto her cheeks, and once again feeling that same feeling she felt before stiles even visited her tonight. Wondering what in the world she just done, but mainly wondering how she built the courage to kiss him. It felt like a natural thing to do though. She realized her mom was still standing outside so shut her blinds and hoped into the covers of her bed. “Come in mom.”

Natalie walked in, looking at her suspiciously. “Where’s Stiles?”

“What do you mean?”

“Stiles? He’s here isn’t he?”


“Then what was all that noise I heard before?”

Lydia blankly stared at her mom, trying to come up with an excuse. “Oh- that was me tap dancing earlier.”

“Since when do you tap dance?”

“Since I found out it helps relieve stress.” She replied back in a snarky way.

“Well okay then, get some sleep. School starts in…” Natalie stared down at her watch “about four hours… well I’ll go back downstairs and prepare all the coffee bags we’ll need in the morning…”

Lydia laughed “Good plan mom. Did you finish writing the tests?” she asked, avoiding sleep because it was nearly impossible after what just happened.

Natalie walked over to the bed and sat down to join her daughter. “Yes and I’ve never been more stressed out in my entire teaching career.”

“Well mom… you haven’t been exactly teaching for a long time so.”

Natalie shook her head and laughed, brushing her daughter’s hair then kissing her head.

“How has Stiles been?”

“Wha- what do you mean?” Lydia asked nervously.

“Stiles, you hang out with him everyday. How has he been?”

“He’s fine mom. Why do you ask?”

“I’m just worried about him. He’s a young man who shouldn’t be dealing with the amount of stress he puts on himself while he’s still in his last year of high school.”

“Oh don’t worry about him, he finds a balance for everything. He even told me he’s 110% prepared for your test tomorrow morning.”

Natalie smiled proudly. “I’m sure he is.”

“Alright, I think I’m gonna try to get some sleep now. Goodnight mom.” She kissed her mom’s cheek “love you.”

“Love you too.” Natalie replied. Hugging her daughter, then tucking her in before she left the room.

And once again, Lydia found herself tucked comfortably in her bed, looking up to the ceiling. Thinking about what in the world had just happened. She wasn’t really sure if this was a dream, if it was…it had been a really good one. She pinched herself to make sure though. “Ow! Definitely real.”

Many thoughts crowded her mind at once. What was she going to do when she saw him the next day at school? In fact, what was she going to do when he picks her up right in the morning? Will they ever talk about what happened tonight? Will he tell Scott? Does he have a plan?

She shut herself up for thinking too hard. Instead she decided to enjoy the moment, and the feeling that came with it. She was so sure she would feel like this again, and it would be Stiles to make her do so.

That feeling where it felt like a swarm of butterflies were tickling her insides all at once. It was a good feeling.

Me starting any new TV show currently on air or off air:

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Me after I’ve caught up with all of the aired seasons and/or finished the entire show 

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Well, the bag’s out of the cat—we’ll be producing a Costume Quest series for Amazon. It’s Frederator Studios’ first project with Amazon, and we’re truly happy about it (and doubly happy it’s with such a wonderful property).
So many people deserve our thanks, including:

Tim Schafer and Greg Rice from Double Fine Productions, publisher of the Costume Quest video games, along with Tasha Sounart, who originally created the world.

MVP Zac Gorman, who wrote, storyboarded, and designed many of the characters for the pilot. Thanks to Pat McHale for coming on board to direct that initial short. Pre-production artists included Bob Flynn, JoJo Baptista, Aymeric Kevin, Ryan Andrews, Joe McGrory, Mira Lark Crowell, Larry Leichliter, and Wendy Jacobsmeyer.

The production team was made of Sylvia Edwards, Dana Jo Granger, Stephen Worth, Ross Kolde, Ray Valenzuela, and Molly Yahr.

Meredith Layne, C.S.A., cast-directed, and what a cast!: Sinclair Dumont, Aidan Sussman, Issac Ryan Brown, Allie Urrutia, Kevin Michael Richardson, Sam Marin, Rob Paulsen, Frank Welker.

We’ve much appreciation for Digital eMation, Inc., which handled the animation, and Salami Studios (with Thomas J. Maydeck, C.A.S.), the studio which oversaw the post-production. As you’d figure, The Blasting Company delivered a fantastic score.

Zac and Thurop Van Orman performed the work of 1,000 Vikings on their greenlight-getting pitch document.

Hugs to our newest and best friends at Amazon; Tara Sorensen, Melissa Wolfe, and Aaron Davidson.

It’s been a journey, but the writers’ room is staffed (that’s another post), and we’re counting down the days till the Costume Quest premiere in 2018.
Thanks, again.

Fred, Kevin, and Eric

“The worst part is, if I just sit here and do nothing, it’ll pass me over. I could be safe, and go home to my dad. And all I’d have to do is accept the fact that I don’t understand the world and that I can’t change it.”


I am enjoying how this is coming to a head, though. That Laura is basically in Carmilla’s position. She was safe, she was untouched, she was convinced there wasn’t a damn thing she could do and so never tried. This is the most beaten down we’ve seen Laura so far. Her tone is flat, her eyes are tired, even her clothes are minimal and dull. She’s coming across more like Carmilla than like Laura, and it’s an interesting hand-off of their roles. (Particularly, if I’m right, and Laura’s disgust with her was the final boot in the ass Carmilla needs to do something, and she’s off getting that sword right now.)

I don’t expect this’ll keep Laura down for good, but I like that we’re seeing her flirting with giving up, even as she hates even the idea of it.

But you know what hurts the most? Theo said that Tara loved him and protected him and cared about him so like when he was nine and killed her, he didn’t know what he was doing or what he was giving up so imagine how he felt when he finally realised what he had done. That he killed the only person that ever loved or cared about him at all. 

This is the shit I send @prettylittlepsychotheo (I’m sorry you have to deal with my sad thoughts)

anonymous asked:

My dream is to master astral projection. I can communicate with my spirits without meditation with ease. But I want to see them vividly. I want to feel them. I really need help mastering this. Any advice and tips from all three of you? No rush!


To be plain, I strongly identify with this desire to interact more personally with the spirits I work with. One of the best ways is for astral work!

I’ll be frank, it’s not an easy skill for most to master. It takes a lot of practice. It takes an interesting amalgam of having control, but also releasing control. I find that the latter-most element is what most people have a difficult time with, including myself.

The way that I started off was through learning how to lucid dream. This actually took me years of application to get to the level I’m at, and even still, I’d like to improve. I find this to have been the best way for myself, because it gives me near-constant practice on fine-tuning that odd mix of conscious and sub-conscious control and influence- I mean we all gotta sleep, right? Through this, you can find a connection to other parts of the astral.

You’ll definitely start to notice the difference, too, as you improve. Things will feel and look clearer, your experiences will feel more solid. You’ll start to remember more. Along with exploring my astral body as of late, it’s been a good resource to meet with the spirits I work with (one of whom I am romantically involved with), and even Mod Wolfe, on a few occasions! >u>

Aids like sigils and dream sachets are awesome resources to use as well. I personally have a sigil written in silver on both sides of my favorite pillow. Add as many elements as you like, there’s no harm in doing more things to aid yourself in your goals!

Mod Sol

To add to Mod Sol’s post. Practice your visualization techniques in your waking life. I recently got an ask about some ways to see details. Sometimes we realize how often we do not focus on the details. We do actual look at something and see all the shadows, highlights, and curves. We do not train ourselves to see it, its just in our subconscious most of the time. 

So doing memory and visualization techniques when your awake will help. Some of the little fun things I do are this:

Memory game:
● This is where you set out a bunch of random objects (10-20).
● Give yourself 2-3 minutes to memorize them.
● Cover them with fabric or turn around.
● Then list off what was there. Try to get as many as possible.

If you don’t get all of them on the first try, thats okay. This is actually a game to test your observational skills as well as memory. The idea behind it is that the more you do it the sharp your skills become. Also remember to change up the items every so often too!

Drawing Still Life:
This is something I like to do. Because when you are drawing still life you are focusing on the details. Its not about how well you draw, but focusing on those little details you’d never notice before. If drawing isn’t you jam, try writing out the details. There are times I won’t even draw the item but just start focusing on some thing to find those details.

Some other things are about how the visuals will come to you. My clairvoyance comes through my minds eye. I know a friend who sees them as if they were physically there. Its different for everyone. Find out what works for you best and run from there. Everyone will see, feel, and understand differently. It is about finding different methods and which one will work best.

I do wish you luck my dear Anon!

♔ Mod Wolfe ♔

To add to my other Mods, who have been very helpful here already, I wanted to reiterate the fact that practice is a big part of getting better and mastering anything. Their suggestions are great ways to do that.

My additional suggestion is to make sure you don’t compare yourself to others while you are developing. It can be one of the fastest things that can discourage the progress you do make. For the longest time I thought I wasn’t astral traveling as well as I was because I thought I wasn’t doing it correctly. I thought I was supposed to have this crazy out of body experience and it never happened. Come to find out, I needed to pay attention to my dreams more because that was when I travel the most and my dreams gave hints to what I did. If I stopped comparing my experience to what others were doing I would have realized that sooner.

I have also personally come to terms with the fact that my clairvoyance is pretty low and I will never see as vividly as I might wish. I have vague glimpses and impressions now and then, but I know my gift does not lay in seeing. It is in other areas and so I choose to focus these instead. However, if I practiced more, I might get better at it over time.

Best of luck!

️ Mod Tara  


i will always love you {multiship}

I decided to make this vid because I keep seeing that commercial for that movie The Hitman’s Bodyguard, like the site I’m on just loves playing that commercial so “I Will Always Love You” got stuck in my head and I went, you know what would be amazing? If I tore myself up and made a vid of all of my favourite tragic romances or of all of my OTPs I thought deserved better. So! Enjoy.

Meanwhile, in hell
  • Tara: Theeee-ooooo
  • Theo: *Gets out of the body locker, runs to the medical supplies*
  • Tara: Theee-ooo
  • Theo: *Gets to work*
  • Tara: Thee-oo
  • Theo: *Adds last touch and turns to meet Tara*
  • Tara: *Enters the Room*
  • Theo: ...
  • Tara: *Walks over to Theo, hand out to pull his heart out and is met by layer on layer of tape*
  • Tara: ...
  • Theo: Now, can we talk?
  • Tara: *Pulls out his heart as answer*


Okay so before I start, this headcanon happened between 5b and 6a.

So imagine Stydia one day in Stiles room studying, both on his bed, Stiles sitting legs crossed doing his math homework and Lydia next to him laying on her stomach helping him, she explain to him how to solve the math problem then lets him do it by himself. 

As he does it, she gets up from bed and moves around the room, she studies everything in the room, picture frames, his baseball bat, a broken toy on the shelf, his dirty clothes in the corner. 

She smiles at herself when she sees her jacket and his thrown on his desk, maybe one day their clothes would be tousled on his bedroom floor, she shakes her head at the thought of her and Stiles finally being together, she continues scanning his room, her eyes land on a brown notebook that’s covered in stickers, she reaches for it, and take it in her hands, before she could even open the notebook Stiles jumps from the bed and tries to take it from her hands, she fights him back, teasing him while she tighten her hold on the notebook. 

His face flushes when a smirking Lydia slowly puts the notebook in his hand. 

“I wasn’t planning on reading it.”

“Really?” He smirks, “You almost used your banshee powers just for me not to take it” 

“Shut up,” she playfully tells him, before making her way to his bed, “what  does Mieczyslaw Stilinski hide in there?“ She asks as she makes herself comfortable in his bed. 

He walks across the room and sit on his bed next to her. 

“One day I  will let you read it,” he smiles sweetly at her, his eyes locked in hers. 

She smiles at him, then averts her eyes from him, because till this day, she gets overwhelmed whenever he looks at her like this. 

2 years later, they both are naked in his bed, Lydia on her stomach, and Stiles is snuggled into her, his fingers tracing their names and “I love yous” on her back. 

She frowns when he stops touching her.

 He gets up from the bed and walks to his desk. 

She sits when he approach her, with his old notebook in his hands. 

As soon as he sits, he takes her face in his hands and gently kisses her, taking his time. 

When he pulls back, he tucks her hair behind her ears, as he looks down at her with so much love and adoration in his eyes, and this time she keeps her eyes on him and stare at him with tenderness in her eyes.

“You can read it now,” he softly tells her. 

“You sure?” 

“Yes, I want you to know everything.” he informs her, before handing her the notebook. 

He wants her to know that he always wrote about her, about his feeling for her, about how smart she is, about how strong she is, about how beautiful she is. 

 He wants her to see how his feeling grew deeper for her, how his feeling changed from when he was in 3rd grade. 


The new Mickey Short…..OOPS! I mean Minnie short is out! “Sock Burglar” I went to town on this short and drew lots of Minnie, Goofy, yarn balls and cameos. :D I’m very proud of the designs for this one and it’s great to see Minnie be just as awesome as Mickey in this one. Check it out!

Meanwhile, in Hell...
  • Tara: Theeee....oooo
  • Theo: *Runs fast out of the room, eyes wide for a place to hide*
  • Tara: Theee...ooo
  • Theo: *Flees into a room down the hall and slams the door shut*
  • Tara: Thee..oo
  • Theo: *Panicking as he's just in a bathroom*
  • Tara: THEO!
  • Theo: WAIT TARA! Y-you remember? Little Girl's Room, Little Boy's Room? Well it's little Boy's Room right now, you can't come in.
  • Tara: *Waits outside*
  • Tara: ...
  • Tara: ...
  • Tara: Theee...ooo
  • Theo: Little Boy's Room remember!
  • Tara: *Goes back to Waiting*