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Yeah he answered me! Theo’s sister name is Tara!

Meanwhile, in Hell...
  • Tara: Theeee....oooo
  • Theo: *Runs fast out of the room, eyes wide for a place to hide*
  • Tara: Theee...ooo
  • Theo: *Flees into a room down the hall and slams the door shut*
  • Tara: Thee..oo
  • Theo: *Panicking as he's just in a bathroom*
  • Tara: THEO!
  • Theo: WAIT TARA! Y-you remember? Little Girl's Room, Little Boy's Room? Well it's little Boy's Room right now, you can't come in.
  • Tara: *Waits outside*
  • Tara: ...
  • Tara: ...
  • Tara: Theee...ooo
  • Theo: Little Boy's Room remember!
  • Tara: *Goes back to Waiting*

Me starting any new TV show currently on air or off air:

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Me after I’ve caught up with all of the aired seasons and/or finished the entire show 

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The new Mickey Short…..OOPS! I mean Minnie short is out! “Sock Burglar” I went to town on this short and drew lots of Minnie, Goofy, yarn balls and cameos. :D I’m very proud of the designs for this one and it’s great to see Minnie be just as awesome as Mickey in this one. Check it out!

TWD Season 6 Episode 7

Glenn’s alive and Enid helped-ish

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Enid pulling the gun/Ron following Carl

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The walls falling (No Way Out)/ Ron stealing the bullets/Morgan-Denise-Carol-Wolf thing.

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Ron the whole episode/Spencer’s wall stunt

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Tara…that was pretty epic when she flipped off Rick/ Enid’s and Rosita's attitude.  

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Meanwhile, in Hell
  • Tara: Theee-ooo
  • Theo: *Dashes into a room with a bed, lays down and pretends to be asleep before Tara comes*
  • Tara: Thee-oo
  • Theo: *Keeping still, breathing even*
  • Tara: Theo!
  • Theo: *Keeping his breathing even*
  • Tara: *Is waiting for a response from her brother*
  • Tara: Theo!
  • Theo: *Faking sleep*
  • Tara: Theeee-ooo
  • Theo: *Faking sleep*
  • 1 hour later:
  • Tara: Theee-ooo
  • Theo: *Still faking sleep*

Hey I’m going to be turning asks back on for today because I’d love some drawing requests… ;v; I honestly just want to stress doodle…

So, basically, you can ask for doodles for just about anyone. Including: my ocs (Destiny, Morgan, Tabitha, Tara, Wolf or Taryn), YOUR ocs (yes I am allowing that), OR any canon w101 character… Blah, blah, blah. So yeah.

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You watch:

The 100
Parks and Recreation
The Simpsons
Gravity Falls
Steven Universe
Over The Garden Wall
Orphan Black
Pushing Daisies 
United States of Tara
Band of Brothers
Generation Kill
Teen Wolf
Boy Meets World

*high chance of me following you, unless you’re rude then no

Everybody’s rightly afraid and doesn’t know what to, so they’re basically just huddling together and not doing anything.

Tara, meanwhile, is on a quest to find Willow, because she thinks that with her magic (and what she’s picking up from Willow), maybe they can do something.

This is despite Tara being critically shy.

This is despite Tara’s massive self-confidence issues.

This is despite (though of course we won’t learn until later) Tara thinking she’s a demon and she’s evil.

It’ll be almost an entire YEAR before some part of Tara accepts that she can be a hero too.

But here she is, in the midst of a crisis that has left most of the town (THIS HELLMOUTH TOWN) in assorted shades of panic, and her only thought is in finding a way to help.


My favorite OTP.

1. Bonnie & Damon (The Vampire Diaries)

2. Stefan & Caroline (The Vampire Diaries)

3. Klaus & Hayley (The Originals)

4. Mary & Bash  (Reign)

5. Daryl & Carol (The Walking Dead)

6. Hermione  & Draco (Harry Potter)

7. Buffy & Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

8.Willow & Tara (Buffy the vampire slayer)

9. Buffy & Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

10. Stiles & Lydia (Teen Wolf)