mr crocker and timmy turner’s voice actors making a vine together gives me life


Do people really tell Tara Strong this?


This is my new favourite thing.


Teen Titans: LOVE WINS!

#teentitansgo #lovewins Khary Payton, Scott Menville, Greg Cipes, @hyndenishere

From Tara Strong’s Vine


this really makes the happiest person ever 😍

Posting this to lay to rest all the falsehoods going around on the web about the situation. They’re not upset with the girls. Neither are Lauren and Craig. They’re upset at the CN Execs pulling this sorta stunt without even informing the three until the roles were recast. The announcements from the other day probably just made this worse.

So here it is, feel free to check out Tara Strong’s Facebook for confirmation on this. Hopefully this’ll spread and people will get the full story. AGAIN they are not asking or wanting anyone to lash out against the new VA’s. I’m doing this because I don’t want people I love and respect getting slandered just because they felt bad about getting snubbed and treated unprofessionally.

Also I blocked out the other commenters purely for privacy. Again, if you want to look at them, look up Tara Strong’s Facebook for the full story.


EDIT: And if you want to know about the Twitter post from a few months ago, here’s the story on that here:

Notice that this thing was MONTHS before any of the new voices were announced. They were upset about the DECISION to recast, NOT the choices of recast.


There’s a documentary film coming out in the fall of 2013, “I Know That Voice”, that features all the voice actors of the shows and video games that you’ve all come to love! [IMDb

The cast is enormous! (Here are just a few)

  • John DiMaggio [Jake from Adventure Time, Bender from Futurama, Marcus Fennix from Gears of War, Jann Walker in Valkyria Chronicles, Joker from Batman: Under the Red Hood, Sandman/Hammerhead from Spectacular Spider-Man, Drakken from Kim Possible, Fu Dog from American Dragon: Jake Long, and more]
  • Kevin Conroy [voices Batman in dozens of DC media such as Injustice: Gods Among Us, Justice League: Doom, The Flashpoint Paradox, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Justice League, Batman the TV series, The Batman, and more ]
  • Jim Cummings [Tasmanian Devil from the Looney Tunes Show, Dr. Hudson from Motorcity, Hondo Ohnaka from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Trey from Generator Rex, Urdnot Wreav from Mass Effect 2 and 3, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger (various), Ray from the Princess and the Frog, Cat from CatDog, and more]
  • Grey DeLisle [Vicky/Tootie from Fairly OddParents, Aya/Queen Aga'po from Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Daphne from Scooby-Doo, Wubbzy from Wow Wow Wubbzy, Black Canary from Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Dr. Rebecca Holiday from Generator Rex, Catwoman in Arkham City and Injustice, Padme in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and more]
  • Jason Marsden [Bart Allen/Impulse from Young Justice, Skwydd from Generator Rex, Haku in the English dub of Spirited Away, Leo from Thundercats (2012), Chester McBadbat from the Fairly OddParents, Chase Young from Xiaolin Showdown, Snapper Carr from Justice League, Richie Foley/Gear from Static Shock, Max Goof from A Goofy Movie, Kovu from Lion King 2, and more]
  • Steve Blum [Spike Spiegal from the English dub of Cowboy Bebop, Wolverine (in various media including Deadpool(video game), Ultimate Spider-Man, Marvel Heroes, X-men, etc), Ares from God of War, Amon from Legend of Korra, Red Skull from Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Thanatos from Quantum Theory, Orochimaru in the English dub of Naruto, Green Goblin from the Spectacular Spider-man, and more]
  • Tom Kane [Professor Utonium from the Powerpuff Girls, Yoda from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Mr. Herriman from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, Magneto from Wolverine and the X-men, Lord Monkey Fist from Kim Possible, Darwin from the Wild Thornberrys, and more]
  • Nancy Cartwright [Bart Simpson/Nelson Muntz/Ralph Wiggum/more from the Simpsons, Rufus from Kim Possible, Chuckie Finster from All Grown Up and Rugrats, Mindy from Animaniacs, and more]
  • Hank Azaria [Moe Szyslak/Chief Wiggum/Comic Book Guy/more from the Simpsons, Gargamel from the Smurfs, and more]
  • Mark Hamill [The Joker (numerous titles), Master Eraqus from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Fire Lord Ozai from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Abraham Kane from Motorcity, Skips from Regular Show, and more]
  • Tara Strong [Omi from Xiaolin Chronicles/Xiaolin Showdown, Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls, Terrence from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Timmy Turner from the Fairly OddParents, Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Raven from Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go!, Harley Quinn from Arkham City and Injustice, Ilana from Symbionic Titan, Billy Batson from Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and more]
  • and many, many more! (seriously, there’s got to be more than thirty people in this thing)

Guy: “I got a question for Raven. Do you prefer Beast Boy or waffles?”

Tara Strong (as Raven): “I would take some waffles on my Beast Boy.” XD


Leader of the Decepticons - Tara Strong


“It seems your little lesson’s left the fairer sex neglected.” “Well, when girls like little ponies, that’s very much expected.” “Even so, you can’t ignore these fillies’ contributions. We’re involved in brony culture and we demand our inclusion. We attend all the conventions, create art and music, too, discuss the show, talk on forums; everything that these dudes do! No, we’re not ‘bros’, but we’re bronies. Though, some prefer 'pegasisters’. And we also are creatives, moderates, and even hipsters.” [X]

Never forget that there are ladies dedicated to this fandom as well. You can be a brony without being a boy.