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True to the modern counterpart, “Ironman 1889” appears to always be surrounded by beautiful women! But then, it certainly helps that he designed and created many of their beautiful costumes. ;)


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When Irish Eyes Are Shining || Shaine

Shay was super excited as the plane landed in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland. Not only would Blaine get to meet his family and friends but they would be also be there for the vote for legalizing same sex marriage. Their plane ride had gone better than he had thought thanks to being upgraded to first class. Their seats folded out into beds and they even gave them pajamas to  change into before sleeping. Which is why they were now well rested. When they were given the okay they got up, grabbed their backpacks, and disembarked the plane.

Shay led Blaine thru the airport to baggage claim. There stood about 25 of his relatives and friends with a sign. It read “Welcome to Ireland Blaine. (It’s about damn time)”. He couldn’t help laughing. He introduced Blaine to his Mam and Pap, Nana and Granddad, his uncles Sean, Tristan, Patrick, Colin and Micheal, his aunts Anna, Erin, Caitlin, and Bridget, his cousins Fiona, Megan, Kelly, Aileen, Tara, Shannon, Ryan, Logan, and Aiden, and his two best friends Kevin and Kyle.

 Soon they had their bags and were on the way to Mam and Pap’s house. The plan was to spend a week there and one week with Nana and Grandad. After they pulled up to the house, Shay led his boyfriend into the house and up into their room. He called over his shoulder that they were going to unpack and maybe take a nap. Once he was they were alone he shut the door and almost attacked Blaine with his lips. “I…. Am… Sorry… but… I… needed… kisses… it… was… a… long… wait.”, he said in between kisses. They hadn’t kissed at all on the plane since kissing almost always ended in sex or in the very least a handjob. While joining the mile high club sounds kinda fun, getting arrested for it doesn’t.