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Published on Feb 9, 2015 on YouTube.
Sergei Polunin
“Take me to Church” by Hozier
Directed by David LaChapelle
Choreography by Jade Hale-Christofi

2014 in review - art stuff

I thought it was pretty cool to try and sit down and see what I'e accomplished this year. This is probably all the stuff I’d count as “major work” and doesn’t include a bunch of merch production work, or any freelance work. I was feeling in a bit of a rut because all my current projects are in the starting phase, so this makes me feel pretty good about my year. 


  • My short comic What Would Yellow Ranger Do was published on The Toast.

  • Finished Chapter 1 of Otherworld Science(12 pages)

  • Exhibited 4 new sculptures as part of the Travelling Circus show at Rotofugi Gallery


  • Finished Chapter 2 of Otherworld Science(9 pages)

  • Exhibited 6 new illustrations as part of the Curious Beasts show at Clutter Gallery

  • My short comic Just Eat It (8 pages) was published in Bitch Magazine

  • My short comic Five Things I Fear (3 pages) was published on The Toast.

  • My short comic The Tribble Story (8 pages) was published on The Toast.


  • Launched the Otherworld Science website/tumblr.

  • Finished Chapter 3 of Otherworld Science(7 pages)

  • Launched my Patreon page.


  • Exhibited at Wondercon

  • Finished Chapter 4 of Otherworld Science(9 pages)

  • Opened Dubious Beasts:Symbiosis in Cannon Beach, Oregon with Leslie, showing 18 new sculptures and 7 new illustrations.

  • Launched Cryptobiologica, my personal-inspiration tumblr blog.


  • I really have no idea what I did in May. I’m pretty sure I spent it panicking about finishing The Last Outpost.


  • Published the Field Guide to the Common Leafbug zine.


  • Published Blood Root #1 with Sawdust Press.

  • Continued panicking about the Last Outpost.


  • Lived in the Black Rock Desert for two weeks in a box truck; built the Last Outpost with the most amazing crew in the world, had what was probably the most fulfilling creative experience of my life. 

  • Sawdust Press published Tara Abbamondi’s In Your Wake.

  • Sawdust Press was nominated for 6 Stumptown Comic Arts Awards.


  • Published the Field Guide to the Deathface Mushroom zine.

  • Finished the short comic Discontent.

  • Sawdust Press did not win any Stumptown Comic Arts Awards.


  • Opened the group show I co-curated with Leslie, The Dubious Expedition. I exhibited 8 new sculptures, and 6 new illustrations.


  • Finished most of Chapter 5 of Otherworld Science(15 pages).

  • Exhibited at DesignerCon with the Circus Posterus crew.

  • Finished the essays Unreliable Narrator, and sacred heart, young life.

  • Launched my new webstore.

  • Finished and published the zine, Collection of Heartbreaks.

  • My Oh Joy Sex Toy guest comic was published. (4 pages)

  • Officially launched my new resin minifig - the Sluggish Dorbal.


  • Exhibited at Comic Arts LA

  • Published Blood Root #3 via Sawdust Press.

  • Quit my day job to be a full time sculptor and cartoonist.